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The Bluebird of Happiness

I was walking the dog this morning when I spotted the bluebird pictured above. I mean, how could I miss it? It’s perched on a sign with a big red octagon and an arrow pointing directly at the bird. 903 more words

Beyond Vietnam Part 2 or Why the White Man May Be the First Victim of the Patriarchy

Dear World,

I am a woman. I am a woman who has been a victim of the male gaze. I hate men. A lot of the best people in my life are men. 174 more words

Musical Theatre

Being Yourself vs. Being Original

“It is unhealthy, and extremely modern, to worry over one’s originality. The Elizabethan poets used to rewrite each other’s poems to try to improve on them. 909 more words


Pursuing Happiness

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

― Aristotle

Ask most any American and they’ll tell you that they have a “right” to be happy, the United States Declaration of Independence says so. 541 more words

As Is Verse Could Be; Should Be

During my time attending a youth ministry trade school known as Tentmakers, a specific mindset was ingrained within me.  Instead of being task oriented, the curriculum stressed the importance of developing vision.  222 more words


Feel Good Friday-Living The Good Life

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” ~Christopher Morley 506 more words