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The Rules Saves Women From Pain

These days, there is a lot of casual dating and not-quite-serious relationships that involve sex and generally unbalanced emotions. Usually the woman is more in love and the man is giving crumbs. 166 more words

Love And Relationships

Rule 632

Uncle Dale’s Pro tip:

The worse that could happen rarely does.

The Rules

Playing with Expectations

Standard disclaimer: This post looks at the text of a short story for educational purposes, and does not shy away from spoilers. If you don’t want the story spoiled, …

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Short Story

Sunday Rule: Look for the Helpers

Interpreters often work with Clients who are having the worst moment of their lives. If we are not careful we can start to believe that the world is an unhappy, unkind place. 941 more words

The Rules

7 Great Authors Take on the “RULES OF WRITING”

We’ve all heard about the RULES we need to follow in order to be “good” writers. No adverbs, no passive voice, no split infinitives, show don’t tell, limit dialogue tags to “said” & “asked”, use only one POV per chapter―these are just a few of the absolutes we’re faced with every day. 539 more words