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What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote? 

I’ve been thinking about suffering lately. I am coming to believe that we live in a society that values happiness and it’s continual pursuit over the necessity of acknowledging struggle, fear, grief and suffering. 130 more words

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Review: The Pursuit of Happiness

I am probably in the minority but I actually like the Game of Life.  I liked living another life, at least for an hour.  I liked how it followed the traditional path that one would associate with life: college, job, marriage, kids, trials, successes, retirement….in that order.   1,489 more words

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on turning twenty-six

I have never had to consider how I felt about aging until recently as my 26th birthday approaches. Turning 25 was a bit nerve wrecking but I didn’t have to come to terms with it in the same way that I have 26. 444 more words

12 easy happiness hacks

Feeling blue? These 12 little tricks will instantly boost your mood. In random order:

  1. Go for a walk. 30 minutes of walking every day is just as good as taking the antidepressant Zoloft for example, though the effect of the walking takes hold a little slower, in the end it seems to be just as effective.
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The paradoxes of the pursuit of happiness :: Ignored joys

I have an 18 hour car drive behind me, and lots of stuff was going through my head the whole time, even more than during a regular day. 583 more words


The pursuit of happiness #1

Before I start, yes, I do know the title is as typical and cliché as they come, but it’s the perfect title for what I want to talk about, so fuck it. 445 more words


Hell's Frog Prince All Chin

This picture is my pills Frog Prince picture created out of fire pics and from Google

The Pursuit Of Happiness