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#066 BLITZ Q: Is "Yankees Hate" a running gag in Hollywood and pop culture, or a real thing?

This is something I’ve seen in a ton of movies, and t.v. shows. I was re-watching Thomas Jane in The Punisher a few days ago and remembered a moment when the cop was trying to sympathize with Frank Castle when he re-appeared and said “Obviously you’re upset.” 269 more words

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The Punisher (Looking back on an old post)

In 2013 on my old Blog, I felt like the Punisher was a property that deserved another chance.  After, I have a few thoughts on the Netflix series. 1,075 more words


How War Machine Punisher Used A Tank

War Machine Punisher using a tank as a hammer is just glorious.

From – The Punisher Vol. 1 #222


War Machine Punisher Kills Petrov's Inner Circle

I’m trying to imagine how awesome of a video montage this would be if turned into a movie. The Punisher using the War Machine armor just stalking and hunting the military circle of a dictator.

From – The Punisher Vol. 1 #221


The Punisher Didn't Watch Star Wars A New Hope

Nick Fury JR: Frank Castle. Guess why I’m calling…

The Punisher: Because I’m your only hope?

Nick Fury JR: Heh. I get that joke.

The Punisher: What joke?

From – The Punisher Vol. 1 #221