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New Semester, New Technique?

Humans love stories, but get bogged down by information.

“Shrimp wisely divide their time between eating, hiding from predators, and finding mates.”

“Shrimp respond to variable changes in their environment in order to optimize their caloric intake while minimizing predation risk and maximizing reproduction.” 483 more words



How would you describe your style and technique of dub?
One of the things I always noticed is the way you would make use of a little snip of vocals early in the track and then you sort of blast it out into space.
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Songs from the musical vacuum:....take me back to the start.

A friend of mine once told me that I must live ‘in a musical vacuum’ because there’s a lot of popular songs that I’ve never listened to, much less heard of. 285 more words


Chapter 84: The Scientist

Here it is, dear readers. The final chapter in the Infinite Limits series (not counting the short epilogue, which will also be posted today). Read on to find out what happens to Lord Douglas and Mr. 3,561 more words

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Making brain stem cells act more like salmon than bloodhounds

Like salmon swimming against a river current, brain stem cells can travel against their normal migration stream with the help of electrical stimuli, so says CIRM-funded research published this week in… 472 more words

Stem Cell Research

Johnny Depp Apologizes For Trump Assassination Joke After Backlash: 'I Intended No Malice'

As Kathy Griffin learned the hard way, it’s one thing to joke about an unpopular president, it’s another entirely to imply that president should be assassinated. 747 more words