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Rule 494

Interpreting is a low-impact exercise. I should not be able to hear your signs!

The Rules

Rule 493

Although I eat it like a meal, Ibuprofen appears nowhere on the food pyramid. Trust me, I’ve searched.

The Rules

Rule 492

If coffee and Diet Coke suddenly ceased to exist, most interpreters would slip into a coma for roughly a month and a half.

The Rules

Rule 491

If you try to structure an ASL concept around the meter of hearing spoken English all you get is literal translation.

The issue is not your skill. The issue is rhythm.

The Rules

Rule 488

You haven’t forgotten how to interpret, you’re just tired and hungry.

The Rules

Note from Uncle Dale: Anxiety, Doubt and Desire.

I got a call from a reader who meant to text but accidentally called (it happens).

It took a minute or two to get there but it turns out her question was, “how did you find time to go to law school when you were in your Thirties?” (ah, you saw THAT workshop!) and how did I overcome the anxiety I felt in order to mentally get to a place where I could do it? 1,861 more words

The Rules

five things: 14 feb 2018 the love and valentine’s day edition

I never want to give anyone love or how-to-meet-the-right-person advice, because I truly believe every relationship is unique. What’s so not cool for us, may be totally cool for another couple. 1,274 more words