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The boys watch the girls

The Ashley Madison data hack has revealed some interesting facts about its members. I always knew that the women outnumbered the men on the site, unlike a more conventional dating site thus giving us girls the advantage and me 100 begging letters a day. 332 more words


Madison Avenues

So, do you want to hear about Ashley Madison from a girl on the inside now the lid has been blown right off this thing? I’ll tell you, I’m a married girl and I am on that site. 246 more words


Medieval Thoughts and Fantasy Kingdoms

This time a year ago I found myself engrossed in a new reality show called The Quest. And if it’s lack of renewal for a second season is any indication, you probably never watched. 539 more words

Creative Writing

the quest vs. the work

Any type of recovery has two parts to it: the quest and the work. Lately I have been way too invested in the quest, rather than the work. 505 more words


Robert, mystery man told me he was happy to wait to get my gold. He also told me he was married. He said he didn’t know why he didn’t tell me before. 195 more words


Quest Winners!!


2015 Quest Winners

Your reviews are fantastic! You are all-stars!!

100$ winners Chloe and Alexia

25$ winners Annie and Mona

The Quest Summer Reading Club

Expect the unexpected

So, I went on my date with Robert Strong. As I was sitting in the window of the restaurant I contemplated my fate… and started to panic. 198 more words