Flat Becca

Most days are special around here. I’m not just saying that. We get really interesting visitors – of both the human and the wildlife variety. Our work is exciting and fresh and full of potential. 145 more words


Jungle adventures and spa therapy in Ecuador

Stepping out of a dugout boat in the Amazon jungle, to the high pitched sound of thousands of mosquitoes is foreboding and exciting. The deadly welcome party was flying in synchronisation on the shore and together they performed a strange musical dance. 594 more words


NYTimes: Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change

Its refreshing to hear of environmental successes.

Its also nice to see that corporations can be induced to work for the greater good.

NYTimes: Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change

The Rest Of The World

A burger worth lining up for

We’d checked out of our hotel, almost maxed out our credit cards and still had a few hours until we needed to be at the airport to fly out of the country so we thought what better way to spend our last morning in Queenstown but to wait in a line for a burger. 763 more words


Class Reunion, Part II

As is to be expected with holidays, lots of things happened over the past week, but I’m going to start with my 10-year class reunion.  400 more words


Inequality and Good Intentions

This first article makes sense of a book from last year about inequality, while the second seems to miss the point altogether; albeit while providing two worthwhile quotes. 266 more words

The Rest Of The World