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The Room: The Best Bad Film of All Time!

I love The Room, the insane low budget (yet surprisingly high budget) film that was the brainchild of possibly mentally ill would-be Orson Welles Tommy Wiseau. 24 more words


The Crazy World of Tommy Wiseau: Is He Ready for a Big Budget Film?

…the answer to that is no. Obviously.

But still, Tommy Wiseau, deluded writer/director/producer/financer of the infamously amazingly terrible film The Room wants to directly a sequel to the also infamously terrible Fantastic Four. 16 more words


Gig Review: Doris Brendel and The Room - The Borderline - London - 10th February 2016

Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham’s album, Upside Down World was one of my favourite albums of 2015, and I’ve been following Doris Brendel’s music online for a few years now, so I was looking forward to catching a live performance. 371 more words

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Of Spoons and Other Things

Earlier this week I was invited out by my coursemates to a screening of The Room.  It was a thing I had heard of only in vague, half-whispers, and I knew virtually nothing about it.   566 more words

Read the Very Personal Letter That Got 'Room' Director Lenny Abrahamson His Oscar-Nominated Gig

Indie Wire recently published, for the first time, the letter by Lenny Abrahamson that won him the position of director for Oscar-nominated “The Room.” It was a very personal plea to author Emma Donoghue that showed a deep understanding of the book’s disturbing but eventually uplifting content. 387 more words

Game Review: The Room 3

This does everything right as a game. It is 100% interactive, difficult but not frustrating, intelligent and layered, perfectly adapted to its medium (iPad/Touchscreen) and it sports a very appealing overall look, design and setting. 388 more words

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Silver Linings I: The Room

By Michael Dellapi

One cannot begin a discussion of “good-bad” movies without immediately addressing the cult classic film “The Room.” “The Room” has gathered a following and tradition most akin to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” with audiences gathering in droves to celebrate the film’s universal sense of awfulness. 566 more words