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The Association of Small Bombs: Explosive Ripple Effects

No pun intended, The Association of Small Bombs begins and ends with a bang. In the case of the beginning, I mean both literally and figuratively, as the frame of the novel is a terrorist bombing in India that kills the sons of a couple, Vikas and Deepa Khurana. 922 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist By Mohsin Hamid

In this day and age where big novels with minimum 400 pages has become a norm, this short but fantastic book comes as a breather. The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a highly entertaining work of fiction. 328 more words


Jihadi Jane by Tabhish Khair

Tabish Khair’s heart-wrenching narrative comes at a time when ISIS poses a worldwide threat. The Islamic State was founded by a handful of fanatics; now it holds the world to ransom. 576 more words

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Book Review

The Reluctant Fundamentalist  by  Mohsin Hamid is a short novel in the form of a monologue of character Changez, recounting his life story as an immigrant in pre and post 9/11 America.   1,500 more words


The Reluctant Fundamentalist (pages 138-184)

Somehow I knew the author would end the story in this sort of fashion. Was Changez out to kill the American, or was the American his assassin from the beginning? 1,130 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Pages 108- 138)

More time passes before Changez sees Erica again. When he does, he is greeted first at the door of her parents home by Erica’s mother who tries to convey to him the serious sort of state her daughter has fallen into. 1,007 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Pages 77-107)

Changez begins this chapter pointing out to the American the contrast of a woman’s’ perfume at the cafe  to the smell of the meal of flesh she’s about to dine on. 395 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist