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Thursday Open Thread


These adorable kids give us hope for the future. pic.twitter.com/45JkbIszLQ

— The Root (@TheRoot) July 12, 2017



I HAVE BEEN PUTTING A LOT OF THOUGHT into the riddle of the the republican President Donald Trump’s followers who stick with him no matter what. 1,310 more words


Trump Voters Will Stick With Him Forever

I have steadfastly avoided most “Trump voter” treatises in the news and the constant rush to check on his approval ratings. They reek of a fawning, confused attempt to normalize, empathize with and explain elements of American society that people of color, and white folks with even a rudimentary knowledge of history, have always known. 1,127 more words

Can We Talk About This Thing Bothering Me About Dear White People?

When Netflix announced that it would release a TV series based on the 2014 film Dear White People, a lot of white people freaked out… 1,183 more words

Like Oprah But Not ‘Homophobic Preachers’

Love this provocative article titled: “What’s Up With Oprah and Homophobic Preachers?” by Michael Harriot of the Root.com, which discusses with humor, the issue of “homophobic preachers” being aired on Oprah’s OWN channel. 242 more words