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Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

President Trump and his top national security advisers briefed congressional lawmakers Wednesday on what a senior aide called the “very grave threat” posed by North Korea, but they offered few details about the administration’s strategy to pressure Pyongyang. 413 more words


Shameless: Realistically Sadistic with a Comedic Twist

What is not to love when a network decides to stereotype a certain class and poke fun at their habits and way of life? Well, Shameless does just that, but makes sure to include plenty of dramatic comedy, and always leaving the audience second guessing if they should believe what they really did just see. 280 more words

The Real Deal

Imposters: Con Artist meets Revenge Seekers

This tv show follows a con artist by the name of “Maddie” who is beautiful, dangerous, and loaded. For many years, Maddie has left a trail of broke men who trusted her as the real deal. 116 more words

Love Me Some Thrills

13 Reasons Why: A Stunningly Sad Portrayal of Teen Suicide

How do teenagers cope with the bullying and betrayal that walks the halls of high school? Some cannot. This mini-series follows the life and death of Hannah Baker, a high school girl who tries to navigate the teenage world and tries her best to make friends. 219 more words

The Real Deal

Dr. Jim Fetzer interviews Steve De'ak

Jim Fetzer’s recent interview with Steve De’ak on the damage to the towers’ facades:





There are many “Christians” in the world today. Others look at these so-called Christians and decide not to bother. There are so many churches in the south due to someone in charge not agreeing with another and deciding to start their own church. 203 more words

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