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The View From My Little Town

As immigration officers round up school children and their families blocks from a school in North Carolina, Trump minion Flynn is being accused of violating the Logan Act over discussions with the Russians before Trump took office, and DeVos is being chased away from a Washington middle school by angry protesters who don’t want her sucking the intelligence out the students, I am reminded there are quieter places to go and get away from all the insane noise that is trying to kill us.   445 more words


Welcome to my blog...

Dear Mr. President,

The humanity in me continues trying to respect the humanity in you despite your endless use of words as weapons, #fakenews and #alternate facts. 191 more words

Alternate Facts

A Shakespearean Celebration of Trump

Yes, I am well aware that I am in the middle of an epic Shakespeare rant this week, explaining in the goofiest of terms the reason I believe Shakespeare is not Shaksper.   478 more words


The Road Ahead

Recently, my daughter, Gabrielle, and I made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve had numerous conversations about it, but now we’re on the same page and we’ve set a date. 817 more words

"The Flailing Tail of a Dying Dinosaur"

On Friday, December 2, WLP Executive Director Carol E. Tracy gave this speech at our annual party at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia: 2,588 more words

Women's Law Project

The Road Ahead

Still swamped with the new job, but I hope to get the bike out of the shop in the next day or so, and find some time with my camera. 17 more words


An updated 5 year plan - The Road, as it were, Ahead

The Preamble

This story will start relatively differently than many I have told or even heard.

In July, I helped a friend move a gigantic 9 foot sectional-L couch. 1,767 more words