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What's wrong with knowing Putin?

Donald Trump has vigorously denied knowing Vladimir Putin. Whether or not that’s true is an interesting question.

But why deny it? To conduct diplomacy or fight wars, a president needs to know and understand powerful foreign leaders like Putin. 42 more words

Presidential Election

Trump Should Read This Moving Note President George HW Bush Wrote Bill Clinton After Losing

In last night’s Presidential Debate, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election (assuming he loses). 265 more words

TGIF ..... Thank God It's Finally over tomorrow

Not the election of course, but at least these phony debates supposedly won by whomever we fancy that night, which is likely the one who launches the best zingers and commits the fewest gaffes.  319 more words

The Presidency

Evan McMullin for President?

   The Republicans have finally produced a candidate that does seem capable of being president. Though it may be too late, this election is so strange that he may well win the whole thing. 277 more words


The Morning After


He sat there. Alone. In silence.

The Secret Service detail had departed, as a unit, at around 11:10 PM, just moments after all the major networks had declared the race an electoral college landslide for his opponent. 461 more words

Fresh Rhetoric

Some more thoughts at random

Just a few thoughts today.

Every election year I see posts talking about how this President did this, or this other President did that.

Usually, they’re talking about whether the national debt went up or down. 194 more words

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The Ugliness Pageant Tonight

I look forward to tonight’s verbal bout with morbid curiosity, wondering just how low the blows will go.

I was eager to watch the first presidential “debate”, at least before it began.  587 more words

The Presidency