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Feast of Saint Isaac Jogues and Companions (19 Oct 2015)

Because October is the month of the Rosary, I’ve been thinking about the mysteries of the Rosary lately. Today, I talked to the Sisters about the second joyful mystery — the Visit of Our Blessed Mother to her cousin, Saint Elizabeth who was expecting the birth of Saint John the Baptist. 519 more words

Daily Messages

The Dreaded A-Word

Consider these three different scenarios:

1. The hero of a Regency romance stalks into a drawing-room and greets his bewildered valet with the words ‘What’s up, dude?’ 995 more words


Bungee cords and The Committee

Has it been a month already?  The time flies and all that :)

I’ve done some soul searching, you know – thinking about the stuff you’re supposed to after a heart attack. 677 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Imbolc Celebrations For The Frugal Family

Cold crisp mornings giving way to golden rays of sunshine when the fog lifts. Days are lengthening, the light is returning. The Quickening is upon us. 564 more words


'The Quickening', from start to finish

The Quickening

Acrylic, gouache and oil-based pencil. 65 x 84 cm. 2015

The colours in the images below vary, because the painting was photographed at various times of the day and night throughout the process of its making. 12 more words

Looking At Art

'The Quickening': part 2

Work progresses on The Quickening. Four days in and I’ve gone from sketch…

to underdrawing…

to an acrylic, gouache and oil pencil render. (Detail) 98 more words

Mari Lwyd

Dark Movements: 'the quickening'

Here I show the early stages of work on the painting The Quickening, currently underway. I’ve included images from other paintings and drawings that I’m referencing into it. 269 more words