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River Dance......Sam's way.

Anytime I get the gift of a sunny, warm day in February in Ohio I take a walk with Max and Sam.  Max needs the exercise and Sam needs to burn off excess energy.  204 more words

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Waiting for Spring

This morning the Hunk shoveled the driveway so the guys would have a clear path to the bus.  Temperature with wind-chill………… -9°.Sam is hugging the Hunk to stay warm.  90 more words

Teens With Down Syndrome

Right now

Right now I’m:

Rooting through the trash looking for a lost check.  It’s amazing how many coffee grounds and banana peels can be in one trash can! 249 more words

The Present Day

What I'm really going to miss............

Now that summer is gone I really, really miss the pool and the freedom and exercise it provided for Jake and Sam.Sam the Man… 193 more words

Teens With Down Syndrome

He said..........

Last year I got a new car, only the 2nd in my life time.  I wrote about it in a post titled Out with the old, in with the new. 162 more words

Teens With Down Syndrome

Random act of kindness

Every Monday night we follow the same routine.  April, Jake and Sam bowl with their friends and the all the bowlers and moms go out to dinner to the same place.  214 more words

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This Moment

A picture from the last week or so that makes me laugh, smile and count my blessings.

Barefoot boy with cheeks of tan………..Sam.

And when you get a choice to sit it out or dance……….I hope you dance.

Teens With Down Syndrome