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Daily Riches: First-Century Faith Today (Diana Butler Bass and Rodney Stark)

“As much as contemporary believers might find similarities between our time and that of Christianity in ancient Rome, the two are not the same. The ancient Mediterranean world that Rome once ruled was a vast, culturally diverse set of societies, unrelated by languages, economics, religions, and histories, all forced into political unity by a brutal military. 402 more words


Jerusalem - There is something for everyone in the Holy Land.

Jerusalem’s history stretches back about 5,000 years, and the city has been sought after by many. About 2500 BC, the Canaanites inhabited the city. Then King David captured the city (c.1000 BC), he made Jerusalem the capital of his kingdom. 381 more words


Today in World History: October 5th

King Theodoric II of the Visigoths, a branch of the nomadic tribes that brought down the Western Roman empire led an invasion of the Iberian Peninsula to expand the Visigoth kingdom on this day in 458. 132 more words


Today in World History: October 3rd

Vercingetorix, Chief of the the Gauls, surrendered to Julius Caesar on this day in 52 B.C.E. at the Battle of Alesia, ending the Gallic conquests of Julius Caesar. 142 more words


Death and Destruction: What events led to the sacking of Carthage by Rome?

Rome had never wiped large bustling cities from the face of the earth before 146 BCE. This year both Carthage in North Africa and Corinth in Greece – two great cities in the ancient world – were completely destroyed by the romans. 947 more words

The Roman Empire

Today in World History: September 7th

The 70 A.D. Siege of Jerusalem on this day saw Roman legions under future emperor Titus occupy and sack Jerusalem, capital of the Jewish rebellion against Roman rule. 185 more words