The Looming Demographic Crisis

When it comes to the environment, population growth, and many of our social problems, the quotes below apply more aptly to our entire planet, not just Israel. 191 more words

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NYTimes: Put Globalization to Work for Democracies

The new model of globalization stood priorities on their head, effectively putting democracy to work for the global economy, instead of the other way around. The elimination of barriers to trade and finance became an end in itself, rather than a means toward more fundamental economic and social goals.

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Track Listing 2016-09-09 #041

BeirutBiloma – X Ray
Andre Toussaint – Yellow Bird
Maki Asakawa – Yuki Ga Furu

Scandi Segue
Choir of Young Believers – Nye Nummer Et… 103 more words

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I'm curious about a lot of stuff...

Does my desk show that I’m curious, or sentimental, or a habitual collector, or is this photo too dark to see any of my tchotchkes¬† 408 more words

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Turning plane, by car, by boat, and on my own two feet (part 3)

Determined to not be on planes and in airports nonstop, I studied a map of Europe. The ultimate goal of “Sheila’s Excellent Adventure” was to visit Ethan and Steph in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Watch for my story in the November issue of Desert Leaf). 359 more words

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Gender inequality costs sub-Saharan Africa $95 billion: UN

There is an economic cost to keeping women in their place. It’s $95B in Africa. You would think that would be incentive enough to change but it isn’t. 151 more words

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Syria Summary

This is truly NobodyisFlyingthePlane.

When the conflict in Syria is looked at as it is in this article it is nearly impossible to have any hope that it will end. 60 more words

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