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The Root: Africa? What Africa? Donald Trump Barely Mentions Entire Continent During Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump gave his first official foreign policy speech in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday and reminded Americans that his understanding of world affairs is just short of a… 988 more words


Watch Prince Perform 'The Beautiful Ones' With Misty Copeland

Prince’s appreciation of the arts extended beyond music. He saw the beauty in ballet and made Misty Copeland his muse way before she became principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in 2015. 75 more words


The Root: What’s the Sound of 2 Campaigns Flopping? Kasich and Cruz Team Up to Stop Trump

Not all collaborations are created equal.

When Run-DMC and Aerosmith came together to make “Walk This Way” in 1984, it transformed rap and rock worlds for the better. 728 more words


The Root: Candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General Uses Footage of Black Misery to Win Votes

You have to give them credit. After some initial stumbling last summer, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have upped their pandering game for black votes to epic levels. 1,178 more words