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Groups Endorsing Hillary Clinton

During the Democratic primary season, I will be supporting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee for president. I think both Hillary and Bernie are good candidates, and both are far better than the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. 392 more words

Amina and child meet the President

President Muhammadu Buhari meet Amina Ali-mkeki in abuja

The presidency has promised to take care of the rescued Chibok girl, Amina Ali.President Muhammadu Buhari made this pledge when he received the girl, who was rescued in Borno State on Wednesday by members of the Civilian Joint Task Force, at the Presidential Villa.Buhari said like all Nigerians and many others all over the world, he was happy that the young lady was back alive.He, however, said his feelings were tinged with deep sadness because of the horrors the girl had to go through at such an early stage in her life.He said that nobody in Nigeria should be put through the brutality of forced marriage, adding that every girl has a right to education and their choice of life.He said, “Amina will get the best care that the Nigerian government can afford. 169 more words


Donald Trump and Women

Polls continue to show that Donald Trump continues to have around a 70% unfavorable rating among women and of course the Hillary Clinton camp wants to keep it that away or better still make the Donald look even worse to the ladies.  560 more words

The Presidency

Bob Dole and Dick Cheney Endorse Trump? Not Surprising

CNN is reporting that Bob Dole and Dick Cheney are endorsing Trump. This is not surprising. Bob Dole endorsed Viagra, and probably loves the prescription drug industry. 84 more words


Trump, and "What is Wrong With America ?"

The Republican party has divided, and despite the recent polls, the Trump thing will indeed fade. The way out is simply to leave Donney boy with the party and the name, and step to the side, as the real Republicans, the serious guys, are now doing. 773 more words

And Why We Should Care

Democracy is cumbersome, inefficient, time-consuming, difficult, and frustrating. It is one of humans’ greatest inventions. If only works if we really want it. 1,153 more words

Community Matters

Now the Party of Trump: Political Survivor Season One

Well, it is a done deal.   With the big Trump win in the Indiana primary yesterday, he is now the “presumptive” nominee of a Republican party that is no more.   708 more words

The Presidency