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Rome's Soldiers in the Later Empire

The reign of the Emperor Septimius Severus marked a dramatic shift in the organization and structure of the Roman army.

By Pat Lowinger

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Debod, a Ptolemaic temple in Madrid

The Templo de Debod was once located in the south of Egypt, in Lower Nubia, very close to the first cataracts and to the religious centre dedicated to the Goddess Isis, on Philae Island. 362 more words

The Roman Empire

Roman Reigns: The Roman Empire

For some, one versus all sounds like an unwinnable contest, a hellish punishment, or a neverending nightmare. For Roman Reigns it’s just another day at the office. 194 more words


"Ancient Roman Soldier with Ornate Belt Discovered in UK Grave" Live Science

“A simple grave in a Late Roman cemetery holds a remarkable find: a middle-age man wearing an ornate belt covered with images of dolphins and dogs.” 11 more words

Ancient History

"Give Me Back My Legions! Discovery of Gold Coins Confirm Battle of Teutoburg Forest Site" - Forbes

This is an exciting find!

“New discoveries at the archaeological site of Kalkriese in Germany point to where many Roman legionaries were massacred. Sarah Bond and ancient historian Adrian Murdoch explore the discovery.” 17 more words


An Altar to Peace

“When I returned to Rome from Gaul and from Spain, in the consulship of Tiberius Nero and Publius Quintilio, having brought to a satisfactory finish my works in these provinces, the Senate decreed that there should be consecrated in the Campus Martius an altar to the Augustan Peace and ordered that the officials, priests and vestal virgins should celebrate a sacrifice at it every year.” 477 more words

The Roman Empire

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