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Who is the Presidency? Lets Reply the SGF; Babachir Lawal.

The media hasn’t recovered fully from the cataclysmic shock it received last week following the news of the Suspension of the Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir David Lawal. 586 more words


"Society Must Protect the Robbed and Punish The Robber": MLK Jr's Letter From a Birmingham Jail

   In my previous blog, I referred to St. Martin regarding our recent corruption. And so I though it good to pull this paper out of my materials once used in my Intro to American Government class, taught for ten years at Oakland Community College. 470 more words


Russian Methods in Current American Politics

   Russian methods for the control of opinion are being used now in the United States, especially through the internet. The familiar old methods include intimidation and slander, and things we saw once way over there, in Soviet Russia, such as branding political opponents as insane when they were so mad as not to see and believe the Marxist-Lenninist line. 1,392 more words


The Armada that is Working It's Way to Korea

There is much one could say about “President” Trump’s almost first one hundred days, but most of it isn’t worth dwelling upon, which is good news to a one handed typist. 324 more words

The Presidency

Eric Trump: My Daddy Isn't Colluding With The Russians--Honest!


This statement from Eric Trump confirms what I’ve thought and written for the past week. The Syria bombing, this whole new tension and downgrade of relationship between the U.S. 103 more words


South Africans take to the Streets

The 7th of April was a monuments day. On Friday, the people of South Africa came together in all of the big cities to protest against our leader. 825 more words


The Syria Attack is Half of "Doing the Right Thing"

Yesterday President Trump ordered a cruise missile attack on a Major Syrian Military airbase. The attack was ordered as a response to the Syrian gassing of its own citizens that is said to have taken 80 lives nearly half of which were women and children. 736 more words