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Random Musing #27.

Lately, there has been so much sad news over the air waves. News of domestic violence within the confines of marriage. As I ponder of  Love ,life and marital bliss. 139 more words

Random Musing

A prayer of love

A couple of days ago, a Facebook friend shared the following prayer. I don’t know where it came from originally but I liked it, copied it out, and have been spending time with it. 142 more words

Our World

Controversy, Frankie Says and The Music of 1984

Last week I wrote about Liverpudlians Gerry and the Pacemakers, and how they were the first ever band to reach No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart with their first three releases. 1,087 more words

Film Music

Marihuana = Gaining Beautifully Beneficial Insights

I realized recently, that throughout my entire awakening process, I’ve been a marihuana smoker – Not loads, barely a part time stoner I would say – but it has been pretty consistent – The first stages of my awakening I was practically joined at the hip with a new friend, who smoked – Then my four year hardcore download of all things darkside, and lightside – with my stoner ex – And now, as a writer, with my husband who also smokes – There was none of this before hand and yet a steady flow of joints have been handed my way for the past ten years, or so – and I write some of my best pieces like this – One of which being the following: 446 more words

Helping And Benefitting

Eu sunt cine sunt

Problema din sufletul meu nu e ca imi pasa prea mult, ci dimpotriva. I am vain. Mijlocul inimii mele e gol. Imi pasa prea putin. De oameni, de relatii, de mine. 545 more words


3D to 5D - 10 Easy Ways to Understand Differences

  1. Information

Yes, a pretty broad understanding, but the most important to grasp – New information is coming to earth that is causing our awakening across the planet, taking us from The 3D into The 5D – How does this come to us? 581 more words

Experience Of Awakening

Love at First Sight

Late last April my husband and I became grandparents

It was love at first sight

Our little grandson has written his name on our hearts

What a gift

The Power Of Love