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Rule 250

How many interpreters does it take to screw in a light bulb?


One to screw it in;

Two to give unsolicited feedback; and,

One to mutter, “well, that’s not the choice I would have made.” 13 more words

The Rules

Rule 249

It’s important to know, but it’s more important to know why you know.

Anyone who is multi-lingual can tell you what someone said. An interpreter can explain why they know the interpretation provided is accurate.

The Rules

Rule 248

The certification test has no surprise algebra section.

The Rules

A Note from Uncle Dale: Why Deaf Understand Hearing Better than Hearing Understand Deaf

The Electric Monk
(From Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams)

High on a rocky promontory sat an Electric Monk on a bored horse. From under its rough woven cowl the Monk gazed unblinkingly down into another valley, with which it was having a problem. 506 more words

The Rules

Rule 247

The interpreter should been seen but the process should be invisible.

The Rules

Rule 246

On time is ten minutes early.

(But if a hearing client demands the interpreter show up 15 minutes early, bill for that time.)

The Rules

Rule 245

Things Uncle Dale did that you probably should not (on-going):

(After I finished a job an agency told me they never paid the amount we agreed on before the job, and if I demanded it, they would never hire me again.) 70 more words

The Rules