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The Real Game of Life

 The Span of Life

 One early morning, I went for my routine power walk in the vicinity of where I live. 1,653 more words

True Religious Faith

Listening To Cellular Automata's Natural Habitat (or am I...?)

As I have mentioned previously I am currently working on OpenLabs Game of Life project. A persistent point which I raised during discussions was why we were having the machines communicate with one another via light and sound. 245 more words

Ongoing Projects

How We Relate To Digital Ecologies

In which I attempt to sketch critical ways to engage with our entanglement with digital technologies (12th April)

Ah Goldsmiths. Therein I and many others were indoctrinated (intended with all possible sinister connotations) into the… 206 more words

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How A Digital Ecosytem Relates To OUR Umwelt

Following on from my earlier post concerning how we might consider digital interactions with an ecosophical mindset I figured I would turn my attention to some projects which resonate with this conception. 637 more words

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Thinking Through Digital Ecosystem Interactions

One of the inspirations for OpenLabs workshop is Alberto de Campo’s (and others) “Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum”

This is an interesting project, principally because the robots are granted their own means of communicating with one another, and those means are deliberately tailored to take account of the deep ocean ecology (and denizens) which the project as a whole intends to imitate/evoke. 855 more words

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