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Lao Tzu, Jesus and Socrates

Jesus, of course, teaches we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Socrates taught it is not right to return injustice for injustice, or harm for harm, but that a just man harms no one. 180 more words


5 Ways America Changed During Obama’s Presidency

The country that Donald Trump will assume leadership of on Jan. 20, 2017 looks vastly different from the one that President Obama inherited eight years ago. 159 more words

How Will Trump's Cabinet Work?

One theme of the confirmation hearings was that Trump’s nominees often seemed to disagree with him on at least one important issue, such as whether to honor the Iran nuclear agreement or whether to have full confidence in our intelligence services.  106 more words

The Presidency

Court Arguments: The Russian Election of 2016 should be Declared Null and Void: Evidence and Arguments

  The Courts are asked to declare the Elections of 2016 Null and Void for the immediate good and safety of our nation.

   Whole states can bring the case directly to the Supreme Court as soon as possible. 1,029 more words


What Then? Supreme Court Monday: States Ask That the Russian Election of 2016 be Declared Null and Void

   The Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction in cases involving states. So, multiple states need to bring the election fraud question to the Supreme Court Monday morning. 568 more words


No, This is Not Normal

The impending presidency of Donald J. Trump presents a challenge for those who study and comment on politics because it is a challenge to keep up with the conflicts and scandals. 397 more words

The Presidency