Kisses to the world, 'Optum' to Turkey

“Oy Vey’Izmir” (a type of desert kvetch), says Jordan, when I ask what part of Turkey Buket’s from. I wish I had snapped a photo of these two young folks sitting next to us this morning at our Frank’s breakfast. 318 more words


Reproductive Rights Birth Broader Gender Equality

The West should be promoting reproductive rights as a gateway to solving lots of other societal ills. Giving women throughout the world control over their bodies is the only starting point that makes sense. 113 more words

The Rest Of The World

A true story.

Falling in love with Prague is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Here, they play house music in every bar. There is no such thing as live bluegrass, but one night while I was drinking a strawberry pina colada at Deja Vu, a music club off of Jakubská, they played… 282 more words

Czech Republic

NYTimes: Ideas Help No One on a Shelf. Take Them to the World.

We need fewer entrepreneurs and idea folks and more doers who get good ideas out there.


We tend to focus on the glitz and glamor of new ideas and products. 44 more words

The Rest Of The World


I miss the ocean. I miss home. But I’m not ready to go back.

We moved to Germany a month ago. And today we signed the lease for our new place next to the Rhine River, in a village surrounded by vineyards. 248 more words