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What Comes After Happiness?

Once everyone is happy, the world as we know it will come to an end.

Go time

Me, Mau and Lavender Gri are preparing for new traveling adventures.

Colorful days, exciting cities and unseen sceneries for us in Mediterranean Cyprus and then to a city devoted to its past, Nuremberg, Germany. 6 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Plan

It’s all part of the plan baby

planting the seed, knowing that some day, I’ll find my destiny, remember what we have, and hop on a plane to find you

The Pursuit Of Happiness

For the Rest of my Life

I promise that I

I’ll keep loving you.

I’ve known from the start, you would break my heart. You are cruel, you are. But I’ll keep loving you. 911 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

sociologia si coordonatorul de educatie si training

Dupa 2 ani ca asistent de resurse umane, in cadrul aceleiasi compani, am devenit Lider sau Coordonator de Educatie si Training. Ceea ce mereu mi-am dorit. 279 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Started from the Bottom

Hi everybody (aka me)!

I’m starting a blog in the hopes of being able to better articulate┬ámy thoughts and feelings and lessons learned because as it turns out, that’s not an easy thing to do, go figure! 358 more words

My Life

I saw you in my dreams again

I miss your arms.
The way your face softened when you saw me.

The way you melted the moment I said “hi bear” and the way you said “hi little one” 58 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness