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The Pursuit of Happiness

Crouched low at knee
bent at waist
Ade squat-waddled
through the tight cave passage
it was a posture
he was accustomed to
after all the life long… 238 more words


Happiness Makes Time For Those Who Make Time For Themselves.

What we see on the outside often mirrors what we believe is dwelling inside. We understand a smile represents a happy person but seldom do we consider that the reserve might be true. 501 more words


What should I do when I feel low?

‘I’m feeling down today’ and ‘I feel lonely’, these are the common things in life which we all experience.

Well, I too have faced it.

415 more words

Debate 7 !!!!

Studies show that many criminals do not receive enough education. For this reason, people believe that the best way to reduce crime is to educate them so they can find a job after being released. 282 more words

Social Science

Back At It

Sorry I’ve been away so long, I’ve just been having the most incredible week.

My boyfriend came home and stayed with me at my apartment in Pittsburgh for a bit and as much as I enjoy living in my solitude, I really loved sharing my place with him. 464 more words


To new beginnings

Nothing I do no longer holds value or significance. This place I’m in equivalent to that of a bottomless pit of despair, anger and uncharted territory.   275 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness