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Five Ways Trump Lost A Debate He Was Supposed to Win

Clinton won the first debate last night, according to scientific pollsfocus groups, and my Grandma Lois.

Trump should have won the debate. His bar was set… 993 more words


Stop and Frisk: The Wrong Answer

   On many questions, the Donald unthinkingly gives answers that demonstrate or are consistent with his being a tyrant. His answer to crime, to impose “law and order,” in response to the erroneous shooting of so many citizens by police, is just what tyrants say. 405 more words


Clinton vs. Trump: The "Thrillah" at Hofstra

Hillary Clinton in one corner and Donald Trump in another, finally about to hit each other with barbs face to face instead of just lobbing insults back and forth via the media.   253 more words

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Second Thoughts on Trump's Birther Announcement Friday

The responses of most commentators to Donald Trump’s “important announcement” Friday were similar to my own.  He “punked” or “played” the TV media exquisitely.  As Chris Cillizza of the… 899 more words

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Trump Rises in Polls Regardless

  It does not seem matter much what is said. The support for Trump is not rational . His supporters do not care if he does not know the law and has not read the Constitution. 331 more words


NEWS FLASH: Trump Confirms Obama was born in the U. S. A.

Seduced into watching what was billed as a major statement by Donald Trump on the birther issue, I soon realized this was a photo op for Trump’s new hotel in Washington, the site of the event.  587 more words

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"The Emperor Has No Balls":Virility, Masculinity, and the American Presidency

By: Meredith Conroy and Caroline Heldman (originally posted at The New West blog)

Two weeks ago, the guerilla art collective Indecline unveiled a series of statues featuring a naked Donald Trump in New York City, Cleveland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. 1,056 more words

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