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The road taken, the trail traversed, the track experienced, this is my bliss. It plays into aspects of my life not walking related, the roads taken in reading, painting, gardening, meals, friendships, driving … There are friends along the way, sister tree, brother rock, birds, marsupials, fish, so much to enjoy and take in, and get to know in some way. 280 more words


The Road Not Taken

I don’t remember the last time I read this poem – The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It was probably school. A conversation with a friend recently reminded me of it. 642 more words


Youth angle: Tribe and tongue in Nigeria; From detribalisation to retribalisation

On February 24, this year, I delivered the convocation lecture for the University of Abuja, titled, Though Tribe and Tongue May Differ: Managing Diversity in Nigeria. 2,328 more words


Was the Road Really Less Traveled?

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.” These are Robert Frost’s opening words to his poem, The Road Not Taken, one of his most famous works. 677 more words


Review: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Hello everyone,

I’m not normally a fan of poetry, it isn’t my forte (although I did achieve a first in my poetry module at uni) but one of the poems I do know is… 570 more words


Beautiful Day for Wenonah Trails

This Friday I took a small hike on one of the Wenonah Trails in Wenonah, NJ. It was beautiful out, 68 degrees, sunny and a little humid (when is it not in New Jersey?). 159 more words


About THE poets: Robert Frost

Robert Frost was possibly the first poet I noticed in life because not only was his poem ‘The road not taken’ discussed properly by my teacher (and that’s saying something because the quality of English teaching in my school, though I live in supposedly a non-English speaking country, was quite bad because there was (still is, most likely) too much emphasis on Math – the one subject most of us, not me though, are wired to hate- and as my education progressed the importance of languages in general diminished with the hours being dedicated to other subjects!) but the poem in itself was so refreshing and sensible! 450 more words