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Controversial plans to construct two high-rise towers, a hotel, and lots of restaurants and shops on two city blocks in South Los Angeles cleared an important hurdle Tuesday, winning unanimous support from the city’s Planning and Land Use Committee. 471 more words

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The Other Side of Animation 60: Bling Review

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Negotiating Netflix 2016: Vol 9 - April Fools Day, Starry Eyes, Rogue, The Reef, Clue

Negotiating Netflix at times can feel like Theseus traversing the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, full of twists, turns and false hopes. But alas we’re here with our trusty guide on what to watch, and what to avoid on Netflix, risking films so you don’t have to. 1,350 more words

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Mallory and Mark, July 30th, 2016, The Reef in Long Beach

Under the twinkling lights and among the cool, salty ocean breeze; Mallory and Mark celebrated the beginning of their new life together. The Reef in Long Beach provided the bright and electric elements while Mallory, Mark and the roaring energy of happiness and love from their family and friends filled the beautiful evening. 25 more words


The Shallows Review : Ikuti Pakem, Tapi Dengan Subjektivitas

  • The Shallows menjadi bukti bahwa Collet-Serra bisa kembali menciptakan film yang berpotensi mendapat status cult sepert The Orphan. Film ini juga menjadi pembuktian bahwa dia adalah sineas yang piawai dalam membangun horor, ketegangan dan ketakutan.
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The Shallows review

By Paul Downey

Shark films are a tricky sub genre that has never really been exploited to its potential.

After Jaws, you can probably count on one hand the decent ones – for me The Reef and more recently In The Deep are the only ones above average. 244 more words

In The Deep review

By Paul Downey

As those of you know that read our feature on Jaws: The Revenge, we love a good shark flick. Revenge isn’t a great shark flick, but ‘In The Deep’ certainly is. 338 more words