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Giving In A Special Way

I learned that it’s really tough being a teacher. Anyone can teach, but how well you fair is a whole other thing altogether.

No wonder they say that teaching is gift, and indeed it is. 185 more words

The Regular


Being out here pushes me to discover more about myself:

  • I’m okay without coffee.
  • I can sleep without a bolster.
  • I realised that I am a pretty good packer.
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The Regular

Let's Talk About Food (Part 2)

Alright, I’m back with more food stuff. Today, we will talk about breakfast!

Ban Mee

I’m not sure if I’m spelling it right. Regardless, this has been our go-to for breakfast when we are too lazy to make breakfast or just craving for something other than bread and the oh-so-normal peanut butter spread. 382 more words

The Regular


What’s our purpose?

I believe things happen with a purpose. Maybe it’s to teach us a lesson, or remind us of something. Cause and effect is real, so are consequences. 56 more words

The Regular

Let's Talk About Food (Part 1)

What did I say about the weekly updates? I’ve been real busy last week. Our friends from Singapore came over to visit us, so we were busy hosting them. 469 more words

The Regular

Cave Hopping!

I need help at being more consistent with this blog.

We went cave-hopping last Saturday! The road trip was amazing, most of us sat at the back of the truck. 140 more words

The Regular

Fish Tank On Wheels

Visa application is a wee bit annoying.

I shall skip the whole process of getting our visas applied here. But the process made me very grateful for our Singapore systems and processes. 416 more words

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