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My A-Z of reading: A is for Audiobook

(An occasional series)

I was very sniffy about audiobooks when they first came out; I couldn’t see why one would want to listen to someone reading a book rather than read it oneself. 447 more words

Rambling About Reading

Book Review: PENGUIN CLASSICS: The Koran

I first came across this translation in the year AD 1993 while I was in the University and friends kept asking me what would be a good translation for them to read if they were interested. 294 more words

Book Review

The Qur’an and the Bible: Three Differences

By Ray Ortlund.

Three significant differences between the Qur’an and the Bible are considered here:

1. Epic story versus topical instructions

The Bible is written as an epic story on a grand scale, formed along a narrative arc starting in a glorious creation (Genesis 1-2), then a catastrophic betrayal (Genesis 3), then slow movement toward the Redeemer (Genesis 4 to the New Testament), finally resolved in a glorious re-creation (Revelation 20-22). 1,003 more words

The Bible


Let me start with a very basic issue when we want to understand “faith”. The very basic antonym of faith is “doubts”. In Islamic faith, this is called “RAIBUN” or “RAIB” in Arabic. 1,048 more words

Faith (Iman)