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Dog Days of Bummer

Fate – or more likely The Bachelor production team – is a cruel mistress, especially when you consider how many things are out of the hands of mere mortals like you and me. 507 more words

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Formula Fun

I’ve never been as hopeful during a second episode of The Bachelor as I was on Monday night. With Becca K. getting showered with lavish gifts and Krystal being treated to an impromptu meeting with Arie’s parents, it seemed like Chris Harrison might spare us a full season of this mess and get it all out of the way in two nights. 505 more words

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The (Un)Amazing Race

I was ready to sit this one out. I really was. Things had gotten so desperate in Bach Nation that they couldn’t even convince recent losers to give things another go and had to go back half a decade to find their next eponymous “star.” It might as well have been half a century – I’ve yet to find anyone who was actually interested in once again watching Arie Luyendeyk Jr for any stretch of time. 449 more words

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The Real Deal 1-3

A platform for Democrats and others working to heal the country in 2018.


The Real Deal.
Not the false deal.
We tell it straight. 79 more words



Where hope blossoms in real-time overflow of opportunity bounty

Sunshine  showcases glorious rays life-giving in live wavelength essence

Bubbles of joy bursting forth in carnival fashion beyond limit in horizon perspective… 31 more words


What would you do if...?

If you refuse to answer hypotheticals, what you are telling the world is that you can’t, in fact, deal with that version of reality that you may, indeed, have to deal with in the future.  18 more words

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