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looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to seven years of prayer

Looking at my house and thinking about how it is a tangible answer to 7 years of prayer. No…longer. All those years ago when we moved and moved and moved and I wanted a home to paint and decorate, a garden and refuge, a place to write and grow. 622 more words

En(courage)ment For Hard Times

Box of Song

“From fear inside I hid my own heart and locked the door,
With sin and shame I quivered, ol’ Satan had me bound;
But then one day I answered the gentle knock that came,
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The Time for Love

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This one’s a bit long so hang in there with me.

MANY YEARS AGO in what I now lovingly call ‘The Days of White’ when I was, in my own small way, everyone’s little guru dressed constantly in white speaking of the awakening of humanity to its divinity, I remember sharing an insight, a peek-into-the-future if you will.  726 more words


A Letter to Tolkien

Dear Mr. Tolkien (Professor Tolkien? Dear Wonderful Author? Dear Person I am not entirely sure how to address?)

You have passed from this world into the next, but I will close my eyes and imagine for a moment that as you are shown your deeds from this life, this letter will make its way to you. 691 more words



Every town has its abandoned places.  Weed-choked, pigeon-haunted, windows toothed with shards of glass.  These are the crumbling, forgotten parts of town, where graffiti blooms in shells of rooms, trees cleave foundations and girders grasp the sky.  498 more words


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This is such a beautiful, soulful, evocative piece from Andrea -- have a look at these photos and her musings about these abandoned, neglected places. I resonate because it's something I've noticed since I was a wee snippet of a child and wandered such places, or passed by them and wondered about the stories held in their walls and in the ground on which they were built. Sometimes, after visiting with or reflecting on these places that are like liminal, in-between 'eco-tones' or portals, I'd follow the whispers that surfaced and write them into a story that took shape. I pass by some on my regular walkabouts, but this topic reaches out for me from time to time too, as with Andrea's post or this bit of inspiration I came across a few months ago and that's stayed with me, working like a seed in my awareness:

"In a symptomatic way vandalism -- which favors schools, cemeteries, and churches -- paradoxically draws attention to the sacredness of things. Frequently when we have lost a sense of the sacred, it reappears in a negative form.

The work of dark angels is not altogether different from those who wear white. Here, then, is another way to interpret the abuse of things - as an underworld attempt to reestablish their sacredness."

~ Thomas Moore, as shared in this reflection from photographer David Masters.

... when we have lost a sense of the sacred, it reappears in a negative form. ... an Underworld attempt to re-establish sacredness. Well there's a theme ... and that is what the Underworld attempts to do. Let Andrea take you on a short walkabout and visit with a few of these richly storied abandoned places ... Big Love, Jamie

This is for you...

I’ve had 22shangrila up and running for awhile now. Some of you have been following here since the beginning; others are new, or at least newer. 355 more words

The Power Of Love

An August Must-Read: Introducing The Power of Story board.

Let’s play a little word association. I”ll give you a word and you say what immediately comes to mind.


Ok…I’m sure there were a lot of words here, and all hopefully good, but let me tell you mine. 502 more words

The Power Of Story