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The power of love.

Some 80 pop trivia to kick this one off. Amazingly, there were three songs titled “The Power of Love’ in the charts in 1984 / 1985. 530 more words


You merrily sit atop clouds of hopeless allure,
While I walk these shores of strife and endure
I remember that this is not where we began… 666 more words



“I don’t want to just be”  I understand this notion. When the message of our inherent worth from the time we were very little is based on what we do and not on who we are, when the time comes that our body or our mind or both no longer serve us well, we face despair. 674 more words

The Power Of Love

Spiritual Alzheimer's

I hope you enjoy being reminded of the power of the Gospel.

Today I am posting a guest post written by my husband, Daniel Mullaney. 1,674 more words

The Power Of Love

Love & Restoration

Written by Sarah Dykema, former Foothill Christian School student and current Foothill Church attendee. Having two boys at our preschool, she shares a deep passion for the ministry of Foothill. 535 more words

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Distracted again! How Irma guides us away from Wholeness ~ Sept. 8, 2017

I love this message! This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear about…MYSELF and how I FEEL about my “reality” in this world of illusion. Please don’t get me wrong as the illusion “looks” real, feels “real”, but the message to me is loud and clear that I create with my energy. 1,230 more words

Death Note (Netflix, 2017): Lumayan tapi Konyol


Untuk kalian penggemar fanatik serial anime Death Note silahkan kosongkan dulu pikiran anda, tenangkan, karena disini saya tidak akan menjelek-jelekan secara membabi-buta seperti kalian penggemar anime atau movie Jepang-nya. 472 more words