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The Hidden Message

Roses are red, Violent are blue. Love is indispensable, And yet so are you.

A cruel night is endlessly coming to me. I close my eyes again, taking me back to that dream. 321 more words


What’s In a Word?

As someone who has spent most of his life speaking and/or writing words for a living, I pick up on little verbal and written things that intrigue, fascinate and puzzle me. 413 more words

"The Pursuit of Happiness" The USA Way

Although this maybe a country of rules, regulations, and stipulations in the legal system through out history. We do have freedom and this is a day to celebrate and remember just as we do have freedom, it can be taken away from us. 451 more words

Joseph Evaldi


Are you struggling on the path to the pursuit of happiness in San Fransisco? Then, life coaching may be able to help you with that path. 17 more words

When we realize putting other’s happiness ahead of ours is no longer an option.

We are slaves of our feelings. We devote ourselves in quest of finding happiness and depending on people around us to fill the void and provide us the joy we seek. 379 more words

The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道

I don’t want to be one a princess
If the glass slippers are gone, I can go and buy another pair myself.
如果人生要等待王子來拯救, 114 more words


If you all know me you know that I am slightly obsessed with Shonda Rhimes. She’s pretty much my auntie in my head along with Auntie Oprah & Auntie Michelle (Obama).It all started back when I binge watched the first season of Scandal in twenty four hours. 365 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness