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NQM Squared - The Main Changes

There is not that much that needs to be changed to make NQM compatible with squares. Here is the first draft of the main changes. I have not entirely decided how to manage orthogonals yet. 740 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

Rule 549

You interpreted for that mess, but you did not live it. It isn’t yours. Put it down. Walk away.

The Rules

Rule 547

Every interpreter has factory installed worth:

There is something you do so well it would amaze and astound everyone. But you don’t think it’s a big deal, because you can do it.

The Rules

ALAMEIN Squared - Trial walk through

Suzanne is the uncommonly intelligent kind of girl that H.G. Wells had in mind, in his preface to Little Wars. Her interests gravitate to the people behind the great events, so persuading her to roll dice  involved gin. 425 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

The Rules of Writing: No Gerunds?

While doing research recently for an ESL student, I came across another “rule of writing”, to wit:

Don’t use gerunds; they make your writing weak. 659 more words


The Day on the Mediterranean

2011, June

Next day first we visited Lanjaron. We walked in the park and also visited El Castillo – an old Arab Castle with a quite remarkable history. 223 more words