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Sweeping out the App Store

While I’m not always Apple’s biggest fan, a story by Nick Farrell for TechEye – Apple finds more malware in its App store – strikes me as a little overstated: apps installing root certificates can clearly cause privacy problems, but writing off whatever apps are being looked at as malware by definition is a bit over the top, however irritating you may find Apple’s ‘more secure than thou’ mindset. 53 more words

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XcodeGhost - more spookiness

From Palo Alto:

Update: XcodeGhost Attacker Can Phish Passwords and Open URLs through Infected Apps

While John Leyden hypothesizes for The Register on why so many developers cut corners by using ‘dodgy code’: 65 more words


XcodeGhost-ly apps up to 4,000, says FireEye

It sounds as if even Qihoo360’s estimate of at least 350 apps compromised by XcodeGhost was quite conservative. FireEye claims to have identified more than 4,000 infected programs on the App Store. 71 more words


Looking Out For XcodeGhost

While Apple has removed a number of compromised apps from the App Store, security company Lookout has compiled a list of apps known to be affected, plus others that it is actively investigating. 325 more words


Thieves and Adblockers

The Business Insider recently published a post by Guardian.co.uk announcing that Apple had opened their apps store to Adblockers. Not being an Apple aficionado I didn’t give it a a second thought until I came across an article in… 894 more words