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Abstract (themeless) strategy games such as chess, draughts, Go and Reversi/Othello are among the most popular and enduring that people play.

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The Game

Rule 666

What is the spookiest thing that ever happened on a job?

I was flying early one morning to an appointment out-of-state and found myself as one of two passengers on the flight. 398 more words

The Rules

Rule 665

Uncle Dale’s Law Tip For Interpreters:

The key to a good non-negotiable contract term is, don’t negotiate it.

It’s right there in the name.

The most powerful party in any negotiation is the one willing to walk away.

The Rules

Rule 664

So, you teach Sign Language?

No, I teach Sign Language interpreting?

What’s the difference?

By the time you get to my classes you better already know Sign Language. 27 more words

The Rules

Rule 660

Make sure you turn off the “Send My Location” function on your cell phone when texting from a job site.

(Holy crap! That’s like a… 8 more words

The Rules

Rule #8: Always hold something back!

I can tell you a thousand things about me but, I will always hold onto one.

I can tell you a thousand things about me but, their always must be something that separates us–one from another. 548 more words


Rule 657

Don’t always be the first in line to be the second person to do the right thing.

The Rules