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Spying Billboards? Lets Restore the Old World

As my computer watches me to “market,” me, I write this morning to say some obvious but rather important things. This world where Billionaires suddenly own us leads to… 640 more words


Donald Trump and the Possibility that Rachel Ray had an Affair with Jay Z


Recent breaking news:  Have you heard that the Cruz and Kasich camps have struck up sort of non-compete clause aimed at preventing Donald Trump from achieving the needed 1237 to win the first ballot at the party convention?  836 more words

The Presidency

4-22-2016 The Friday Night Mentor Call

Chapter 65, pp.654-657, was presented as a Casted Call in a theatre setting: Rosa read the Senator & Ziggy, Bill read Daniel/little Danny & Sam, and Elaine was Narrator. 167 more words


The Party of Trump, Formerly Known as the GOP

I regularly read the blog of Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert (blog.dilbert.com) and believe he has a better handle on the Trump phenomenon than the rest of us.  700 more words

The Presidency

Is Donald Trump likely to get the Republican nomination?

Well, it’s still debatable even with his huge primary win in New York yesterday and the likelihood of the party front-runner doing very well in a handful of northeast primaries next week.  614 more words

The Presidency

Donald Trump: A Winner Even When he Loses

As if he had a magic wand Donald Trump has shown an amazing ability to twist most issues to fit his narrative that he alone can “Make America Great Again.”  Even when he says something outrageous, maybe especially when he says something outrageous, he manages to reshape it, through the many media follow-ups into something that suits his overall narrative which, of course, is always very complimentary toward himself and disparaging toward his critics. 457 more words

The Presidency