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Top 7 "Best of the Worst" Movies

After David Hasselhoff proclaimed the Sharknado series the “worst … ever” while simultaneously announcing his involvement with the 4th installment, I was impressed. I thought to myself “this guy loves bad movies, and gosh darn it, so do I!” Check out my top picks and prepare yourself for the awesome…-ly badness. 627 more words


The Gambler


A group of bored but attractive students listen in a bored way to the boring PROFESSOR. He is talking to the class, probably about something he knows a lot about, but it doesn’t matter because he is boring. 929 more words


14 So-Bad-It’s-Good Lessons On Dating And Adulting From The Single Worst Movie In History

We all learned valuable lessons from Napoleon Dynamite.  For those who were privy to its influence, Napoleon taught those of us going through or into high school much needed survival skills: identifying dangerous animal hybrids, proper ways of feeding llamas, proper pronunciation of the word “quesadilla”, epic dance moves, and winning school elections. 2,270 more words

Computer Animation II: The Room

The project for Computer Animation II was to create a unique room that was to fit one of the proposed criteria. The room I created was for a young Lizard child who is OCD, the thing about it that makes it appropriate for the child is because of the three large orange heat lamps that are above the bed. 31 more words

Non-Time Based

Top Eleven Things, March 21 Edition

Eleven Things is back, with eleven more things, if I can come up with eleven things that is. Let’s do this.

11. Spring

Is it here yet, or what? 397 more words

Top Eleven

So Bad It's Good?

A curious phenomenon, to be sure. Video games, fan fiction and movies that are so bad, so cringe-worthy, so poorly acted or written that they loop around and become entertaining. 1,117 more words


Birthday in Barca

March 16th

In the United States, turning 21 is suppose to be the biggest birthday you’ve ever had. Finally, you are legal to have your first drink of alcohol and get into any bar you want. 516 more words