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I’ve had 22shangrila up and running for awhile now. Some of you have been following here since the beginning; others are new, or at least newer. 355 more words

The Power Of Love

An August Must-Read: Introducing The Power of Story board.

Let’s play a little word association. I”ll give you a word and you say what immediately comes to mind.


Ok…I’m sure there were a lot of words here, and all hopefully good, but let me tell you mine. 502 more words

The Power Of Story

through new storylines change becomes possible

Describing Therapeutic Enactment, Patrice keats and Marla J Arvay write the following:

“From a narrative perspective, the self is constituted through language practices. Through storytelling, the narrative functions as a means of self-construction. 470 more words

Power In Literature

Just-Knowing: talks with Ninija

Here’s my latest story on Slate – text and images. I hope this will make indigenous wisdom accessible to those who are overwhelmed by reading pithy texts! 21 more words

True Nature

Police: woman charged with felony child neglect after death of her 3-week-old child

HATTIESBURG, MS – Police say one woman has been charged with one count of felony child neglect.

Sgt. McLemore says Amanda Hobson, 24, has been arrested for the crime. 82 more words


The Typewriter Project: Creating The Power of Story

Running down the stairs, she giggles at the adventure she’s about to go on. Slowly, she sneaks around the corner to the hidden room and very gently pulls the cord dangling in the middle of the room. 765 more words

The Power Of Story

Novel Beginnings: A Prologue

The sound of a taught flag pulled between the white-gloved hands of two soldiers is a sound seared into my memory. As the two men began to ceremoniously fold the flag up and over into triangles, thirteen times, the haunting notes of TAPS begin to play.   194 more words

The Power Of Story