Big Banks Are Putting Rain Forests in Peril

Large American and European banks are financing the destruction of rainforest, despite “sustainability pledges which specifically mention deforestation.”

The money is aiding a process that scientists say destroys ecosystems, displaces indigenous communities and covers the region each year in a thick, suffocating smog that stretches from Jakarta to Hong Kong.

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Avocados vs. Monarch Butterflies

Another story of our demand for food threatening our environment. There is a way for us to live in harmony with our world, but we haven’t figured it out yet. 39 more words

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NYTimes: Powering Australia’s Economic Surge

There are models the U.S. can look to for positive long term growth.

Australia has had 25 years without a recession. Its attributed in part to an open immigration policy (open to skilled immigrants at least). 9 more words

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NYTimes: The Decline of the West, and How to Stop It

This article is a good discussion of the work that went into pacifying amd unifying Europe and North America over the last century. It’s important to remember that it wasn’t all that long ago that we were not aligned in our goals and motivations. 103 more words

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NYTimes: For Better Citizenship, Scratch and Win

Here’s an interesting idea to incentivize positive behaviors: offer a lottery prizes.

Who knew that people could be cajoled into improving their behavior in a ton of different areas just by offering prizes. 28 more words

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Why the U.S. Military Can’t Fix Syria

Why not to go into Syria.

Awful things are happening, nobody denies that, but we have to stop believing that American exceptionalism as a solution to world problems. 199 more words

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