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A Message To All Trump/Clinton/Johnson/Stein Supports

Dear Reader,

In the past year or so I have scrolled through various social media platforms and seen comments, status updates and articles shared by you, my friend, my family member, or the public speaker I look up to, or the actress I adore, that honestly make me reconsider ever sharing my thoughts or beliefs with you ever again. 386 more words

Head Shaker

Life is interesting, and often full of surprises; the following experience is one that made me shake my head in wonder.  While on duty, I headed outside, listening to the sound of the door locking as I stepped outside; what was I was not expecting, however, was to find four young males standing next to their parked vehicle, coincidentally parked in a no-parking zone.  447 more words


To You, Dad. Five Years Later.


It’s been nearly five years since I saw you last, and today my heart aches. It aches because sometimes I forget what you sounded like. 677 more words

A Magic Genie

This particularly applies to the men out there.

Suppose you found a magic lamp. You rubbed it and a magic genie came out. So far, so good. 72 more words

The Real Deal

The Cleaning

The Hudson Canyon is a fisherman’s dream when the fish are jumping, whether one is at the shelf running the walls 80 to 90+miles offshore, one is trolling the Texas Towers, or in the thick of the canyon 100+miles out.   605 more words


Mirador's Resident Appraiser and Salesperson Eydie Saleh in The Real Deal on Brooklyn Rental Trends.

Brooklyn Trends

Mirador Real Estate’s Eydie Saleh makes predictions for the Brooklyn market in The Real Deal‘s October issue. The magazine’s Residential Scorecard reports that several neighborhoods have seen decreases in year-over-year median rent for the past two months. 108 more words


The Real Deal Checks in With Mirador's Managing Partner Karla Saladino on the Over Saturation of New Development in Manhattan's Condo Market.

Karla Saladino on the Current Manhattan Market

The Real Deal reports that the mid- and high-level Manhattan real estate markets – those units priced $5 million and above – are becoming increasingly favorable to buyers. 228 more words