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The Paradox of Memoir

It has become a necessity for me to write down my early memories. If I neglect to do so for a single day, unpleasant physical symptoms immediately follow.

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Writing Memoir

Your Story -- Your Legacy

Your story is about how you changed or what you learned from your experiences. Nobody can truly know this except you. Your gift is sharing what you learned with others, so that they can learn from it, too. 455 more words

Lord of the Rings (in NZ)

Lord of the Rings

As I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring – I figured I would bring you into my favorite parts :)

Setting: Frodo has just escaped deadly danger and has recovered from his wounds in Rivendell – he has accepted the responsibility of continuing into even more dangerous roads – scouts have been sent out before the expedition is to leave. 252 more words

The Lorax

I had the chance to watch the Lorax while I was in LA and I really enjoyed it. In once sense it has an environmental message that is rather over-the-top – but sometimes we refuse to acknowledge issues that are right in front of us until we are slapped in the face with what could be. 333 more words

Intentional Interim as Story-teller

Every preacher must be a teller of stories and every pastorate a place of storytelling. But in an intentional interim process the II will use story-telling to serve four very specific purposes… 603 more words

Spiritual Coaching And Neo Monastics

How to Use the Power of Story to Influence Others

Are you having a hard time inspiring your team to be more productive?

Individuals may represent much of the accomplishment of ministries at your church, but the real work of ministry is often done through teams. 894 more words


The Magic and Power of Story in Our Lives

My bucket list goal of writing a novel has led me to a study of story and a new understanding and appreciation of its place in our lives. 1,056 more words

The Reading Life