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Visualising the Components

Using the accurate renders of the S this rough depiction was done to try and show how the printer would potentially look inside the S.

The S

Exact 3D Dimensions in Proportion

These are the exact 3D dimensions of the the printer and the computer within the letter S based on the sizing 2000mm high by 1250mm wide and 450mm deep. 108 more words

The S

Key Aspects to Consider.

We’re trying to visualise the key aspects that need to be considered. Where the power is coming from. As we want the external body of the S to be super minimal we have outlined the essential things we would want to be visible. 74 more words

The S

Sizing Up.

To begin figuring out the dimensions of the individual components we are roughly visualised the size of the printer in relation to the S at 2 metres high. 48 more words

The S

Looking Back

This is the first part of a poem which¬† I’m still working on. This first part was prompted by the above image though as it grows it seems to be moving on to deal with other things but these opening lines feel like a poem on their own. 99 more words


Sheffield S in 3d.

The Sheffield S introduced to us by Richard has a big line down the middle, which could be interesting to work with in accordance to the materials we will use. 35 more words

The S

Sheffield S

After our meeting with Richard Eyre he introduced us the Sheffield S that they use across different marketing in Sheffield. We had never heard of it, but when we saw it we definitely agreed that it would be a good idea to use it! 11 more words

The S