Arena Bar, Costa Calma

G & A: Starter- Breaded Local Goats Cheese (Warm)

A: Main- Prawn Linguine in Garlic Tomato sauce

G: Main- Fillet Medallions served with Potato Rosti, Seasonal Veg and Lemon Mustard Sauce.


San Borondon

On two separate occasions throughout the middle of our holiday we came to San Borondon, on our first visit we tried Tapas and mojito’s:

Tapas: Garlic Bread, Tomato Bread, Serano Ham on Bread, Peppers (local specialty) and Chicken Wings. 28 more words

4 Stars

San Borondon

On the Friday night, the last evening of our holiday, we decided to head back to San Borondon for a cocktail (GREAT MOJITOS), and maybe the black speciality serano ham tablet as a snack. 141 more words


War Don't Work

A good assessment of the failures of or war policy in the last couple decades.

Sure the military part went our way, but the places we warred in are worse off now than they were before we got there. 57 more words

The Rest Of The World

NYTimes: Nafta May Have Saved Many Autoworkers’ Jobs

It’s common to point a finger at the easiest target. The staff here falls into that trap occasionally, but NAFTA isn’t responsible for the woes of the auto industry. 126 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Kisses to the world, 'Optum' to Turkey

“Oy Vey’Izmir” (a type of desert kvetch), says Jordan, when I ask what part of Turkey Buket’s from. I wish I had snapped a photo of these two young folks sitting next to us this morning at our Frank’s breakfast. 318 more words