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Rule 363

In all of history, no interpretation has ever been improved by inserting the SEE sign for “is” or “it.”

The Rules

Random Thoughts by Uncle Dale: 2017 International Week of the Deaf/Sign Language

Take a minute to share your love of ASL with someone who doesn’t sign…preferably someone who knows you sign, or it just becomes some kind of modern dance performance art and you are just viewed as pretentious for having snobby inaccessible tastes in art… and you will want to explain that in the truest interpretation of the term they are very accessible (first pun not intended but the second totally was) but don’t explain yourself! 11 more words

The Rules

Rule 362

Gosh, you know a lot of signs. Now knock it off and actually interpret.

The Rules

Sunday's Rule

Give your time and talent without expectation of thanks or hope of reward and you will understand what love is.

The Rules

Rule 361

If you throw the ADA into a discussion be prepared in case the other side catches it.

The Rules

I accept Victoria Beckham’s pyjama party invitation

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Rule 360

There is tired, and then there is interpreting in the ER from 6 p.m. until 4:26 a.m. tired.

The Rules