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Wasen Models of the Ōta Ward Museum

The Ota ward’s regional museum is a place I’d never heard of, and nobody told me about. I discovered it one day as I was digging through an old database file I stumbled across on the Nippon Foundation Library website. 843 more words

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Building the Kamakura Period Umi-Bune, Part 5

 No, that’s not my model. This 1/10-scale model of a Kamakura period umi-bune is on display at the Kanagwa University, which is home to the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture. 1,964 more words

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Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope"

This film is about two friends Brandon and Phillip who kill their friend David by strangling him with a rope and dispose of his body in a trunk in their apartment in New York City. 828 more words


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I sprinkled a lil snow on this site for you, no shovel required… :-P

Quick catch up: we’ve firmed up book release/a big push for  655 more words

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights in Japan

During a brief visit at Japanese ship model manufacturer Woody Joe by Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights member Clare Hess, a gift of HSPMS hats was presented to the company president and chief design engineer. 112 more words


My Year of Walking Through Darkness: Part 2

Birth: check. Death: check. And now onto the business of living. Confused? Read Part 1.

3. The Rope (October 2016)

It’s increasingly common to see “horror” experiences on nearly a year-round basis, but the best work tends to be saved for October. 1,240 more words

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Birdman-Iconic Movie Review

Now, this is a much more recent choice for a film than i have ever done. However, I really enjoy it, it was added to several top-films lists, and has been added to the 1001 movies to see before you die so I say it deserves its status as Iconic. 508 more words