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The moonlit bridge

I walk down the stone and dirt path towards the abandoned train bridge. The moonlight is guiding my way down the path as I head to my hideaway spot, so I can look down at the flowing river underneath. 544 more words


Not a hustler, baby

Among the very short list of things that make me cry are people who work really, really, really hard. I remember tearing up when I read Kobe Bryant’s… 660 more words

The Real Deal

Life after Facebook

One of my favorite classes to teach is Media Literacy. I snuck it into the curriculum last year as my way of giving back to these kids that I love. 920 more words

The Real Deal

The debate:

This one will be a reader, folks….

So, my wife and I were talking about what the definition of friend means, more or less what she called a fairweather friend. 1,184 more words


Angry Love

Like most people on the internet, my online cadence is a little different from my real life self. It might surprise you but my friends can attest to the slightly detached, non-crying, unsentimental version of me. 545 more words

The Real Deal

Touch of politics

So, I never touch politics, and there is a good reason for it because everyone has an opinion and everyone is always right. Let’s just say I don’t talk about politics with anyone other than my wife for this reason. 927 more words