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Teenage heroes and villainous parents? Meet the Runaways

Question Authority…Seriously

Who would’ve guessed that villainous parents out to get their kids “for their own good” would make for good television?

For Marvel’s teen heroes, the “Runaways,” that idea would be a literal nightmare, literally. 530 more words

The Runaways 1x04-1x05 Review

Spoilers Below (Photo Courtesy)

Honestly, the reason I have been combining two episodes at once is because one episode at a time with this show is not working for me. 340 more words

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Marvel's Runaways Ep. 3, "Destiny" Recap (Spoilers)

Whats up guys! It’s ya boy Dorian here, back at it again with another review! I watched episode 3 of Marvel’s Runaways, so you know I had to review it! 758 more words


The Runaways 1x02-1x03 Review

So the second and third episodes were way better than the premiere. I wish they would have combined episode one and two into one episode so that it wouldn’t be so confusing. 241 more words

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Escape With Marvel’s Runaways on the Same Day as US Telecast with HOOQ

Marvel’s ragtag band of teenage superheroes battle angst, hormones, abuse and (quite literally) their parents, in HOOQ’s latest same day telecast offering

PHILIPPINES, 21 NOVEMBER 2017… 537 more words


The Runaways Critique no.1

So, I’ve finished the first three episodes of the show and I must say that I’m incredibly disappointed. Things have been added, taken out, and completely switched around seemingly with no regard or respect for the original content. 1,059 more words