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I declare today, Runaway Monday

So as a mom or dad, we never really get a day off. Especially when we are single and doing the job of two parents. Let’s be honest, with a show of hands how many of you out there want to runaway? 602 more words

The Real Superheroes

Kid saves home from foreclosure...

Three generations had lived and grown up in that old house. It had sheltered them through all the wonders and hardships that life brings. It had been a home to a wealth of foster children (hundreds) that Janice Sparhawk raised along with her own children. 568 more words

The Good News

The Bald and the Beautiful: Alaskan beauty queen shaves head for cancer.

Debbe Ebben is not your typical teen. After all, most teenage girls would be ready to fight to the death to keep a barber from shaving off all their prized locks… even for a good cause, but two years ago Debbe (who will be competing for Miss. 292 more words

The Good News

CEO of small gaming company gives $3 million of his own money to employees. No kidding!

What if CEO’s gave employees their stock dividends? One has, all $3 million of it.  It’s a move that flies in the face of the countless news stories on CEO greed and pay inequity. 386 more words

The Good News

Courage to face the darkness: In memory of Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin

There are those who put their lives on the line to bring the truth to light… whatever else they may gain from the work they do, they risk everything and sometimes lose. 402 more words

Quote Of The Day

From Harry Potter to fighting cancer, one woman brings magic and help to children

Some of the best stories start with an accident, an unexpected twist of fate that shifts a person’s trajectory and puts them on another path. Paula DuPre’ Pesmen is one of those stories. 1,299 more words

The Good News

Move over Jamie Oliver, this food revolution's got Jon Bon Jovi fighting hunger (machete not included)

Would seeing Jon Bon Jovi (Yes, that Jon) in a restaurant kitchen, saddled with dishes, scrubbing a steady stream of strangers plates for all he’s worth defy your expectations? 1,004 more words

The Good News