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Docker donates core container code to DevOps world's DMZ

As it promised in December, Docker has bestowed containerd, its core container runtime, upon the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, putting an important piece of container infrastructure under neutral governance. 6 more words

Service Management Daily

Devs bashing out crappy code is making banks insecure, report

The rush to improve system functionality is leading developers to knock out subpar code, posing a threat the security of major systems around the world, according to an extensive report. 7 more words


Blog of the Week: Win10 Marketshare Flat in Q316

by Ed Tittel, on November 07th, 2016

The UK website, The Register, has thoughtfully consolidated Windows 10 marketshare numbers from my favorite sources. They report that Windows 10 growth appears as flat as a board for the just-ended calendar quarter. 364 more words


Certified screw up

Ever since GlobalSign screwed up and revoked a bunch of correct HTTPS certificates on 13th October, the Guardian website has been rendering as HTTP on my laptop. 131 more words


iOS exploit that flooded 911 call centres

Summary by Shaun Nichols for The Register of the story behind the exploit that caused 911 centres around Phoenix to be flooded with ’emergency calls’. 12 more words


Did you read the terms or just click Accept?

Migrating to an outsourced IT service including cloud is a great opportunity to outsource responsibility for IT and employees while simultaneously increasing efficiency and decreasing cost. 1,366 more words


Rest and listen

First published in the West Nebraska Register on Aug. 12, 2016.

My dad is a smart man and he has been telling me my entire life that sometimes I just need to slow down and relax. 578 more words