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The Personal View: Christabel Bielenberg's The Past is Myself and The Road Ahead

I found this draft post unposted earlier today. I wrote it just before I left home and didn’t put it on line. 

Bielenberg, Christabel. The Past is Myself. 527 more words

Book Review

The Road Ahead

I’m one of these people who is constantly questioning the choices and decisions I’ve made or am about to make.  I have little confidence in this area, and I’m not sure why.  451 more words

Light and Debts ....

Ring the bells (ring the bells) that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything) 413 more words

The Road Ahead

Monday's Theme Music

A crazy dream finished my night. I’d been driving in a borrowed vehicle. It was in good shape, nothing special. Rain was falling. Traffic was dense. 363 more words


Jake Gyllenhaal Marathon Bombing Movie Premiering At Spaulding Rehab

BOSTON (CBS/AP) — The U.S. premiere of a film chronicling the story of Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman has taken place at the hospital where he and others who were injured in the 2013 deadly attack were treated. 419 more words


Perfectly Timed ....

Behind these smiles are some stories, that, if you hold them close enough to your ear, you can still hear the beer-sticky basement floor of 311 North Richill Street in them. 403 more words


Where It All Began

Twenty-one years ago tonight, at twenty years old, I was still just a baby.  You couldn’t have convinced me of that though.  I knew it all.   879 more words