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ALEPPO A DAY LATER: Catastrophe Avoided for Now

Channel surfing around cable news this morning, I saw tucked in amidst the incessant analyses of the campaigns, a report indicating a cease fire agreement had been reached in Munich,  aimed at starting within a week.  192 more words

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The Siege of Aleppo: From Chronic Crisis to Catastrophe?

The presidential primary results in New Hampshire Tuesday did nothing to diminish interest in the ongoing races in both parties.  This would seem a positive sign about our democracy were it not for the fact most of us are more TV consumers intrigued by a new version of “the great race” than active citizens.  647 more words

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Ben Carson: America the Beautiful, Part III

The mother of Ben Carson made him do book reports although she could not read, and reading turned his life around. This, the third part of our report will address principles, and will be a bit more difficult, as those who have stayed with me through the first two parts deserve. 839 more words


Ben Carson: America the Beautiful, II

Ben Carson is strong on economics, history and education. He also has good sense regarding the constitution and foreign policy. These five strengths place him a head above any other candidate. 579 more words


Obama No Way; Norway Cruzed

One area of which I have been extremely critical of President Barack Obama is his ambassadorial nominations.  Yes in many ways the President has followed the historical norm, but I believe that model is harmful to the US in the global theater. 950 more words

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In this Corner the Primarys. And in this Corner Reality.

I have been slower than usual to post because I have been stuck, torn between two senses of reality.   One is our presidential race as brought to us via our media, which covers it like a political version of… 732 more words

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I don’t have the answer

They tell me that America is angry. “At what,” I ask, but they won’t answer.

They tell me that they’re going to make America great again. 1,135 more words