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Here Are Five Potential Friends for Prince George

Prince George is world-renowned for his high socks, tiny temper tantrums and extremely polite behavior. But while the world knows what he wears and how he behaves, he’s never been spotted with playmates.  646 more words

Does Prince George Have a New Nanny?

There’s about to be a new lady in Prince George’s life–and unfortunately, it’s not North West. The new woman is simply a roommate and family member, as his cousin… 281 more words


Princess Kate is talking about Mental Health

Princess Kate said she “wouldn’t hesitate” to get extra support from mental health experts if her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, if they ever need it. 400 more words

The Royal Family Secrets Exposed [video]

Came across this interesting video concerning the Royal Family, thought we could share it with you.

“People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘Parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism.

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Prince George Enjoys 'White Privilege' At Taxpayers Expense

The British Royals are one of the Richest Families on Planet Earth.

To then witness the Royal Family subsidised by the Taxpayer is not only perverse, its also pornographic. 38 more words

The Reality

Speaking Out About Grief

In yesterday’s news over here in England, Prince Harry discussed the impact the death of his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales, had on his life. 975 more words


Prince George Celebrated His Birthday by Ditching His Signature Socks

Prince George celebrated his third birthday by posing without his signature look. Long gone were the knee socks royal revelers had grown to expect, and precious embroidery was nowhere in sight. 276 more words