You guys want to know how hard aiethism is?

Ok so here it goes note sure as fuck not trying offend anyone with a preachy speach about tits shit and cunt!

Ok so as a aiethist mysoginist pornography producer who does not give to fucks about dogma or what exactly is sinning and what defines a sinner! 168 more words

Baring beauty in Brazil

Conversely, in a country known for carnival, turbo charged football fans and high murder rates, I slowed down and relaxed when I got to Brazil. 682 more words

The Rest Of The World

A Book that Does Apply to Me (and Other Thoughts)

Since moving back to Ireland this year, I’ve read nearly 25 different books, and I am absolutely loving it. New series, recommendations from friends, family, and the internet, and re-reading of some old favorites. 753 more words

Life Goes On

NYTimes: Enjoying the Low Life?

We’ve got our priorities wrong. GDP, the DOW, and military strength are the wrong things to look at when we measure our success as a country. 37 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Wine, waterfalls and women of power in Argentina

All Argentina meant to me was a kind of pilgrimage to the land of Eva Perón – an icon and the most famous person in this country’s history. 846 more words

The Rest Of The World