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Gears of War 4.

There might be a gap in my memory; I recall saying that I would not consider Gears 4 if it did not have the Retro Lancer as a weapon you can use in the loadout menu – whether or not I said that I cannot remember. 744 more words


Mickey Heads in the Right Direction Again

What can be said anymore about Mickey Heads? He’s the brains of the operation for all that we currently admire, and adore about Ardbeg such as the… 390 more words

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Another round of Gwent!!!

Right Gwent – good game! Now to be more detailed, the game is similar to the mini-game found in Witcher 3 but some of the leader cards have changed and the game will feel familiar to those of you who have played Hearthstone. 305 more words


Injustice 2 story arc review (spoilers).

Okay so I admit I did watch the first Injustice game movie per se, and was not overly impressed with it. Basically Superman goes all North Korea on the world to impose peace and Batman leads a resistance to fight against his tyranny. 653 more words


Blog Tour - Review & Audio Excerpt: The Sparks by Kyle Prue

Welcome to my blog tour stop for The Sparks, book one of the Feud Trilogy, by Kyle Prue and narrated by Jon Eric Preston. You can see the rest of the blog tour below! 882 more words


Helldivers: state of the game in 2017, and news on the livestream schedule.

Hello folks!

Figured I’d make a single article containing two items this time around – it will be mostly a review of the current state of the online community for the game Helldivers on Steam (Sorry Playstation fans, I do not know what the health of the online community is like on those systems as I do not own a playstation 3 or 4 or Vita) with an update on the situation regarding the livestreaming schedule that is upcoming. 394 more words


Borderlands 2: the state of the game in 2017.

Hello folks,

Thought I might do a piece on the state of the game Borderlands 2 in the year 2017 – some folks like to play old games, and why not help them figure out things while you are at it? 289 more words