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Fulfilling The Roman Mile

The New Testament and the Roman Empire intersect during the first century.  As Romans expanded their control, Jews were forced to adhere with two different sets of law.  244 more words


Hadrian's Wall

Roman Emperor Hadrian built this wall in the second century AD. I mean, probably he had it built, as Emperor he was probably to busy to build 80 miles of wall in the north of England. 30 more words


The Road into Etruria

Having pursued historical studies into classical antiquity for the better part of the last decade, I’ve lately found myself increasingly preoccupied with the Etruscans, a people steeped in legend, who once exerted dominion over Rome itself (otherwise my main field of interest) and whose culture is still shrouded in mystery. 730 more words

The Roman Empire


April so far? Finished Augustus by John Williams and my accessory of choice has been cameos; I’m currently all about that Roman profile apparently.

It took me a while to finish… 406 more words


When in Rome...

I came to this book with a fair amount of reading on the Roman empire beneath my belt, non of it academic, but still.

I read Suetonius at some point, which for all it’s gossip is entertaining but it isn’t really accurate historically. 507 more words


Garments of Red: A Short Story of the Christian Martyrs


    “Why can’t Christians fight Romans?”

    “Juvid, listen to me–”

    Young Juvid dropped to a squat on the reed mat and shook his hair from his face. 1,973 more words

Short Stories