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The Scar - China Miéville: A Review

Date finished: January 2nd 2017

My favourite book of 2016 was, without doubt, Perdido Street Station by China Miéville. It’s a sprawling, intelligent, innovative work of superlative fantasy; the zenith of world-building with a fantastic story to boot, and a wealth of brilliant, mad and bizarre concepts. 698 more words


The Confession of John Frederick

It’s Advent 3, but John the Baptist was certainly not the only John in history sitting alone in a prison cell. Thanks to the English translation of Nathaniel Bierbert, we have the magnanimous words of John Frederick from his cell.   1,306 more words

Episode 6

Who am I seeing!!!! Whao, mum! Is this really you? Hmmm, please come inside.

*they went inside*

Mum, but why did you do that? Why did you run away from me? 557 more words

The Scar

Episode 5

Let’s get go pick my wife and daughter.


Wow!! Good to see you my dear, you’ve really added wait o my baby girl. You are fresher though not as fresh as my wife *smiles* 498 more words

The Scar

#My5: The Bell Forging Cycle

Welcome to #My5, a project that I’ve started, with a few of my fellow authors, across the internet. In this and other posts, we’re going to delve into five things that had influenced our current projects: it could be five people, five books, five songs, five comics or a mixture of some or all—you never know. 1,242 more words


Episode 4

*the phone rings*

_after the call he went back to Tire and continued the discussion_

OK, so you said you are tire, what happened to you the other day because you actually took me off balance and I must say, its so strange. 475 more words

The Scar


Mid-level executive and middle-aged man, Stefan Bednarz (Franciszek Pieczka), is placed in charge of building a new chemical plant in his hometown of Olechów, Poland. The only problem, the people of Olechów don’t want the plant. 563 more words