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The Quality of Mercy...one more time...Can't give it a Rest...Portia!

A new storm has arisen about callous,unfeeling expressions in a call from Potus to the family of a black soldier killed in Niger.As chief of staff,ex marine general explained it is really simple.The words to be used were given to the Trumpeter by Kelly himself a gold star father)I don’t believe Trump meant to be disrespectful or dismissive but he is a man who lacks empathic capability and the words given to him by a man who though a hard man,has empathy misfired.Naturally The Trumpeter messed it up.It got worse with the empty barrel remarks about Frederika Wilson,the congresswoman who listened in and reported.The problem Gen.Kelly is that empathy should not be reserved for those like you.Kelly you’re a typical T.S. in this case,Trump Supporter.

Two Quick Takes

You’ll never convince me that writing cannot be therapeutic.  I’ve written before about a natural high that I experience when I finish a story. revise a poem, or get a few thoughts out of my head and onto a screen.  511 more words

Liquid Soapbox

"The Emperor has No Clothes" says Senator Bob Corker. Well, more or less.

I’ve been waiting for months for someone who has supported Trump in the past who finally can’t take it anymore.  Can’t pretend Trump’s administration is doing well.  362 more words

The Presidency

The Vegas Massacre and the New Normal

In the background Donald Trump is giving the standard stock speech about praying for the victims and their families and insisting “we are here for you”.   655 more words

The Presidency

Did Trump Declare War on North Korea?

I don’t think so, but today the North Korean ambassador to the UN insists he did, referring to Trump’s warning that the regime “wouldn’t be around much longer” if they acted on their threats to the United States.   255 more words

The Presidency

Ends and Means vs Ways and Means

The Trumpeter is busy reaching across the aisle as the nation wrestles with past and present disasters.9/11 still reverberates as waning hurricanes Irma and Harvey raise present day havoc with America.His acceptance of a first Democratic proposal for debt limit raising involving only 3 months and a kicking the can down the road and back to congress on the DACA issue is further embarrassment to the GOP.While proclaiming his love for all of us not many perceive empathy.It is clear that his goal is to preserve his Presidency at all costs but as the inquiries focus down on the Russia issue,the twin horsemen of Helter Skelter and Fire and Fury are increasingly seductive.Leaving the light on and preventing the firing of Mueller has created a burning fury at McConnell and Ryan”s standoffishness can never be forgiven.In the meantime murderous heat, increasing pollution,record intensity hurricanes etc.raise questions as to why he is appointing businessmen, millionaires and those with questionable scientific credentials to key monitoring posts.

The Presidency