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Wow I really didn’t have any expectations for the night ahead as I have never partied in Shenzhen before, but It’s so inspiring and refreshing to have a group of people with just plain ol’ love for the music put on an event (like the fantastic Bunker crew HK) thats all about the tunes, people, venue and experience rather than just going to some gogo dancer infested club because its the best place to be seen, hook up or because thats just where “everyone” goes- which usually features premixed electro hip hop with the occasional Lil’ Jon screaming YEAUGH (or Fatman Scoop) as a transition to the next track. 94 more words

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There are many “Christians” in the world today. Others look at these so-called Christians and decide not to bother. There are so many churches in the south due to someone in charge not agreeing with another and deciding to start their own church. 203 more words

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End of Days

People are the worst.

Take the Bach, Mr. Chris Soules – what a cushy gig. Back when I was dating multiple women, I didn’t get to do it in plain view of everyone, especially the women involved. 1,729 more words

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Condo Market Correction Predicted

Is a cool down of the South Florida condo market in the near future? A new study by the Downtown Development Authority confirms it, but it’s not necessarily bad news. 304 more words

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About That MFA Article.

So there’s this article that’s been making some ripples in corners of the internet lately. It’s titled, “Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One… 1,148 more words

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Times have changed. I remember when it used to be fun to watch a guy run around with three different women; the adventures of a few days being condensed to a couple hours and each encounter possibly (probably) ending in the half-drunk knocking of boots. 943 more words

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Three Hundred Collins Coming to Miami Beach

Three Hundred Collins, a 19-unit boutique luxury condo building in the ever growing Miami Beach neighborhood South of Fifth, will being sales in early March, according to The Real Deal. 141 more words

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