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Golden Rules

So, I’m at the point now where it’s going to be impossible for me to get this out for Christmas, which was always a major goal of mine. 147 more words

The Regulators


I like to think I’m a patient man. My wife might tell you otherwise.

Writing this book has been an exercise in patience, and I’ve learned a lot of techniques during this process that has made me less inclined to knee jerk into something else (and by god, when the time is right, I’ve some great ideas for some new series.) 196 more words

The Regulators

Meet Thea...

So to celebrate finding an editor for the book, I thought I’d give you another little insight into some of our characters, including one of my favourites, Thea Watts. 16 more words

The Regulators

Book Mail - From France

As you all know, I’m an avid collector of Stephen King. There is one book, however, that I am collecting multiple copies of and that is his Richard Bachman title, THE REGULATORS. 225 more words


The Regulators

I’ve been a little quiet of late, because I’ve decided to take a change of course. For the time being, I want to concentrate on novels, and as such, I’ve been writing my debut novel. 107 more words


Book Mail - Part Two from Spain

As I had shown off on Wednesday, I received some awesome book mail that made its journey to me all the way from Spain. It was covered in beautiful stamps! 95 more words


The Dark Tower Multiverse Part 3

Greetings, Glancers! I’ve decided to split my final post into two; they will be shorter than the previous posts, but together would be too long and boring to wade through. 1,525 more words

Stephen King