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Dr. Jim Fetzer interviews Steve De'ak

Jim Fetzer’s recent interview with Steve De’ak on the damage to the towers’ facades:





There are many “Christians” in the world today. Others look at these so-called Christians and decide not to bother. There are so many churches in the south due to someone in charge not agreeing with another and deciding to start their own church. 203 more words

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Ugly Betty: Not What You Ever Expect

Ugly Betty is a hit or miss TV show. You either will love it or hate it. The episodes can grow on you. The reason is from sheer empathy for the main character or for the fact that you just have to know how she will embarrass herself next. 345 more words

The Real Deal

Mozart In the Jungle: Where Music Meets Crisis

This is another Amazon Original. It is a hit or miss. You either will love it or hate it. Unfortunately, this show lost steam quite quickly. 175 more words

The Real Deal

Fleabag: Emotionally Inept and Hilariously Put Together

Fleabag is an Amazon original. This means that it can be good or  horribly bad. This show is somewhere in between, and for many, it is an acquired taste. 172 more words

The Real Deal

Girls: Sassy Reality

You either love Lena Dunham or you don’t. This show can border on a hit-or-miss sort of situation, but giving it a chance is surely our recommendation. 230 more words

The Real Deal

Desperate Times

I was ponied up to the bar at El Coyote on Beverly, throwing back scratch margaritas as I waited for the last few bets to roll in. 1,623 more words

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