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Scientists finally know who crafted 'Piltdown Man', one of the world's most notorious scientific forgeries

When Piltdown Man was unveiled before a meeting of London geologists in 1912, he was heralded as paleoanthropology’s “missing link,” the long-sought transitional form between modern humans and our great ape ancestor. 1,287 more words


The GMO Scrapbook: The World-Wide Bee Die-Off Linked To The Rise Of...

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
August 1, 2016

If you’ve been following the GMO labelling debate in various states, or for that matter, the pronouncements coming out of… 376 more words


Origin of the Moon | The Royal Society

The origin of Earth’s moon has fascinated mankind for thousands of years and has received scientific attention for over forty years, building on the return of rocks from the moon and the growing understanding of planet formation. 58 more words


What happened at the Big Bang?

This short video from the Royal Society explains What happened at the Big Bang. An ancient glow is shedding light on the beginning of the universe.  49 more words

Who cares about the history of science?  The 2015...

Who cares about the history of science? 

The 2015 Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Lecture was this year presented by Professor Hasok Chang, Hans Rausing professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge.

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Cooking with Columns (and tables)

Once Hutton had conceived his columns: “it is evident that the plan must be divided into a great number of parts, perhaps not less than a thousand for each observatory… forming about two thousand such pillars of matter…” … 231 more words

Professor Marcus Du Sautoy Q & A - Machine...

Professor Marcus Du Sautoy Q & A – Machine Learning 

Mathematician, Professor Marcus Du Sautoy answers your social media questions on machine learning.

By: The Royal Society.