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New NATO-approved US monument honors fascist Lithuanian Nazi collaborator as anti-Soviet hero | The Grayzone

The United States is now the site of a monument to a Nazi collaborator.

[…because of a lie called Russia-gate. Congrats, America. We’re now celebrating the very thing George Orwell warned us about. 73 more words

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Target Iran! – Consortiumnews

Francis Boyle positions sabre-rattling at Iran squarely inside the catastrophic saga of U.S. imperialism.    By Francis Boyle

The author delivered this speech at the Perdana Global Peace Forum 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on June 22, 2006. 25 more words

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Jim Comey's own words justify Bill Barr's review | TheHill

Attorney General William Barr has just blitzed former FBI Director James Comey on third down and there’s a feeling a sack is imminent.

Barr’s tasking of U.S. 127 more words

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The Coming Wrath Of Barr: The Real Story Behind The Russian Hoax | Zero Hedge

Durham, a Republican, is known as “apolitical.” His record indicates a tough but fair prosecutor who, as The Washington Post put it in 2009, has “parachuted into crisis situations for both political parties over three decades.” The fact that Barr has enlisted him is no small matter. 52 more words

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Russia-gate’s Monstrous Offspring – Consortiumnews

Russia-gate has shed any premise of being about Russian interference, writes Daniel Lazare,  but the idea that America may in anyway be responsible for its own fate is of course unthinkable. 7 more words

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US Federal Police Evicting Activists from Venezuelan Embassy in Washington – Consortiumnews

The text of the eviction notice reads in part: ““Ambassadors Vecchio and Tarre have requested and directed anyone who is present on this property to depart from it immediately, and to not return without these ambassadors’ express authorization,” said the eviction notice, which was dated May 13. 51 more words

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The Re-Opening of the Swedish Assange Case Should Be Welcomed - Craig Murray

That the Swedish investigation into the rape allegation against Julian Assange is being re-opened is something that ought to be welcomed. The alternative would be for this accusation to hang unresolved over Julian’s head forever. 126 more words

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