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The Door to RedRoomWeiss

Jack, I’ve told you before…

“Children can be cruel…now let me introduce you to my inner child..”

The Man was waiting at the door as I approached and like a good little servant ( although I got the feeling, he had never served anyone but himself) and said with a grin… 161 more words


Niepoprawnie Kontrowersyjni #2 - Tommy Wiseau

Nie trzeba bardzo głęboko siedzieć w świecie filmowym, żeby zetknąć się z nazwiskiem Tommy’ego Wiseau. To człowiek-ikona, żywy pomnik twórczego antytalentu, a także najbardziej odrealniona istota jaką śledzę na Facebooku (a konkurencja jest conajmniej wysublimowana). 969 more words

Po Polsku!

What makes a bad movie? An Introduction to Hatewatch

We’ve all seen them before; the films so bad we can’t help but stare on amazed, pinching ourselves to check this isn’t some lucid dream brought on by heat stroke. 633 more words


Tommy Wiseau The Room Screenplay - Just Crazy

The original script or screenplay for The Room by Tommy Wiseau was just bonkers. A pdf of 114 pages of senseless wow! The_Room_Script.pdf


"Oh, hai James Franco!"

A film that is so bad, it’s good.

2003’s cult classic, “The Room”, is one of those films. From its non sequiturs, plot holes, inconsistent characterizations, questionable editing, lackadaisical acting, and just terrible cinematography, “The Room” epitomizes silver screen irony. 162 more words


inside the little black door

The black door opened

inside was a room

a large room

a padded room

a room for pads…squares

The man’s hand clutch hard on my shoulder… 265 more words


Deciphering The Original Script For Wiseau's The Room

The original script for The Room by Tommy Wiseau was even more ridiculous and nonsensical than the 2003 cult classic movie now regularly screened for midnight drunken revelers worldwide. 351 more words