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Trump's Convention Speech

Now there is a speech written by the one delivering it! We repeat: Donald Trump is a tyrant, not a politician proper to a free government at all. 1,024 more words


The Republican Convention: How more Surreal Can Politics Get?

I can barely stand to watch the Republican convention because I don’t believe anything Trump says.  Nor do I believe most of what those in the Republican party say in favor of him as many of them were dissing him only months before, including his VP running mate Mike Pence. 1,055 more words

The Presidency

Melania's Speech: Michelle Obama for President?

Have we not had enough of politicians who cannot even write their own speeches? The great embarrassment from the Republican convention is the obviously accidental plagiarism of the speech of Michelle Obama by Melania Trump. 539 more words


Trump the "Blue Collar Billionaire?"

On the public radio, a supporter of the Trumpet was attempting to present him as some guy for the people, the working person, you know, because there are not enough  rich people to win an election. 899 more words


The Trump Crisis: Will America Elect a Tyrant?

   The failure of the Republicans to choose nation over party, endorsing the boisterous image salesman, has led to the genuine possibility that an entire branch of the U. 1,423 more words


Obasanjo speaks from the Heart

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Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 lampooned the National Assembly, saying it is largely an assemblage of looters and thieves. 706 more words


A Short Trek of Modern American Presidential ‘Family’ Values

In 1952 a man who had not participated in his party primaries received the party nomination to be its candidate for President of the United States.  689 more words

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