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The Rules #10: Sparkle-Sandals

It is Friday on an extended weekend. Monday is Memorial Day, and they let us off early today. I knew they would; they’re pretty nice about doing that before holidays. 85 more words


Don't Bring the Tart to Class by Ruth Yao

How is higher education different in your host country from the US? Think about overall institutional structure as well as the pedagogy that is employed in the classroom. 390 more words

The Rules

CeCe knew the rules.  Good girls didn’t ask boys out, or even approach them.  Good girls didn’t chase boys.  Good girls were innocent, well-dressed, demurely made-up.   157 more words

Flash Fiction

I Have All Your Friendship Rules, Right Here

{This post is in response to Heidi’s post, Help! I need The Rules for friendship, so read that one first.}

As an initial matter, I feel it necessary to apologize for taking so damn long to formulate a response to your post about The Rules for friendship.  589 more words

Which side of the road are you on?

No, it’s not a leading question. It’s not meant to mean something it doesn’t. But now that I’ve written it, I’m definitely going to use it in the future for a completely different purpose. 234 more words


Frogs On A Log

Today we begin with a riddle:

There were five frogs sitting on a log when four decided to jump.

How many frogs were left on the log? 511 more words

The Game

Help! I need The Rules for friendship

Em, do you remember the book The Rules? It was the most obnoxious dating advice book ever that gave women VERY specific rules to follow if they wanted to snag a husband. 158 more words