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If you watched the Daredevil series in Netflix, you may remember The Punisher which was played by Jon Bernthal. Frank Castle aka The Punisher character was introduced on Season 2 as Matt Murdock or Daredevil’s nemesis. 285 more words

Couch Potatoing

Superior Spider-Man VS Mysterion

This isn’t actually Mysterio, but a copycat who bought Mysterio’s gear from another villain.

From – Avenging Spider-Man #22


The Punisher Approves Of Superior Spider-Man's Methods

Punisher war journal entry #22173. Whatever it was that changed Spider-Man’s worldview on dealing with criminals… I approve. Which is something that before now, he would never want. 16 more words


Preview: Punisher #223


•  When a nuclear warhead threatens the innocent people of Chernaya, FRANK CASTLE pulls out all the stops to put an end to GENERAL PETROV’S regime. 36 more words


Comic Book Film Fans Have Short Memories

There’s no doubt that the comic book movie genre is big business right now, what with both DC and Marvel creating their own shared universes on the big screen all with multiple films featuring interconnecting stories and characters. 1,080 more words

Little Bits Of Movies

Preview: Brothers Dracul #1

The legend of Vlad the Impaler is the stuff of nightmares. The inspiration for the most iconic of monsters-Dracula-Vlad tortured and murdered thousands of victims. But what turned him into such a depraved killer? 78 more words


Olympians: Real World Superheroes?

The Winter Olympics are here, and it made me think of how they are the closest to superheroes we will ever see, until we get some Weapon X/Super Soldier Serum/aliens of course. 585 more words