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The Room

“Jesus Christ, I’ve made a terrible mistake”- Jimmy, 23/06/14, 4 minutes in.

I honestly thought I was ready. I’d seen so many videos of ‘hilarious’ scenes from The Room, everyone thinks they’re ready, that they’ll somehow get it on some comedy level, but I was not. 1,569 more words


Five of the Best Worst Movies of All Time

Death Spa (1989)
An evil spirit returns to a tacky, dated health spa to wreck havoc on the owner and the gym’s members.  Death by tanning beds, weight machines, and acid showers ensue. 297 more words


Filmology on Film: Bad and B Movies

What makes a bad movie? Or a b-movie? Today, Tom and Mariana have a discussion about bad and b movies, from how they are made to their cult following. 31 more words

Filmology On Camera

The Room "LIVE": equal parts horrifying and hilarious

Caught the local premiere of the notorious cult classic (?), The Room, at The Projector on Saturday (25th July 2015) with Louise and Wei Li (Wheels). 541 more words

Top 3 'Thinking' Reads

A friend of mine asked me recently which 5 books I would suggest that she read; assuming I was going to reel of a list of ‘books to read before you die’. 777 more words


What Makes a Midnight Movie Magical?

Recently I was able to chat with Sarah Gorr about one of my all-time favorite topics: cult movies.  Check out here piece here!

To me, the thing that makes a cult movie particularly special is that it invites the viewer to participate in the show in some way.  113 more words

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