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The Rite

The Rite was entertaining. I’ve scrolled past this one a few times on Amazon and Netflix, and finally decided to give it a go.

It’s about an American Seminary student named Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue) who signs up to take an exorcism course in Rome because there apparently is a shortage of exorcists and an increase in demonic possessions (job security?). 148 more words

Anthony Hopkins

The Rite

A young seminary lacks faith in his convictions and is sent to study exorcism by the Vatican.  He may not believe, but it won’t stop him being drawn into a case that defies belief. 329 more words



by Aaron Maxwell • ChurchMilitant.com • October 17, 2016
Calls for exorcism in Italy are sharply on the rise, with some church experts even calling the shortage of exorcists an “emergency.” 221 more words


The Rite

I hate scary movies. Hate hate hate hate hate.

Well, let me qualify that. I hate modern scary movies. They’re too gore heavy. I can’t resist the original scary movies though – things like  1,055 more words

An Increase in the Ministry of Exorcism

An increase in the occult, such as the use of Ouija boards, Fortune telling, and black magic has caused an increase in the ministry of exorcism. 15 more words


Interview With an Exorcist

Learn how to protect yourself against demonic attack.

By Wesley Baines from Beliefnet

We take a lot for granted, we humans. Gravity keeps us comfortably in our seats. 462 more words


Angels, Demons, & why Hollywood Hates Their Battles

The other day, my wife and I saw The Rite. It’s a film based on a book written by the Catholic priest Fr. Gary Thomas and his experiences with exorcism and demons. 941 more words