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Pain, struggle, and the stories within us

I’m binge watching Season 24 of America’s Next Top Model (don’t laugh). In fact, I’ve watched every season (not every episode though) because I’m a wannabe model. 480 more words

Writing Memoir

Dandelions - Human Weeds

A storm last night took out our internet signal – again, so I’m sharing Mitch Teemley’s post from The Power of Story that I can’t get out of my head. 66 more words

Notes From The Apex

The power of story to communicate truth (godly parenting)

A tricky situation

Some years ago, one of my daughters was a bit sweet on a boy who lived in our local neighbourhood. At first, I thought she was just going out to play with his sisters, but then I could see that she was openly flirting with the lad even though she was only about eight years old at the time. 623 more words

Christian Sexuality

Evolution of Story on American Idol

As a reader and a writer, I have become a student of the importance of story in our lives and the impact it has on what we believe, how we learn, what we understand and what we accept as valid. 807 more words

The Reading Life

If I could tell you...

IF I COULD TELL YOU…                                                    by: Aliana Alani ©2018

If I could tell you a story, it would be about how beautiful you are.
It would be a story of love, and laughter, and possibility. 166 more words


The Power of Story

Jesus, the profoundly gifted storyteller.  He rarely told stories about God directly.  He often taught through parables.  I appreciate that aspect of his nature.  He knew how to capture the imagination.  123 more words

Stories -

by: Aliana Alani ©2018

You can love them or hate them.
Laugh till you cry or cry till you sob.

You can bravely follow page by page, 112 more words