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April so far? Finished Augustus by John Williams and my accessory of choice has been cameos; I’m currently all about that Roman profile apparently.

It took me a while to finish… 406 more words


When in Rome...

I came to this book with a fair amount of reading on the Roman empire beneath my belt, non of it academic, but still.

I read Suetonius at some point, which for all it’s gossip is entertaining but it isn’t really accurate historically. 507 more words


Garments of Red: A Short Story of the Christian Martyrs


    “Why can’t Christians fight Romans?”

    “Juvid, listen to me–”

    Young Juvid dropped to a squat on the reed mat and shook his hair from his face. 1,973 more words

Short Stories

Romulus: The Savior-God of Rome.

By Pat Lowinger

Despite assertions to the contrary, there were in fact many religions which included beliefs and practices centered around dying and rising deities.  One such god was Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, whose worshipers could be found throughout the Roman sphere of influence. 1,886 more words

The Roman Empire

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire

In this essay, I am going to discuss what caused the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century. The answer to this question differentiates amongst many historians as they disagree on both… 1,466 more words

Department Of History

Engineering an Empire: Roman Units of Linear Measurement (Part 1 of 3).

By Pat Lowinger

From the Iberian Peninsula of modern Spain, to the isles of Britain, across the shores of North Africa and to the eastern borders of the Empire, the Romans were united not only by the Pax Romana, but also a very precise system of measurements which spread uniformity in construction, trade, cartography and science to all corners of the Empire.   1,202 more words

The Roman Empire

The 'Historical' St. Nicholas

By Pat Lowinger

A few weeks ago I was approached by one of my students who was attempting to write a short letter regarding the history of Nicholas (Nikolaos) of Myra, a bishop of the early Christian Church.   1,143 more words