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The Uncanny Genius That Is Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau- that particular name may or may not ring a bell. If you are a film fanatic then it probably does but if you are not too familiar with the name, then it’s fair to say you’d enjoy his work, maybe, actually. 505 more words


[ENG SUB] 170611 "THE ROOM" in Taiwan Press Conference - Jo JungSuk

Video cr: eTV行動傳媒 Youtube

Please DO NOT re-upload to other website or social media. These videos were uploaded for the sole purpose of providing English subtitles to international fans. 6 more words
Cho JungSeok

Why People Still Watch "The Room"

This is truly one of the worst movies ever made. I still remember the first time I ever learned about it. It was after work and I was at my boyfriend’s at the time with his roommate who claimed he was about to put on the best film ever. 78 more words

This Or That

Cult Classics: Fateful Findings

Why do we like terrible movies? Not just bad movies, or mediocre movies–those are depressingly common and a ton come out each year from big and independent studios alike. 2,602 more words


Why people keep watching the worst movie ever made

Many people consider The Room to be the worst movie of all time. So why do thousands of people flock to midnight screenings of it every month?


DEFERRAL: Why I Like Bad Movies

I want to start a new feature here—partly because there are certain things I have been wanting to talk about since I started this blog, but for whatever reason; I don’t have either the time or the energy to write long diatribes about them…but I still want to anyway. 288 more words

Bad Movies