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Running Commentary: 177-179; "The Spider"; 180-182; "The Roman Empire"

Sura/Chapter 29-Ankabut (The Spider)

C.177.-Faith must be tested in the conflicts
Of practical life, but Good can never
Be submerged. On the contrary God
Will wash off all stains from those… 429 more words

What Did the Romans Want?

I have commented often enough that Christianity getting adopted by the Roman Empire, first as a state religion (in 313 CE according to Roman records) and then later as… 635 more words


What Kind of King Did You Expect?

By Chuck Warnock 

If Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was triumphal on Palm Sunday, what went wrong less than a week later?  Why did the crowds who adored Jesus on Sunday, turn on him by Friday of that week?   230 more words


Eis Tin Polin

Pilgrimage to Constantinople 

The Hidden and the Forbidden City

Constantinople, the glittering jewel of Asia Minor and the gateway between two continents! It sits astride on the most historic water channel in the world, the Dardanelles. 154 more words

Orthodox Theology


December 18th 2017 

Between the last chapter of the Old Testament and the New Testament, there are 4oo years of silence, “nothing from the Lord! 805 more words

Jabez's Prayer


This is when you throw up food you just ate. If you’re doing this to meet some ideal of western beauty, stop. You’re already beautiful. If, on the other hand, you’re following the example of the ancient Romans and doing it so you can eat more gilded giraffe tongue or lark’s tongue stewed in a leopard’s stomach, then I admire your… 6 more words


All is Vanity...

One of the advantages of being married to a keen amateur historian is that you regularly get whisked off to all kinds of strange and improbable places. 747 more words