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"Η ενέργεια της αγάπης!"/"The power of love!"

“Η ενέργεια της αγάπης!” Η αγάπη είναι ενέργεια. Στη πραγματικότητα όλα τα συναισθήματα είναι ενέργεια. Είσαι σίγουρος για αυτό, διότι όταν αισθάνεσαι π.χ αγαπητός, έχεις ένα βίωμα, έχεις μία αίσθηση στη περιοχή του στομάχου σου, στη περιοχή του ηλιακού πλέγματος και αυτή η αίσθηση είναι ευχάριστη.

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Dear Vanessa ~ The Power of Love


A word that is so beautiful sometimes causes us to have feelings that we didn’t know existed, and at other times fills us full.    I am a girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, always have and always will. 624 more words


For Paris ... For the world

These are the prayers we must hold in our hearts. They are prayers for peace, for healing, and for love. Prayers for Paris and for France. 55 more words


Soundtrack Saturday: Back In Time by Huey Lewis & The News

I probably should have posted this one when Back To The Future Day came and went back on October 21, 2015, but we were doing Halloween themed posts. 168 more words


Timmy Sean Blasts the Power of Love with Huey Lewis Cover

As Timmy Sean’s explosive Songs of the Week project heads into its sunset days, we welcome this week’s entry, a powerful (what else?) cover of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love,” delivered on stage by Timmy’s side band, Sir Video. 210 more words

Pure Pop Radio

The Power of True Love!

The word or term; “Love”, in my opinion is probably one of the most abused words in history. I want to believe that if the word could speak or better still if it was an animate object; it would have made vehement efforts to seek redress from this gross abuse. 177 more words

The Power Of Love!

Understanding Heartlessness - and loving none the less

It’s not mean to say that there is something missing from certain people – in order to incarnate as a human, many things must be missing from our conscious awareness – Otherwise the illusion of the individual being would not be present, we would not be able to play this game, act out our roles here and we would probably bugger off! 645 more words

Shift In Consciousness