U.S. Causes Trouble in Mexico!

Driving to Nogales, Arizona, to see my dentist in Nogales, Sonora, I chuckle at giant signs near the U.S.-Mexico border: No weapons or munitions allowed. 303 more words

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Noam Chomsky: The 89-year-old Rock Star of smarts!

More than five hundred students, old folks, scruffy types, and members of the Tucson intelligentsia listened intently to Noam Chomsky. Sitting on folding chairs in front of the downtown Joel Valdez main library, you could hear a pin drop. 568 more words

Bopping Around Tucson

Can Europe Lead on Privacy?

Corporate data abuse is being tempered by new European laws. Lobbying in the US prevented similar privacy protections.

Internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T and companies that use their connections, like Facebook and Google, lobbied members of Congress.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Angry at the New York Times

My DNA harbors waves of repressed anger. Sometimes it emerges without my authority. Sometimes it pops out long after any seeming cause, like this:

“I’m still incensed by the ridiculous, CONTINUOUS front-page stories about Hillary’s emails during the 2016 presidential campaign, while your lack of thorough, consistent investigative reporting contributed to the horrendous election of our most incompetent president ever.” 257 more words


Twelve Books in Twelve Months

For an end-of-the-year round up, twelve books that entertained, educated or disappointed me in the last twelve months: 1,700 more words

Best Reads

Mahalo Hawaii

A week on Hawaii’s Big Island was paradise: a perfect nonfiction writing workshop with compassionate and talented teachers; red-headed and yellow-bodied birds chirping their morning happiness, nightly stars popping out of the darkness. 321 more words

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Seven Snowy Stories

The winter’s first – and in these parts possibly only – snowfall put me in mind of books in which winter features prominently. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ones that came to mind immediately were children’s stories. 658 more words

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