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The Strix ~ Supernatural

Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. 829 more words


Streamline Fibreglass.

Streamline Fibreglass was the first manufacturers to get back to us and gave us lots of helpful advice on what we’d need to consider. Some examples below of things they have done. 10 more words

The S

Fibreglass First

Fibreglass first is another company that got back to us with a cost estimation. Below are some examples of their bespoke designs. I found it interesting how on the piece the ‘Sculptor’ it mentions the use of galvanised steel bolts. 41 more words

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IJF Developments LTD.

One quote we received was from IJF Development LTD. 

They specialise in GRP for many different styles of projects and in particular GRP bespoke design. Which is exactly what our S falls under. 31 more words

The S

Contacting Manufacturers

From contacting different manufacturers it became clear certain key aspects we need to consider:

GRP Process:

Pattern (Master)
>To extract a mould

Mould (Female)
> Extract the S… 89 more words

The S

Google Sketchup Renders

Trying to illustrate something that would make more sense to a manufactures did these attempted Google Sketchup Renders. Trying to show specifically the external details, such as the printing slot, and a potential button. 15 more words

The S

Visualising the Components

Using the accurate renders of the S this rough depiction was done to try and show how the printer would potentially look inside the S.

The S