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The Resurrection 20-21 & The Man 27

The Resurrection (Al Qiyamah) 20-21: you love the immediate 20 And leave the Hereafter 21

The Man (Al Insan) 27: As to these, they love the fleeting life, and put away behind them a Day (that will be) hard.

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What the Resurrection Means for the Suffering Soul

I have a few sweet friends who check up on me now that I’m back in bed full time and ask how I’m doing. I am inexpressibly glad for any sort of human contact (other than at a doctor’s office) throughout the week while I’m ill. 2,129 more words

Chronic Lyme

Left Brain/Right Brain, Life, and Spiritual Knowledge

Towards the end of the last blog’s quote of N.T. Wright, Wright says “We cannot use a supposedly objective historical epistemology as the ultimate ground for the truth of Easter… 655 more words

Christian Theology

Jesus' resurrection is a sure pledge and confirmation of your own

Now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the first fruits of them that slept.”—1 Cor. 15:20.

One view more, my soul, while thou art meditating upon this delightful subject of thy Redeemer’s triumph over death and the grave, and now look at Jesus’s resurrection as a sure pledge and confirmation of thine own.

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Reflections on the Easter event

Annually believers in Jesus celebrate His crucifixion and resurrection that took place around AD 33 in Jerusalem. There the devil thought he accomplished his greatest coup: to get rid of the Son of God. 465 more words




A day or two before Easter I began receiving emails from a handful of people, all of whom, without being aware of each other’s requests, were asking me the same thing… “What is the EMPTY TOMB all about?”, “What is the “Napkin” covering Jesus’ face being folded and separate symbolize?” … 4,297 more words


The Best Worst Thing

Paul Tripp:

At the center of a biblical worldview is this radical recognition: the most horrible thing that ever happened was the most wonderful thing that ever happened. 481 more words

The Cross