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Should Elected Officials Resign before Campaigning for another Office

Should an individual elected to a political office be required to resign from that office when seeking another elected office before their term expires? 

The concept can be condensed into the phrase “resign to run.” 1,443 more words


3-13-2015 The Friday Night Mentor Call

Chapter 69, pp.678-685, was presented as a Casted Call: Marvin read Daniel the President, Rosa read Jasmine/part of Daniel’s speech, Rubel read Ziggy/Jake/part of Daniel’s speech, Saintura & Linda read part of the speech, Elaine read Sam(antha)/part of the speech, Bill read the Prime Law (in the speech). 211 more words


When it Comes to Tom Cotton Kathleen Parker Says it All

In case you don’t know, Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist who describes herself as “mostly to the right of center”, but I think of her as mostly right on the mark in her columns.   251 more words


And Professors are the Problem? Cotton Civics

On 9 March 2015 Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas drafted a letter cosigned by 46 additional United States Senators to the Leaders of the Islamic State of Iran. 835 more words


3-6-2015 The Friday Night Mentor Call

Chapter 68, last few pages of…pp.672-677, was presented as a Casted Call: Dave read Daniel the President, Saintura read Ziggy & Part of Daniel’s speech, Barry read Sam & Part of Daniel’s speech, Rubel read Jake & Part of Daniel’s speech, Linda read a Part of the speech. 270 more words



By David F. Woods

Charlie Baker’s victory in Massachusetts was a victory of the middle. He ran as a moderate Republican, embraced gay marriage and is in favor of a woman’s right to choose. 238 more words

Massachusetts Politics

Some Thoughts on American Foreign Policy Sent to a Friend

I’m in agreement with what you wrote about immigration and Cuba…..  though that is probably no surprise.  Sixty years of the same policy has done little to free Cubans, what could trying a new approach hurt? 537 more words

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