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Great video on our global situation from the New York/Africa-based The Rules group.

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Not Everything Needs A Response

Not everything needs a reply. The four exchanges is for when he asks polite interested questions about you or initially reaches out.

However sometimes we should not reply. 54 more words

The Rules

Rule 412

Conversation with a sales Rep looking for interpreters to “volunteer” for his sales pitch:

“If you understood how much this will benefit Hearing Impaired people you would be eager to volunteer to interpret.” 26 more words

The Rules

It’s Okay To Like Him

The Rules is about finding our own personal Mr. Right. I do believe in giving a few dates to warm up if he’s asking for Saturdays, planning nice dates in advance, and likes you a lot, but if you don’t like him after 4-5 dates of serious courting behavior or the idea of kissing him repulses you, move on. 127 more words

The Rules

Rule 411

The Code of Professional Conduct at 2.6 under Professionalism states that interpreters can “judiciously” provide “resources.” For example, in some states any time a court appoints counsel for a defendant the court must also appoint, and pay for, an ASL interpreter at “all phases of the legal process” (that means out of court meetings too). 31 more words

The Rules

Say No The Right Way

Most men after dating a while will test your boundaries. It’s not necessarily intentional but they may try to see you last minute, which The Rules doesn’t allow. 107 more words

The Rules

The Sex Debacle

One topic that comes up a lot in doing The Rules is sex. The authors of The Rules do support and may even be in favor of premarital sex as long as it doesn’t contradict a Rules Girl’s personal values and ethics. 1,451 more words

The Rules