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Khia On Plies - 'I See That Fairy In Him': The Ryan Report

First, full disclosure: “We don’t know why the ‘My Neck, My Back’ queen is so upset with Plies,” Ryan Cameron conceded at the top of today’s… 183 more words


How To Disrespect The Mother Of Your Children, By Gilbert Arenas: The Ryan Report

You know you’ve got problems when your Instagram account is called…

No this isn’t the start of some joke (because it’s really kind of sad.) This is the start of today’s… 162 more words


Young Thug Uses One Of The Highest Forms Of Jeffery-isms To Insult These Employees: The Ryan Report

At first it sounded like Ryan Cameron was giving Young Thug the benefit of the doubt.

After all, an in-demand artist like “Thugga” should surely know the airport drill: They close the doors of the plane 10 minutes before take-off, Ryan reminds us in today’s… 249 more words


'It's The 12 Days Of Christmas R. Kelly Concert - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?': The Ryan Report

Today’s Ryan Report is about the R. Kelly who considered it a compliment to compare a woman to a Jeep, in song. The same R. Kelly who fashioned a pretty, strings-and-coos kind of ballad out of the rather unusual come-on, “Let’s go ‘Half On A Baby.’ ” 108 more words


Kanye West's Breakdown, Explained? The Ryan Report

It’s been nine days since hip-hop superstar Kanye West‘s emergency hospitalization – where he remains under observation – and now we may know why. 142 more words


Why Von Miller Doesn't Want You To See His Sex Tape: The Ryan Report

Forget all of the formalities, in today’s Ryan Report we’re skipping right to the sex.

So…as Ryan Cameron put it, Super Bowl-winning Denver Bronco Von Miller was vacationing in Cancun a few months ago, during which time he met a young lady and – a-hem – “they had THE THING going on while they were alone. 202 more words


Kordell Stewart's Been 'Delivert' In His Defamation Case: The Ryan Report

Kordell Stewart has batted down rumors about his sexuality since his days at a beloved Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in the mid-to-late ’90s.

Then his onetime wife… 126 more words