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The Rise of The Queen of Noise

Quick! Women in rock and roll! Who popped into your head? I’ll go ahead and assume it was someone along the lines of Janis Joplin, Big Mama Thornton, Carole King, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Pat Benatar, and if you have a pulse and you’ve listened to music a handful of times in your life, Joan Jett. 412 more words


Women of Hollywood - Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart appreciation post ahead. Warning: some vampire talk. 

For some reason, the media and public have come to an agreement that this woman cannot act because a few years ago she played the lead in a very successful but apparently ‘lame’ franchise. 531 more words


Heavy Tiger

Heavy Tiger is an all-female rock trio from Stockholm, Sweden. They are Maja Linn (guitar & vocals), Sara Frendin (bass & backing vocals) and Astrid Carsbring (drums & backing vocals). 294 more words


Paola Pellegrini LEXROCK

Paola Pellegrini LEXROCK is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Florence, Tuscany, Italy. She plays a catchy blend of punk, hard rock and metal and sings in both Italian and English. 189 more words