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The Commandment of the Ascension

I can’t ever remember being in church for a worship service on Ascension Thursday.  This struck me with particular force the first time I read David Bosch’s magisterial book Transforming Mission (Orbis).   974 more words


The Morning After - Full Text

This article appeared last weekend in the Scottish Catholic Observer. The full text is here for those who missed the publication.

Now Easter is behind us, Jesus is risen and all is well with the world. 1,263 more words



I am not my own
I was bought with a price
Paid by Jesus on Calvary
He died not that we may sin
As our fallen natures incline us to… 127 more words


My Reluctant Quest: Atonement - Part One - Dragged into the Discussion

Over my lifetime in theology,  I have found the subject of atonement a difficult one.  Mostly because even more numberous that the various theories of Biblical Inspiration, atonement as a subject is even more disjointed.  479 more words

The Person And Work Of Jesus Christ

Rowan Williams: "an unprecedented possibility"

“We are not told that Jesus ‘survived death’; we are not told that the story of the empty tomb is a beautiful imaginative creation that offers inspiration to all sorts of people; we are not told that the message of Jesus lives on. 172 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

The Resurrection 20-21 & The Man 27

The Resurrection (Al Qiyamah) 20-21: you love the immediate 20 And leave the Hereafter 21

The Man (Al Insan) 27: As to these, they love the fleeting life, and put away behind them a Day (that will be) hard.

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What the Resurrection Means for the Suffering Soul

I have a few sweet friends who check up on me now that I’m back in bed full time and ask how I’m doing. I am inexpressibly glad for any sort of human contact (other than at a doctor’s office) throughout the week while I’m ill. 2,129 more words

Chronic Lyme