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Peace in Syria: Can we get there from here?

The recent ISIS attacks in Paris and the downing of a Russian plane by Turkey add new corridors to the labyrinth that we are lost in when it comes to peace in Syria.  747 more words

The Presidency

Ted Cruz wants a face-to-face Dialogue

Ted Cruz, the freshman Senator from Texas and current presidential candidate for the 2016 GOP ticket has never been shy during his brief time in Washington DC. 1,006 more words


The Cost to Our Humanity to Defeat ISIS

Since those savage attacks Friday in Paris I hear more than ever how President Obama still has no strategy to defeat ISIS.   This implies that at least some of his critics do. 481 more words

The Presidency

OOPS! Mea Culpa Ted Cruz

(I wrote this post this morning before all hell broke loose in Paris, which is being covered on TV behind me.  That makes what I write below pale in significance, but I still want to send this out to tie up a loose end that bothers me.) 305 more words

The Presidency

Don't Give Up

The campaign for the 2016 presidency is in disarray, especially in the Republican corner. If I had to vote Republican, I am not sure for whom I would vote but probably John Kasich, who seems to have more level-headedness than any of the other Republican candidates. 142 more words

The 4th Republican Debate was more Informative than the Other Three: Boring

The general consensus of the media regarding last night’s debate was that it dealt more substantially with the issues, a phrase I have come to equate with “boring”.   672 more words

The Presidency


Yes, I am back to Donald Trump.   Not because of him exactly but because of what his success in this presidential primary so far says about us.  813 more words

The Presidency