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CATC Camp - digging in deeper

Once again our annual summer computer camp,  CATC By the Water,  was a great learning experience. You can check out some of the learning and innovating thinking at: … 182 more words

Leadership Perspective

The Room - "As far as I'm concerned you can drop off the earth. That's a promise."

Straight off the bat, you should know that as I write this I’ve no idea how to give this film a true and proper review. That’s not to say I won’t take it seriously, because I will, but this particular film itself is so bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever seen that the things I say about it maybe equally strange. 708 more words


Chaos, Control. Chaos, Control.

Deep breaths…you’re okay…you’re in control…


You’re less than six degrees of separation away from Ethan Hawke…because you met him at your street’s block party. 354 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The Room's Tommy Wiseau directed a music video and unfortunately it's not bad

Tommy Wiseau is responsible for creating what’s commonly known as the worst movie ever made, but that hasn’t kept him from getting work in the business. 264 more words


Notably Bad Director Tommy Wiseau Directed A Music Video. Seriously.

Tommy Wiseau has forged a very unusual career, wherein he is in demand solely based on how abjectly incompetent he is as a writer, actor, and director. 297 more words


'The Room's' Tommy Wiseau Directed This Music Video, Whose Concept Was "Vision, Vision, Vision"

P.T. Anderson, David Fincher and Sofia Coppola all direct music videos. In fact, as you’re probably well aware, many of the world’s most respected filmmakers direct music videos. 422 more words