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Fareed Zakaria on Trump's Rocking Chair Presidency

President Trump’s news conference/tirade last Thursday was really something.   Much of the 70 or so minutes was Trump blasting the media for “fake news” that ignored his many achievements thus far as president and cast an unwarranted pall over his White House staff.  441 more words

The Presidency

The President Has No Clothes

A host of insider tell-alls coming from within the White House have revealed what we knew would be the case—Donald Trump and his minions don’t know the first thing about running the Government. 1,314 more words


Mike Pence, The Now And Future President


Here it is: Mike Pence’s opening gambit to display to the world that not only is he the real president behind the president but he plans to be the only president in the near future. 181 more words


Supporting the "Donald"

I try my best to stay away from politics in this blog. However, when politics is the main topic of the day, it is difficult not to express an opinion. 127 more words

Find us a leader

Is this a great country or what? We’ve got a national security adviser who can’t be trusted to advise the President, a nominee for the position of Secretary of Labor who withdraws his name before the Congress even has a chance to lay into him, and a Secretary of Education who can’t even spell at a third grade level. 741 more words


New documents show Trump retains direct tie to businesses

Julie Bykowicz and Chad Day, Associated Press,Associated Press 

WASHINGTON (AP) — New documents confirm that President Donald Trump retains a direct tie to his business interests through a revocable trust now being overseen by one of his adult sons and a longtime executive of the Trump Organization. 365 more words

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IMPEACH TRUMP! House Judiciary Committee

   Below are the House Judiciary Committee members responsible for Drawing Articles of Impeachment.

   The Committee System is not in the Constitution, so any member can begin the motion, but this is the way we do it. 347 more words

The Presidency