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How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 159.

April Fools Day is coming up. It’s always a fun day to be on the radio.

My favourite April Fools Day bit is the fake concert. 325 more words


A Humble Prayer to the Elemental Forces of Nature that they be Clement on the Approaching Day of National Jubilation and Monarchic Nuptials

Blow, thou winds! Let not mercy check thy spite!
Lash, thou rains! Let despair be thy delight!
Let all the sky be cover’d up in clouds… 254 more words


Once Again UK Citizens Capitulate To The Masters Of The Universe

This Comedy of Errors continues to ‘Play Out’ Will it culminate in a Happy Ending ? only when the British People decide enough is enough. 423 more words


Emma Watson Put An End To Her Royal Dating Rumors With Just One Tweet

Fans of Emma Watson can calm their nerves and slow their hearts, the Harry Potter actress is most likely not aiming to join the royal family any time soon. 198 more words

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The Internet Is Flipping Out Over The Latest Emma Watson Royal Dating Rumor

If anything, the latest Emma Watson dating rumor is proof the internet has a strange obsession with the Harry Potter actress. To be fair, she did save Potter’s life on several occasions — all while getting a perfect score on her O.W.L.s. 173 more words

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Duchess Kate Middleton speaks out for support of Children's Mental Health

Her Royal Highness, Duchess Kate Middleton, is standing up for awareness end support of mental health services for UK’s youth, and joining the campaign to end the stigma of mental illness. 185 more words

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