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California may end ban on communists in government jobs

H/T The Sacramento Bee.

The DemocRats in Commiefornia are removing their masks and revealing their colors.

DemocRats and the Communist are one and the same.  325 more words

Growth as a Boredom Buster

I doubt anyone would call artist and writer Julia Couzens’ life dull. She is an art critic for the Sacramento Bee, and a productive fine artist. 433 more words

Another example of why newspapers are losing readership

We left the San Francisco Chronicle behind when we moved to Nevada County in 2000, mainly because the paper they delivered was the sheep herder edition–distributed to the farthest reaches of their circulation area. 264 more words

Hey, Podunk, Dan Walters agrees with me. LOL.

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline is drinking the Kool Aid being ladled out by the proponents of Measure B, portraying the $47 million bond issue as a necessary expense for repairing and upgrading our high school educational facilities. 161 more words

Golden One Center Opens

The Golden One Center is ready for events and for the NBA season. This large construction project is completed on time and on budget (cost increases were at owner’s request and expense–not the City’s). 287 more words