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Dwarf sea hare at Woody Head

Thanks to Peter Scharf for the photo of this dwarf sea hare, Aplysia parvula, taken while he was snorkelling off the reef at Woody Head in early January 2017. 57 more words


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Yesterday, I woke up in the ocean

the sun was shinning up there as the waves were striking… 40 more words


My Big Love

Apart from my children, obviously. And probably tying with coffee. Yes this is a quick post about the sea. For Valentine’s Day. Because, why not? 230 more words

to sleep beside the sea

feel the lull

of its lullabies

dream of strange gods

who will smile

then pull you down

to where they belong

a reminder

that tho’ the sea can support… 44 more words

Sea the majestic (Part II).

Being places to traverse rather than to inhabit, seas separate continents and nations. They serve as a natural border and by dividing lands they also do so with cultures: traditions and customs may vary significantly on different coasts of one and the same sea. 1,546 more words

J. R. R. Tolkien