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Special Elections Prove Democratic Resistance Is Still Weak

I got a lot of conflicting messages about winning and losing as a kid. I remember hearing, “It’s not how you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” from my dad when my eighth-grade youth football team lost Every. 793 more words


April Ryan, Maxine Waters and Now Susan Rice: Black Women Are Natural Enemies of Trump Administration

Nature shows us many examples of “natural enemies” in the wild. Mongooses will take on poisonous snakes without a thought, sea lions will mob up and attack killer whales, and a pack of hyenas will take on a lion three times their size. 762 more words

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Understanding #TrumpFlop on Obamacare in 7 Easy Memes and GIFs

Brutal. Shameful. Embarrassing. America hasn’t seen a politician take an L this bad since Papa Pope read Fitz. In case you missed the sound of a million souls crying out in joy, then suddenly drowned out by loud laughter, the Republicans’ ill-fated attempt to scrap and replace Obamacare flopped miserably today. 956 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

How Umar Johnson Cured Me of Being a Hidden Hotep

I am a recovering hidden Hotep. Mind you, not the ankh-wearing, incense-selling, lecture-women-about-their menstrual-cycles kind of Hotep.

I was more Hotep-adjacent. Hidden beneath my public-Ivy education and functional relationship with my parents lurked a man who would disappear down YouTube click holes of Tariq Nasheed, Professor Griff, ZaZa Ali and, of course, Dr. 1,206 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

Trump’s Game of Russian Roulette Could End in 1 of These 3 Ways

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump woke up, looked at a few right-wing websites, realized that he was going down and started tweeting blame at former President Barack Obama. 1,228 more words