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“I really appreciate you letting me get in on the action, Clint.”

“Don’t mention it, Matt.”

“It’s one thing to win big, it’s another to do it against Jimmy, you know?” 1,724 more words

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White Filmmakers telling Black Stories and the real deal

the lastest film centering on Detriot and what happen 50 years ago

and reading the article its very real how Holywood makes everything glossy

and you never get the barebones reality. 126 more words


Men Tell Null

Chris Harrison has never been one to shy away from hyperbole and while I’m usually loath to follow in his footsteps, I have no problem saying that this was the most boring “Tell All” episode ever. 671 more words

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Trios and Tribulations

Never let it be said that Chris Harrison isn’t an evil genius, even when he can’t be bothered to appear on his own show.

Whereas the winner of the most recent seasons have been so obvious a blind man could see them, we’re now faced with an actual competition over which man Rachel will choose once she finally sends Eric home. 1,172 more words

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Grin and Mama Bear It

At this stage in the game you’d think Rachel would be the only person still learning things about her ever-dwindling collection of jabronies, but somehow here we are, still being surprised at this late hour. 695 more words

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#014 Sunni Lavasiette


Host of internet radio’s “The Real Deal” Sunni Lavasiette joins us today to chat on some heavy issues that a better part of society would rather ignore. 7 more words

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Chairman of the Bored

There comes a week during every season of The Bachelorette (and The Bachelor for that matter) where you get a gentle reminder that the show isn’t ridiculous entertainment – it’s just downright ridiculous. 632 more words

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