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the [real] pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness seems to be the true north in our post-modern society. “If this doesn’t satisfy me then on to the next thing I go” seems to be the thought whether a person realizes it or not. 306 more words


The Secret to a Happy Life

In case you don’t already know, I am a strong advocate of the biology of human behavior. I believe that every psychological experience can be understood in physiological terms. 504 more words


Best 3 Games with...Love & Affection!

Valentine’s Day is here, which is typically a time for us to show our significant others how much we care about them. I remember from my high school days the song (Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection by Nelson. 965 more words

Best 3 Games With......

Act Like a Baby





When you hear those words, does any specific type or group of people come to mind? Perhaps you think of a high achiever or someone who seems to get things done regardless of their circumstances.  215 more words


What we all pursue

We believe that what we all pursue is happiness. But happiness is a modern invention someone thought up and made a business of it. There are thousands of books trying to sell us how to attain happiness but none deliver. 153 more words