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Happy Wife, Miserable Life

Progenitors of disputes most fiery
she that unbidden reads my diary
yet occupies my bed arms nightly
she’s holding out spitefully
who complains naught
when I go out nightly… 181 more words


"A bigger house, a happier wife"

It was weird this morning, getting out for a run that my body really needed after a long absence. A new neighbor is building his home on Saratoga lake and he’s facetiously singing, “We’ll drink lots of beer and build a bench over here, what a great life, a bigger house and a happier wife.” 248 more words

My Story (World Suicide Prevention Month)

Have you ever stumbled upon something so magnificent, so awe-inspiring, and so beautiful that you were lost for words and actions? Did you just sit there for a moment, smile, and take it all in? 1,251 more words


The How of Happiness


Assignment:  Watch the youtube video and take 15 notes about Happiness.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

"Concussion" Could Be the Parental Advisory Label of the NFL


Movies are a great way to reach out to people. Popular opinion has shown that people would rather watch a movie than read a book. 972 more words