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J is for JAY

See Nicky Clayton discussing aspects of her work in The Cambridge Animal Alphabet series. Follow the link  http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/features/j-is-for-jay

Prof. Nicky Clayton

Inquiry on the Oddities of Alpha Sleep

This may not be the most thrilling post, but it is a subject that I think is worth more attention for my fellow dreamers.

I have been told by a friend of mine that he often experiences these loops of what happened the previous day while he is about to go to sleep. 382 more words


Montreal Diary: Before the Palais des congrès, there was Queen's Hall

Montreal has always been an important lieu for international congresses. In recent times, one needs only think back to the Fifth International Aids Conference that was held in this city in June of 1989. 781 more words

Local News

Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives. University of Berne, Centre for Cognition, Learning and Memory, Switzerland.

A group photo of attendees at this year’s splendid Weggis summer school. A week of sharing research and ideas concerning cognition, learning and memory.

Professor David F. 93 more words

Prof. Nicky Clayton

Yuri Milner: Why I Funded the Largest Search for Alien Intelligence Ever

On July 20, a consortium of scientists funded by billionaire investor Yuri Milner announced a $100 million project to answer one of the biggest questions in the universe: Is there intelligent life beyond our solar system? 896 more words

Summer Soiree at THE ROYAL SOCIETY

The hottest day of the year~ and the highest temperatures for July since records began. The Royal Society Summer Soiree was an opportunity to see exhibitions showcasing recent innovation in science~ followed by an evening of scintillating company for all present.

Prof. Nicky Clayton

Boris Johnson: In defence of Tim Hunt, women do cry more

Look, I am no seismologist. But I cannot agree with the people of the Malaysian province who claim that a recent fatal tremor was nothing short of divine retribution. 1,067 more words

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