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WELL, nothing quite like checking out the sidebar of your blog and realising you forgot to do an update for the entire of June!

Or looking at it in general and realising that you haven’t done anything to alter the appearance, structure or promote it ¬†which is, uhhh… yeah. 437 more words


DADBS: Chapter One

Sorry, I have to shorten the title somewhat. If I typed it out, the title and the chapter heading would take up half my review. 1,162 more words

Fiction Faux Pas

Why I love watching bad movies

Confession time: I adore bad movies. Example, “The Room” (2003) is a movie I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. It is sooooooo bad, yet I can’t keep my eyes from it. 141 more words


4th Of July

I hope everyone had a happy, safe Independence Day! Every year, I sit down and watch the classic aliens attack movie, Independence Day, with my family, but this year I made the mistake of watching it only two weeks ago while having a night in. 492 more words


Can something really be classified as "not" art?

Everyone has their opinions on what makes art… art. The 2003 movie, The Room, is not considered art by most people.

I disagree with this statement. 357 more words

"the invoice" book review

“the invoice” by jonas karlsson

4 stars

i was somewhat apprehensive about this book. i had read “the room” by karlsson and although i really enjoyed the premise and the writing style, the ending was unsatisfying and his characters unlikable. 258 more words