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The Root: Yes, Bernie Sanders, the System Is Rigged—What Else Is New?

Bernie Sanders has no reason to be angry. He’s done more to raise his profile in the last 18 months than he’s done in over 30 years in the House and Senate. 1,068 more words


The Root: How Dating Sites, Thanks to Princeton Review, Know More About You Than You Do

When I was growing up, there were always three places that my parents said were great for meeting your future girlfriend, wife or significant other: church, work and, of course, school. 808 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

CP Time: Black people always late!

Ok guys, I guess I’m going to be the one to address this. Black people, WE have got to stop being late everywhere and for everything. 1,008 more words


The Root: Donald Trump Can Become President. Here’s How

Political pundits said all last spring that Donald Trump wouldn’t get into the presidential race. Then he did.

Throughout the fall, when he was leading in polls and insulting every constituency in America, those same talking heads thought… 1,238 more words


Off-Campus Eats

Spring has officially sprung at Elon.  The warm weather here brings a surge of outdoor activities, such as barbecues, day-drinks, and outdoor eating.  So much of what I do at Elon in my free time revolves around food.   259 more words