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Shaken & Stirred: Strawberry Margarita, the Red and the Black, Spring's Arrow—and PREDESTINATION

by Michael Cecconi

Here there be spoilers.

If we start talking about time travel—jotting little notes on cocktail napkins and trying to visualize what must be a clusterfuck of a temporal highway interchange—then we’ll never get anything done. 1,345 more words


The red and the black.

I am so happy that I thought of doing the Brownie Points themed season because it makes me do things I wouldn’t get around to doing otherwise. 1,276 more words


man cannot trust man

“I loved truth . . . Where is it? Hypocrisy everywhere or at any rate charlatanism. Even in the most virtuous, even in the greatest,” and his lips assumed an expression of disgust. 11 more words


a young German student

He could no longer find pleasure in anything, either in real life or in the sphere of the imagination. Lack of exercise began to affect his health, and to produce in him all the weakness and exaltation of a young German student. 29 more words


merely villains

“Before law existed, the only natural thing was the strength of the lion, or the need of a creature who was cold or hungry. To put it in one word—need. 28 more words


only indignant bourgeois

But even if I were not so guilty, I see among you men who, without a thought for any pity that may be due to my youth, would like to use me as a means for punishing and discouraging forever that class of young man who, though born in an inferior class, and to some extent oppressed by poverty, have nonetheless been fortunate enough to obtain a good education, and bold enough to mix with what the pride of the rich calls Society. 52 more words