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Today in World History: February 27th

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was revered by the Roman citizens that he ruled. His rule marked the end of an era in the Roman Empire, as he converted to Christianity. 144 more words

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Pont du Gard

This marvel of Roman engineering is situated in the south of France. Pont du Gard literally means Gard Bridge and is part of the larger Nîmes aqueduct that was built during the 1st century CE. 184 more words

The Roman Empire

Ancient Greece: According to History

The Ancient Greeks had a major influence during their time as the most powerful civilization on Earth, and continue to have one more than two thousand years later. 1,008 more words


Today in World History: February 5th

Pompeii, the ancient Roman city famed for being covered with volcanic ash, suffered an earthquake on this day in 62 A.D.. It was one of the earthquakes that led up to the deadly eruption, striking Pompeii and the nearby resort of Herculaneum. 113 more words


Today in World History: January 24th

The assassination of the Roman Emperor Caligula happened on this day in 41 A.D.. A General in the Roman Empire, his father was the adopted nephew of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.  131 more words


Today in World History: January 16th

Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius was granted the title of Augustus on this day in 27 B.C.E.. Marking the beginning of the Roman Empire and the end of the Roman Republic, he ascended to the throne as the adopted son of Julius Caesar. 103 more words


Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Kalkriese, Northern Germany. “Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!” These are the famed supposed words of the first Roman Emperor Augustus, as he wondered around the palace after dark during the twilight of his years, still tormented by the loss of the 17th, 18th and 19th legions. 962 more words

The Roman Empire