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{VIDEO} Quick 101 on Black Panther!

We are sure you have already watched Black Panther. In case you haven’t though here is a quick 101 on our current fav movie.

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Damon Young List

Below is a list of 30 things that Damon Young finds racist.  Please keep in mind that this person is insane, and probably harbors homicidal and genocidal fantasies.  1,215 more words

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Black History Month; It Didn’t Go Well - The Root

Talk about living in a bubble. Ivanka Trump thinks of herself as a feminist and yet she condones her father’s terrible Behavior towards women. Ivanka Trump thinks of herself as an enlightened person but ignores the fact that her father is a racist who tries to make nice with white supremacist. 219 more words

The TRUTH About Monique & Other Black Women In The Media

In This Video, I Speak On Monique & The Reason Why Other Black Women In The Media Dont Support Her Career. Monique Has Made News By Boycotting Netflix Because She Feels Like They Are “Low Balling” Her Because She’s “Black” & “Female” With $500k Comedy Special Offer. 20 more words



By Bhekizitha

Listening, reading and viewing the news can be a challenge for African-Americans because most present-day white journalist are opinion commentators rather than messengers of events (look at CNN, better yet, don’t look at CNN) and since African-Americans have a paucity of black owned news companies; indeed, many are celebrity gossip sites, real issues are not highlighted which affect black Americans and for that matter Africans across the globe. 189 more words