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World news

Story by Yashowanto Ghosh, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Deutsche Presse-Agentur

BRAZIL – Brazil’s new president, Michael Temer, has declared the country’s political instability “quelled” and now expects to attract foreign investors, reports The Wall Street Journal.   342 more words


Eastown Streetfair goes on, rain and shine

Story by Bridget Gibley, Reporter  
Photo courtesy of Bridget Gibley

Despite strong winds and heavy rain midday on Sept. 10, the 44th annual Eastown Streetfair continued. 313 more words


Aliens, Frank Sinatra, and Three Days in the Life of a Couch Potato

Day 1

In this technological age, one item in particular has come to the aid of the dedicated couch potato and that is the hard drive recorder. 1,553 more words


#UpdatedCard: 4FW (@4FW) "Battle Britannia Tour" *Night 2 Matches Signed*

4 Front Wrestling presents “Battle Britannia Tour” on September 9th & 10th.

4FW have announced two matches for “Battle Britannia Tour: Night 2” that will see Tiger Ali facing Kotaro Suzuki and Kazma Sakamoto versus The Saint both in singles action. 78 more words

Pete Dunne

Featuring the Saint

(Continued from here.)

With 12 novels, 34 novellas and 95 short stories (collected in 24 volumes), the sheer volume of Leslie Charteris’s work can be daunting. 857 more words

Detective Fiction

The Infamous...

Occasionally a series clicks.

Exotic locales; a cosmopolitan, man of the world attitude; hairsbreadth escapes from death; plenty of good fights; diabolical masterminds and ingenious plots – and a belief in adventure and excitement for their own sake. 1,267 more words

Detective Fiction

The Saint (1997, Phillip Noyce)

The Saint is a delightful mess of a film. Director Noyce toggles between doing a Bond knock-off while a romantic adventure picture. Val Kilmer’s international, high-tech cat burglar falls for one of his marks, Elisabeth Shue’s genius scientist. 626 more words