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Today I  watched The Runaways movie with Kristen Steward and Dakota Fanning. I wanted to watch it since forever but I was always busy. However, today I finally found some time! 161 more words

Dakota Fanning

The Donnas

The Donnas are an all-female American punk/hard rock band from Pal Alto, CA, formed in 1993. The band consists of Donna A (Brett Anderson) on vocals, Donna R (Allison Robertson) on guitar, Donna F (Maya Ford) on bass, and Donna C (Torry Castellano) on drums. 709 more words



As mentioned earlier on this here webpsace, HORROR-RAMA TORONTO is just a little over a week away. With a great line-up of guests and vendors, it’s shaping up to be a solid show and a fitting warm-up to Halloween. 159 more words


The Runaways: Queens of Noise

How could you not start with the most legendary all female rock group of all times? Who were the girls that broke the boundaries of the of the 1970’s male controlled music industry? 389 more words

Female Power

The Runaways, 2010


‘Let’s rock and roll’ – ★★★

Last night, finding myself with a need for angry teenage music, being an angry teenager myself, I found my copy of The Runways that I had never watched and inserted it into my DVD player. 326 more words

Dakota Fanning

The Runaways (2010)

David Bowie in his Aladdin Sane persona is Cherie’s idol. Lots of pictures of the British artist can be seen on the walls of her bedroom; among them, the famous picture where he’s sitting at his dressing table and applying his scene make-up. 15 more words

Perfumes In Movies

Clouds of Sils Maria

I realize that I’m not supposed to feel this way, but I’m not completely sold on Kristen Stewart’s performance as Valentine, in Olivier Assayas’s latest, “Clouds of Sils Maria”. 530 more words