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Episode 6

Who am I seeing!!!! Whao, mum! Is this really you? Hmmm, please come inside.

*they went inside*

Mum, but why did you do that? Why did you run away from me? 557 more words

The Scar

Episode 5

Let’s get go pick my wife and daughter.


Wow!! Good to see you my dear, you’ve really added wait o my baby girl. You are fresher though not as fresh as my wife *smiles* 498 more words

The Scar

#My5: The Bell Forging Cycle

Welcome to #My5, a project that I’ve started, with a few of my fellow authors, across the internet. In this and other posts, we’re going to delve into five things that had influenced our current projects: it could be five people, five books, five songs, five comics or a mixture of some or all—you never know. 1,242 more words


Episode 4

*the phone rings*

_after the call he went back to Tire and continued the discussion_

OK, so you said you are tire, what happened to you the other day because you actually took me off balance and I must say, its so strange. 475 more words

The Scar


Mid-level executive and middle-aged man, Stefan Bednarz (Franciszek Pieczka), is placed in charge of building a new chemical plant in his hometown of Olechów, Poland. The only problem, the people of Olechów don’t want the plant. 563 more words


Episode 3

​Good afternoon brother please can you give me the drug written inside this paper? *he shows him the paper*….. Actually sir, this drug is not always sold except on prescription by a doctor, so can i get your doctors prescription? 333 more words

The Scar

Episode 2

Hmmm, so much disappointment in this life that I can’t even fit into anywhere. Wherever my name is mentioned, no one want to even know my potentials. 362 more words

The Scar