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The Rose

The Rose (더 로즈)



The rock band from South Korea, The Rose, is here with their second single after their debut with “Sorry”.

The singers-songwritters have created this pop rock tune that talks about how times flies and how everyone should enjoy every single moment because a second later all of it would be memories.


The Journey to the Rose

In my dream I saw that I was walking through a beautiful garden that was filled with roses, walking on a path that was lined by rose bushes and in front of me I could see a beautiful tree that was full of healthy, delicious looking fruit. 1,819 more words

Return of the Templars

Stirring in the sinews of the Earth, from the cold soil of generation and nourishment, the souls of the cross wearers are awakening as they have heard the call of their Mistress and through the blood oaths they have made to defend the Rose they shall eternally obey her. 972 more words

Rubeus Mater: Babalon Speaks

“I AM rising, the Rubeus Mater
Clothed in the robes of the Red Sun
Who is the Mekubal
And the High Priest of my Mysteries. 812 more words

Liber Rose: Babalon Speaks

The Birth of my true self begins in the Babalon Series. 2,321 more words

The Path of Destiny: Babalon Speaks

Babalon: “There comes a time, a time of change, when each must complete their destiny. And on this path of winding roads there is a cave that leads man to his mind. 698 more words