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2607 Glendower Avenue, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California, USA (Ennis House) (Built in 1924 Frank Lloyd Wright – More info)

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One, definitely. Two, maybe.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Vista Theatre in this here blog, probably because I haven’t gone to it nearly enough times. It’s in Los Feliz, technically closer to me than the other cool theaters in Los Angeles, and yet here I am counting on one hand the amount of times I’ve gone there. 3,880 more words


Jon Polito was Always a Welcome Screen Presence

By Jason Koenigsberg

One of the best character actors of his era has passed away. Jon Polito was always a welcome presence in movies and television and brought a heartwarming charm with his portrayal of short, good humored curmudgeons. 782 more words


The Rocketeer At War Graphic Novel Review

Along with “Hollywood Horror,” “The Rocketeer At War” is the very best non-Dave Stevens Rocketeer comic series. 397 more words

Book Review

6 Gender Swapped Remakes/Reboots Currently In Development

Last week, Ghostbusters was officially declared a box office flop, forcing the franchise to pivot away from live action toward potential animated projects. Amazingly, Hollywood didn’t immediately cancel all of its other gender swapped remakes/reboots currently in development. 1,123 more words


Gay Sulu & Some Stranger Things



This episode involves controversy and intrigue, friends. Things get strange (and nostalgically awesome) with Stranger Things. Sulu is gay and that is not OK by original actor, George Takei. 42 more words


The Rocketeer is being Rebooted...kinda

In news that I’m pretty sure only myself and my little brother care about, apparently Disney will be doing a reboot/sequel to the 1991 film… 213 more words