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Episode 3

​Good afternoon brother please can you give me the drug written inside this paper? *he shows him the paper*….. Actually sir, this drug is not always sold except on prescription by a doctor, so can i get your doctors prescription? 333 more words

The Scar

Episode 2

Hmmm, so much disappointment in this life that I can’t even fit into anywhere. Wherever my name is mentioned, no one want to even know my potentials. 362 more words

The Scar

Episode 1

​Gbam gbam gbam, ……. The sound of drum really echoing.


What are you people dancing? Cant you just get the steps at once? I really am not happy with you all because after all these rehearsals weve done , you are still dancing like this and our performance is around the corner. 725 more words

The Scar

La cicatrice - Happy release day to me! :D (French - Ita - Eng post)

Aujourd’hui, grâce à Juno Publishing, c’est la sortie de “La cicatrice”, publiée en Italie sous le titre de” The Scar”.

Je suis vraiment enthousiaste! Voir une autre de mes histoires à la disposition de lecteurs étrangers me rend si heureuse, et je pense que c’est l’une des choses les plus excitantes pour un auteur. 459 more words


Extra Credit Reads

Since I have been plugging away at a modern education for the last year, I have kept up on (some) things outside of it. The “modern” education I refer to is that technical education where you learn exactly your vocation and (almost) nothing else. 387 more words


Is This Census-Taker set in Bas-Lag?

It’s been out for quite a while, but I just recently got around to reading China Miéville’s latest book, the novella This Census-Taker. It was a really quick read, at just 130 pages, and I very much enjoyed it, although I wish it had been longer and explored the setting a bit more. 2,095 more words

China Miéville