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"If This Does Not Disqualify Hillary For The Presidency, It's Hard To Know What Will"

Source: Zero Hedge

Even the traditionally ‘establishment’ Wall Street Journal is waking up to the utter incredulity of an American media (and citizenry) which appears capable of cognitive dissonance on an epic scale when it comes to Hillary Clinton… 353 more words


Mark Cuban: What Donald Trump Pretends to Be

Leaving his cartoonish public policy statements aside, I am most irked when Donald Trump is praised for his authenticity, his telling it like it is.  What is true about Trump is he says things that give voice to the fear, anger and resentment of many Americans, including an irritation with liberal P. 638 more words

The Presidency

Spying in the Olympics?

The New Zealand Rugby team has found bugs planted in their hotel room, and such spying makes news outside the United States. Privacy is of course required in sports because one team can benefit by knowing the game plan and play diagrams of their opponent. 598 more words


A week or so ago, August the 8th was the anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He resigned the US presidency in 1974 after realising his battle to remain in office was finally lost. 1,996 more words


On Currency Revisited

Well, the president did seem to pick up the suggestion from my currency blog that we drop Andrew Jackson from the 20 $ bill, instead of Hamilton from the Ten. 211 more words


Donald Trump is Driving the Republican Party Crazy

I have this image of Donald Trump driving a careening bus filled with Republicans aimed at an abyss with some of the passengers – say like Speaker Paul Ryan – struggling with him to turn the wheel and others just jumping off to save themselves.   572 more words

The Presidency

Panicked About a Trump Win? Relax, and vote.

Many of my progressive friends are panicking about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House. This post lays out why Hillary Clinton is heavily favored to win in November.  1,366 more words

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