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Chapter 07: The Scientist

Here comes Saturday number eight with the introduction of the last point of view character, the Scientist. We’ll start off with an illustration of her then dive straight into the chapter. 4,744 more words


A Rare Open Letter from an INTJ

“You’re funny! I had no idea.”

“We will have to draw you out of your shell.”

“I used to be scared of you.”

These are sentences I have heard often throughout my life and I am sure than many other people like me- INTJs and similar personalities, have had to listen to the same basic statements throughout their lives as well. 1,089 more words



“There are different genres of music like Jazz, Rock, Metallic… and then there is Coldplay!”

I remember a friend of mine saying this in his old school quivering voice with utmost passion for the band reminiscing how he was introduced to Coldplay.

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Nobody said it was easy

It’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard…

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Today's Track: Coldplay's The Scientist

British rock band Coldplay had been firstly known for their hit single, which until now is being constantly listened to, ‘Yellow’. The release of their debut studio album… 272 more words



This is more than adjusted.  This is like hyperactive fuckery.  Be patient with these thoughts, they are random and many.  Here goes…

Black holes are inter-dimensional pathways.   460 more words

The Scientist