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Today's Tip: How is your relationship... really?

So I was chatting with a woman this weekend, and, being a Rules dating coach, couldn’t help but ask how she and her boyfriend got together. 295 more words

Dating Advice

Men are not a project

There is saying going around that explains why so many marriages aren’t working:

“Men marry women and expect them to stay the same. Women marry men and expect them to change.” 444 more words


The Rules by the Velominati

Anybody can ride a bike, but not everyone can ride a bike the right way. Apparently.

High likelihood that this will result in me being a badass on my bike.

How to Not Fuck it Up When You Meet a Guy You Like

When I was in my twenties, fresh out of university with an impressive list of degrees to my name and dumber than a box of hair, I was lucky enough to land a job at a glossy women’s magazine. 1,417 more words


Simon says: Follow the rules.

The Whole30 program has 8 steps (unless you’ve done this before and then there are only five). I’m going to follow the 8 steps because I’d rather go back to basic basics, in order to be successful. 194 more words


3 Days, 3 Quotes [Day 3] | Round Two

Random Fact of the Day: If you shake a can of mixed nuts, the larger ones will rise to the top.

Hello sunshines! I was tagged a while back by Kei… 243 more words


Organizing ourselves

When we create an organization, we are immediately imprisoned by what we have organized.

Confucius? Very organized. Well regarded.

Jesus. Poorly organized. Derided.

There are only two rules.

From The Counsellor