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Roman Zaragoza

Caesaraugusta is the only Roman city bearing the full name of its founder, Caesar Augustus. Its thought to have been founded in 14 BCE, perhaps 23rd December, coinciding with the 54th birthday of the Emperor. 561 more words

The Roman Empire

Pantheon: A temple to all the gods

The Pantheon is the best preserved architectural monument of ancient Rome. It’s long history notwithstanding it had a somewhat rough start. It was first commissioned by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in 27-25 BCE under Augustus rule.  374 more words

The Roman Empire

Treasures at Nîmes

The Celts of Nîmes first accepted Roman rule in 121 BCE and a century later Augustus transformed it into Colonia Augusta Nemausus (27 BCE ) making it one of the most important towns of Roman Gaul. 157 more words

The Roman Empire

Hadrian’s Mausoleum

Castel Sant’Angelo was originally the tomb of Hadrian. He was Trajan’s adopted son and emperor of Rome 117-138 CE. Hadrian was a military man but also well versed in politics, art, music, philosophy and literature. 99 more words

The Roman Empire

An Empire I Want Nothing To Do With

Is the church for people?

A good friend of mine posed this question to me a couple weeks ago. It’s a provoking question. The reason being the preposition, … 973 more words


Chariots, Gladiators and Martyrs: The Circus Maximus

Looking at the Roman Empire one soon realizes just how much the Romans valued public spectacles. It was an integral part of the empire offering splendid entertainments whereby a lasting bond was forged between the common people and the ruling classes. 440 more words

The Roman Empire

Does the Roman Empire teach us a lesson relevant to the refugee crisis in Europe?: "Historian David Potter corrects the Dutch prime minister" | History News Network

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte declared on Nov. 27:  “Stem flow of migrants to EU or risk fate of the Roman empire.” The historian David Potter explains why this politically useful historical analogy is false: … 11 more words