Growth Advantages of A Circular Economy

A study shows the advantages of a circular Economy in a country where infrastructure is not as advanced and car ownership is not as widespread as in mature economies. 46 more words

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Flying Circus - Week 3

Better late than never   :(

So I’ve decided to go with the Church theme and to take it one step further it will be an… 309 more words


Big Banks Are Putting Rain Forests in Peril

Large American and European banks are financing the destruction of rainforest, despite “sustainability pledges which specifically mention deforestation.”

The money is aiding a process that scientists say destroys ecosystems, displaces indigenous communities and covers the region each year in a thick, suffocating smog that stretches from Jakarta to Hong Kong.

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Corporate Malfeasance

Avocados vs. Monarch Butterflies

Another story of our demand for food threatening our environment. There is a way for us to live in harmony with our world, but we haven’t figured it out yet. 39 more words

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