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British Home Office Officials Cant Distinguish 13 Year Olds From 33 Year Olds

Image submitted by Danny McCartney.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations”

George Orwell-Visionary

When you look at the pictures of these ‘Children’ smiling along with their handlers, the British People have no one else to blame, but themselves.

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Prince Harry Was Spotted With Another Ellie Last Night

Lately, the Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding rumors have been flying, especially after Goulding was asked on camera if she happened to be pregnant with the next royal baby. 263 more words


Kate Middleton Continues Her Works to Destigmatize Mental Illness

Kate Middleton has spent her time in the royal family showing off her flowing locks, birthing two of the most famous children in the world… 383 more words


Ellie Goulding Finally Talks About Her Relationship With Prince Harry

Pop singer Ellie Goulding has been rumored to be dating, or at least canoodling with, the world’s most famous redheaded royal. The whispers started after the two were snapped together at a polo match. 287 more words


Prince George Really Didn't Want to Leave Canada

Prince George has had many memorable moments over the past three years. After all, any small child who dresses like a tiny doll (or perhaps… 330 more words


Family Living in Fantasy World Visits Nonexistent Country

MONTRÉAL – Sources across Canadia remain divided as to whether it is more embarrassing for humanity that we are still pretending the Royal Family are anything but another unit of irrectifiable reactionary big bourgeois who must be liquidated, or that anyone would travel any significant distance to visit this pseudo-country. 269 more words


Does Prince George Know How to High Five?

In case you haven’t noticed, Prince George is on vacation in Canada with his family. This heavily publicized and well-scheduled trip obviously included a meeting with our Northern neighbor’s endlessly charming leader, Justin Trudeau. 360 more words