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I have been looking at Human Design analysis system that relates to Astrology, place and date of birth.
Like many other personality type systems it breaks us down into different types. 38 more words

The Quantified Self

Biohacking tip #1: Gather Data

To successfully hack your health & well-being you’re going to need data.

The data you gather will depend on what you are trying to heal (or optimize), and what strategy you are using to get there. 782 more words


What is it?

This new kind of device is an ear thermometer, which can be connected through Bluetooth to your Apple Health-Kit on your smartphone or Ipad. 194 more words


The Quantified Dan

For months now I’ve wanted to have one of those wearable health devices that measures activity and sleep. There are a few different options out there on the market: Fitbit, Jawbone Up, etc. 361 more words


Count It: The 5 Most Useful and Interesting Self-Measurement Tools

In a world become more and more dominated by data, there seems to an endless list of things to track and quantify. Even when it comes to… 965 more words


A Numbers Game: The Pros and Cons of Quantifying Yourself

Numbers are everywhere. From personal finances to dreaded scale check-ins, it is impossible to avoid confrontations with numbers in your day-to-day life. However, there is now a movement insisting you bring even more numbers into your life: … 1,099 more words


People by Numbers: Understanding The Quantified Self Movement

The Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras is often credited as the father of numerology. With his studies ranging from the connection between string length and sound, to the Pythagorean Theory , to numerous other areas of measurement – Pythagoras took the mathematical world by storm with one simple notion: “All is number” (The idea that any and all things can be measured and quantified). 1,023 more words