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The Presidency: The Hardest Job in the World

A good argument for how the Presidency was broken before Trump even set it in his sights.

What the office has become is quote far from how it was designed. 138 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

The Houston Area: Yet Another High School Massacre

It is just past noon and I am already into the wine.   Trying to figure out a post this morning among the near infinite possibilities was difficult enough and then I heard about the latest school shooting, this time in Texas with 10 killed and 10 injured.  401 more words

The Presidency

Trump is Betting Politics will Save him if the Law Won't

Rudy Giuliani exploded on the Washington scene last week, supposedly coming on board the Trump legal team, but acting independently in what seemed like a loose cannon being shot at them.    554 more words

The Presidency

The Merchant of Mailice & the Ethical Profession

The last week saw a profusion of drab events take place.They involved power relationships between MOM(POTUS) and variations of the world’s oldest profession as well a his relationship(and his followers’) to law) , medicine and the clergy. 224 more words

The White House Press Corps Owes Sarah Sanders an Apology

Ed Henry of Fox News , a former association president, spoke of Sarah Sanders’ mistreatment at the WHPA dinner:  We “invited her to be the president’s representative. 349 more words

The Presidency

Nuclear Deals and Michael Cohen in Trumptopia

I have become stymied trying to write about the upside down weirdness in Trumptopia.  It feels like trying to wash your car in the midst of a mud slide.  755 more words

The Presidency

Military Theater: Trump's Surreal "Win" in Syria

The attack on Syria Friday seemed flawless and there doesn’t look like there will be strong repercussions from the Russians or Syria’s President Assad.  But the major reason for a lack of a big response was the strike was limited to chemical weapons production and storage structures, while giving Assad and his friends plenty of notice (beginning with Trump’s tweeted threats a week ago), so the Russians and Assad could move their troops and who knows what else out of the way of the most likely targets. 453 more words

The Presidency