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Screwtape Letter #7

Screwtape’s seventh letter explains the value of cliquishness, partisanship, and zealotry. In the face of impending war, he uses patriotism and pacifism as examples. The two seem to mortals quite different from each other, but both can be of great use to Wormwood if he can get his patient deeply enough devoted to one or the other. 127 more words

Not BusyNess, But Faith-filled Loving and Hope

When we ask each other how our lives are, what are the most common responses?  Many rely on the well-used “everything has been hectic.”  Recently, “it’s been crazy” has gained popularity.   422 more words


To C.S. Lewis Readers and Researchers: A Call for Literary Links

Dear friends,

I have been asked to contribute a list of C.S. Lewis manuscripts that have been published in the last decade for an upcoming book. 881 more words

C.S. Lewis

Screwtape Letter #6

Screwtape offers Wormwood some advice on directing the patient’s attention either inward or outward, depending on which better suits the pursuit of evil. For example, as World War II looms larger and larger, Wormwood should push the patient’s mind toward fear and uncertainty about all the things that  204 more words

Screwtape Letter #5

Screwtape’s fifth letter is set against the unfolding Second World War. Wormwood is excited about the death and suffering sure to be caused by this, but Screwtape takes a broader view. 413 more words

When Screwtape Haunts in Eden: Testing the Possibilities of the Screwtape-Ransom Universe

Thanks to the smooth voice and broadcasting know-how of C.S. Lewis kingmaker William O’Flaherty, I am able to share with you the audio of my recent talk at the C.S. 531 more words

C.S. Lewis