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Architecture and engineering

The chief Roman contributions to architecture were the arch, vault and the dome. Even after more than 2,000 years some Roman structures still stand, due in part to sophisticated methods of making cements and… 178 more words

The Roman Empire

Roman economy

The history of the Roman economy covers the period of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Recent research has led to a positive reevaluation of the size and sophistication of the Roman economy. 52 more words

The Roman Empire

A More Complex Picture of the Fall of Rome: "The Origins of the Early Medieval State" | History Today

Why study the fall of Rome and the emerging states that arose in the aftermath?

The historian Paul Fouracre explains the problems with the mythic version of the fall of Rome and the aftermath. 171 more words


History News Network | The Fall of Rome and All that

The historian Douglas Boin argues that we have misread the fall of Rome and its relevance to today because we have ignored religious beliefs. “Anxious notions about the last days, notions of spiritual warfare, and a righteous belief that a divine hand was endorsing a specific law or policy were ideas in Rome that crossed the theological aisle. 158 more words


Today in World History: March 15th

“Beware the Ides of March,” is what a soothsayer is supposed to have said to Roman dictator Julius Caesar before his stabbing on this day in 44 B.C.E.. 110 more words


Today in World History: February 27th

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was revered by the Roman citizens that he ruled. His rule marked the end of an era in the Roman Empire, as he converted to Christianity. 144 more words

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Pont du Gard

This marvel of Roman engineering is situated in the south of France. Pont du Gard literally means Gard Bridge and is part of the larger Nîmes aqueduct that was built during the 1st century CE. 184 more words

The Roman Empire