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Question of the Week: Moral Systems

Most Pagans hear about the Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law when researching Paganism for the first time.  This is because both the Rede and Law are everywhere.  157 more words


Love Spells and Influencing Other Peoples' Will

What an attention-grabbing title!  If three years of high school journalism taught me anything, it’s that the title should always grab attention.  And what a provocative and debated subject!  868 more words


A Pagan’s Perspective on Alcohol

I’ve seen this debate occur elsewhere online, but it doesn’t seem to come up very much.  Which surprised me.  Why doesn’t this subject come up more often? 577 more words

More Complicated Stuff

The Variability of Pagan Ethics

I probably should start off my first blog post with an easier topic…but this one seems right, and it is something that has been on my mind recently.  622 more words

Ethics, Morals, And Prejudice