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The Sapphires brings a needed shine to Aboriginal talent

The photo of Chris O’Dowd in a hipster singing pose with the interestingly arranged women surrounding him caught my attention on the Blu-Ray rack at the Liverpool Public Library. 383 more words


The Sapphires

The film The Sapphires is a true story about an Aboriginal girl band who sing for the soldiers stationed in Vietnam. I have always wanted to see this film and have actually heard of The Sapphires before but I never knew the history behind Australia’s native Aboriginal population. 300 more words

The Sapphires: Australia's Vietnam Sing-a-long

Throughout the 70s and 80s American cinema gave us the Vietnam War film.  Often moving, difficult to watch and self-critical, directors began to explore the impact and lasting effect that the war in Vietnam had and continues to have on American people and culture.  462 more words

Indigenous Mini Lesson - Davidson High School (Part 1 -Background and Hubs)

On Monday 17th October, I visited Davidson High School (a hub). As a part of this campaign, we had to engage with ‘external hubs’. A ‘hub’ is an influential organisation or group within a specific industry (Krebs & Holley 2013). 519 more words