NYTimes: Reducing Carbon by Curbing Population

One way for sure to start piloting this plane would be to adopt sound global population policies. Cutting growth where it is least sustainable would have untold benefits on climate, environment, food and water issues. 37 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

G.M.O.-Free Food is about consumer choice

G.M.O.-Free Food is about consumer choice not about the science of safety.

It’s generally safe to eat dirt, but the staff here usually refuses when I offer it. 212 more words

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Article: Why Has America Stopped Winning Wars?

The only way for the US to win a war these days is to stay out of it.

Why Has America Stopped Winning Wars?


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Heroines and Tequila; absorbing the spirit of Mexico

Few countries draw me to them because of one person, but Frida Kahlo was the initial reason I went to Mexico.

Even 60 years after her death I wanted to stand in the same place she had and get to know the painter better. 593 more words

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You guys want to know how hard aiethism is?

Ok so here it goes note sure as fuck not trying offend anyone with a preachy speach about words.like.boobs tits shit and cunt!

Ok so as a aiethist mysoginist pornography producer who does not give to fucks about dogma or what exactly is sinning and what defines a sinner! 168 more words

Baring beauty in Brazil

Conversely, in a country known for carnival, turbo charged football fans and high murder rates, I slowed down and relaxed when I got to Brazil. 682 more words

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A Book that Does Apply to Me (and Other Thoughts)

Since moving back to Ireland this year, I’ve read nearly 25 different books, and I am absolutely loving it. New series, recommendations from friends, family, and the internet, and re-reading of some old favorites. 753 more words

Life Goes On