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Rule 684

A third overnight appointment in a row? Let’s just check that on the “stamina/stupidity scale.”

The Rules

Rule 683

Post conference interpreting complaints (an ongoing series):

I hurt in places I did not realize were places and my ass has been missing ever since I worked it off on day two!

The Rules

Rule 678

I’m seriously considering staying in bed and, you know, just taking a mental health decade (or so).

The Rules

Rules don’t have to make you miserable

One of my big hangups when I tried to be a practicing Catholic after conversion was what I saw as an overemphasis on the rules. 816 more words

Rule 675

Dear Student,

My job is not to teach you how to interpret.

My job is to teach you how to learn to interpret, everyday, even when I’m not here.

The Rules

The "official" 4-player rule

After the “official” rule for 3 players, here is the “official” rule for 4 players, from the same board game box: Abalone+ multiplayers.

FightClub… 299 more words

The Game