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Memento Moron

Hometowns: the hoop we’re forced to jump through in order to get to the Fantasy Suite. This isn’t news for the initiated, especially considering it’s how every prior season has gone, but I am surprised at how often I forget the mind numbing absurdity of the process. 1,021 more words

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Foodie Travels: The Real Deal, Spartanburg, S.C.

The name says it all, folks.

The Real Deal crafts Philadelphia-style (Philly) cheesesteaks. And the combination of lightly toasted bun, tender seasoned beef, melty cheese and other toppings…well, it melts in your mouth. 445 more words

Foodie Travels

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre



  1. A person or thing that ruins something for everyone else (origin – Spoil, to diminish or impair the quality of)
  2. Chris. Fucking. Harrison.
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DLo-est Common Denominator

Chris Harrison is a son of a bitch. But more on that non-story later.

It was a good week to hop off the wagon and hit the sauce again, but also somewhat worrisome. 1,079 more words

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Chasing a Dream: One Wave at a Time

Clarification: My goal is to race from VA to NJ on a Waverunner (jetski) to raise awareness and money for a anti-bullying campaign.

Chasing a Dream: One Wave at a Time… 887 more words

The Real Deal

Reborn on the Bayou

When a reality show about a man trying to date multiple women he met several weeks ago in the hopes of marrying one of them seems more rational than the state of the American government, it’s clear that we are living in strange and dangerous times. 636 more words

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Karina & Armandt

At an intimate wedding among family and close friends in the heart of Stellenbosch is where Karina and Armandt promised their love to each other. We had the honour of doing the décor and flowers on this special day. 56 more words