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Live Your Dreams

What It Is: January is a month for reinvention, as I’ve mentioned a few times here now, and that can often go beyond physical appearance. For 2016, I challenge you to look inside yourself and figure out what you really love doing – it doesn’t mean it’s the thing you want to do with your life, but something that brings your pure joy. 276 more words

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Wing Man

What It Is: A way cool collectible for any Star wars friend that also has a practical purpose. This nifty knife block mimics the shape and style of an X-Wing jet, making for a cool piece of counter decor. 114 more words

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Make a Nest

What It Is: Quirky nesting dolls inspired by pop culture. Hand painted and made from wood and magic clay, these funky nesting dolls come in a variety of sizes – both when it comes to physical height and number of matryoshka included per set. 146 more words

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Read It, Watch It, Love It

Summer may be beach reads season – but it’s also equally fun to cool off in the movie theatre while catching all the action on screen. 1,491 more words

B(u)y The Book

Summer Binge

Yes, summertime is totally about going out and enjoying the much-needed sunshine. But it’s also for kicking back and relaxing, particularly on those snoozy late summer nights, lazy Sunday mornings, and occasional rainy days. 747 more words

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