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There are many “Christians” in the world today. Others look at these so-called Christians and decide not to bother. There are so many churches in the south due to someone in charge not agreeing with another and deciding to start their own church. 203 more words

Christian Living

Lightning Through the Heart

There are many important measures in place today that benefit communities; to me health and safety and law enforcement entities such as EMS/Fire/Police/Game Wardens and Park Rangers are a major component of community development.  1,055 more words


It is all business


The billion-dollar Obamacare business with Trump family ties

There have been so many issues that have arisen since Trump trumped Hillary that should prove to all the numb-nuts out there that the man is sincere and is looking out for all Americans, not just the chosen few. 289 more words

Good People


From 05/07/15:

The people I like the most are the people who courageously march to the beat of their own drum.

I realized this last night when a friend of mine — one of my closest friends in the universe — told me that she has been secretly writing One Direction fan fiction. 539 more words

The Real Deal

Mirador's Neeta Mulgaokar featured in The Real Deal: Shifting Power in NYC Real Estate Market

With apartment and condos on the rise, and buyers and renters in New York City in decline, more and more developers and landlords are offering incentives to prospective clients. 92 more words


Now that the dust has settled...

So it’s official. I moved out. 

What may be a typical rite of passage for others is a monumental step for most young adults in Asia. 603 more words



I have lived in predominantly white suburbs my entire life. In elementary school, there were probably less than a handful of black kids in my school. 730 more words