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Americans are the most Abused People in the WORLD

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. Harriet Tubman

When your victimized your traumatized we have been traumatized by a collapsing government that does not look out for the American peoples best interest. 160 more words

2016 Voters Revolution

People it’s time 4 a ‪#‎Votersrevolution‬ in America. It’s time for ALL of us to evaluate our morals and values because many are choosing a very bad path for the future of this country. 35 more words

This Is Dumb. Period.

For The Root Friday I wrote about this whole trumped up race controversy Daily Kos writer Shaun King unwillingly found himself at the center of. It’s all a hot mess of conservative trolling, seeking to police the race of biracial people. 318 more words


#BLM to Presidential Candidates: Get A Real Analysis on Race

On Tuesday I interviewed two activists out of Black Lives Matter chapters in Massachusetts who met with former Secy. of State Hillary Clinton. While they did have some words about their meeting with Clinton, ultimately they had a message for all the candidates: Get a real analysis on race. 447 more words


Top 5 Challenges #BlackLivesMatter Is Facing

In my final installment of “After the Fire” for The Root, I take a look at the five biggest challenges facing this growing movement. From issues of division to the insidious nature of racism itself, the challenges are many. 388 more words