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By David F. Woods

Charlie Baker’s victory in Massachusetts was a victory of the middle. He ran as a moderate Republican, embraced gay marriage and is in favor of a woman’s right to choose. 238 more words

Massachusetts Politics

Some Thoughts on American Foreign Policy Sent to a Friend

I’m in agreement with what you wrote about immigration and Cuba…..  though that is probably no surprise.  Sixty years of the same policy has done little to free Cubans, what could trying a new approach hurt? 537 more words

The Presidency

Should another country control a citizen’s private land in the US? That's my question about the Keystone Pipeline.

I’m confident that I know how my friends would respond to that question, and I think many other private landowners in the United States would concur with a resounding NO. 1,110 more words


Jeb Bush doesn't understand why anyone is upset about the NSA

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has recently come out in support of the NSA’s intrusive and unconstitutional surveillance program. According to the National Journal, Bush states: 169 more words

4th Amendment

What Does ISIS Really Want?

Way too big of a question for this little blog, so I am going to defer to Graeme Wood, a contributing editor at The Atlantic Monthly… 664 more words

The Presidency

Obama, Congress, ISIL, Authority, and Rationality

It may not be the worst of times, the best of times, but it sure as heck must be the simplest of times. Have a problem? 1,273 more words


We need different thinking for the presidency and quiet but firm resolve in foreign policy...

It seems the Republican Party might have the best chance to win the 2016 election if for no other reason than the electorate might feel it’s just time for a change of parties. 1,141 more words