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A link to my first short story for Priceless Pennies

Rather than post here, I have been working on stories for Yashima, Dragon Tides, and Zpocalypse 2…. so now I will just link to my other work here. 33 more words


Summer, fire and fashionable nudity

Summer, what a hoot. Young men everywhere twist themselves into pants that prevent blood from circulating. If it is a part of the courting game or an attempt to crush the life out of any would be baby, is up to the individual to decide. 793 more words


Picture Book: Crying Walls [Sometimes there are leaks.]

One of my favorite things to do is sleep, so it may come as no surprise that I was really upset to be woken up at 6 in the morning by a leak that I could hear but couldn’t find.   879 more words

I'm So Bored: The Picturebook

Picture Book: A cat lives in my building.

This is the view from my apartment to the front door.

This is the view as I get closer to the front door.

 This is Black Thunder. 619 more words

I'm So Bored: The Picturebook

Limit 8 per person: Planning gone wrong.*

We’re always told to read the fine print when making a purchase.  Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Don’t give away your money without knowing what you’re getting involved in.  576 more words

I'm So Bored: The Picturebook

Play #4: The Regular

The Regular

What you will need: Just a bit of charisma, and nothing else

Purpose: To build a meaningful relationship with a cutie, or just bang her and then “forget” to call her the next day, either one! 814 more words


May the Fourth be with you !

I find it fitting, that as a glorious May the 4th draws to an imminent closure, I sit here, filled to the brim with good feelings, writing the last text of the day, as the rebellion descends upon the second Death Star and the Emperor attempts to turn Luke onto the path most likely to produce even more incest memes. 1,104 more words