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Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives. University of Berne, Centre for Cognition, Learning and Memory, Switzerland.

A group photo of attendees at this year’s splendid Weggis summer school. A week of sharing research and ideas concerning cognition, learning and memory.

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Clive Wilkins

Yuri Milner: Why I Funded the Largest Search for Alien Intelligence Ever

On July 20, a consortium of scientists funded by billionaire investor Yuri Milner announced a $100 million project to answer one of the biggest questions in the universe: Is there intelligent life beyond our solar system? 896 more words

Summer Soiree at THE ROYAL SOCIETY

The hottest day of the year~ and the highest temperatures for July since records began. The Royal Society Summer Soiree was an opportunity to see exhibitions showcasing recent innovation in science~ followed by an evening of scintillating company for all present.

Clive Wilkins

Boris Johnson: In defence of Tim Hunt, women do cry more

Look, I am no seismologist. But I cannot agree with the people of the Malaysian province who claim that a recent fatal tremor was nothing short of divine retribution. 1,067 more words

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Please don’t take this personally, but...

You could be forgiven for having missed the furore over the rather ill-judged comments about ‘the trouble with girls’ in labs, made last week by Professor Tim Hunt, now formerly of UCL.  846 more words

Cooper: We can use Tim Hunt's sexist blunder at the the World Conference of Science Journalists as a teaching moment

One of my favourite celebrity bios on Twitter belongs to comedian Sarah Silverman, whose raunchy comedy mines the borderlands of racism, sexism, politics and religion: “We’re all just molecules, Cutie.” 623 more words


My First First-Author Paper!

I just recently had my first first-author paper accepted for publication in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B! The paper was the result of work I started as an undergrad at Trinity University, where I worked with both Troy Murphy ( 189 more words