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Rule 105

Cultivate a rich fantasy life, because actually punching that audist jerk right in the mouth may bring fleeting happiness, but not lasting joy.

The Rules

Note from Uncle Dale: Enjoy the Little Things

Hello all!

Uncle Dale here. Fair warning-this “Note” is only marginally connected with interpreting. I mean there is interpreting mentioned in it, but no really good interpreting advice; except you’ve got to enjoy the little things in life. 384 more words

The Rules

Rule 103

In over-your-head, but worried to stop the appointment and call for help because it will upset the referral agency? Two facts should be instantly clear: 1) your priority is effective communication; and, 2) you my friend need a different referral agency.

The Rules

Rule 102

Say it in “hearing,” because English only exists in text books about English.

The Rules

Rule 101

Remember these words of hope: sooner or later this appointment will end.

The Rules

Path to success

Last week I read a book by Sherri Nicholds entitled “The Realist’s Guide to Sugar Free” and an article, which I cannot re-find, on how to make change lasting.   558 more words

Basic Approach