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What Pegman Saw : The road less travelled

My breath is coming fast and hot. The road is grit shifting over baked mud, tearing at the soles of my feet.

I hear them behind me, boots thudding – relentless. 197 more words

A Road Less Traveled

Robert Frost penned this poem, The Road Not Taken.  We share it with our readers today as we have just come from a three-hour hike up to and down from the top of Buffalo Mountain in Virginia. 367 more words

Boyer Writes

When the Doll Broke (for Emma)

When the doll broke, shattered on the floor
What did she find inside the dusted shell?
Did daddy leave a note tucked away in the leg – 199 more words


Earth Day 2018 Shenanigans

Did you think I would miss posting about Earth Day 2018?  We were up and about early this morning, starting with a healthy breakfast of bacon studded maple sticky buns and hazelnut coffee. 447 more words


Lost-Time for Patio Writing

22 April 2018

I’m not completely lost. Some days I do wonder. And on those days it feels like I’m wading, carefully stepping to avoid sinking deep down in the mud or dropping into a hole.  435 more words

Next One Page Poetry Circle—Poetry and Choices, May 8, 2018

Welcome to the One Page Poetry Circle at St. Agnes Branch Library! where people gather to examine the works of established poets. While there’s no instructor and this is not a workshop for personal writing, once a month OPPC gives everyone a place to become teachers and learners to explore the form, content, language and meaning of poetry. 347 more words

One Page Poetry Circle

The Road Less Taken.

As he saw his


Galloping away,

Far in the distance,

Far away,

He stared at the trees,

And the creek gray,

Bidding him farewell, 36 more words

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