Episode 036 - The Search

In which He-Man nearly turns evil.

At Castle Grayskull, Zodac – the “rider of the cosmic spacewaves” last seen in the demented Quest for He-Man… 1,021 more words


Summer Under the Stars: The Search (1948)

TCM’s star of the day is Montgomery Clift, and my film pick for the actor is The Search, which airs today at 4:00 P.M. (EST). 540 more words


Asha Aravindakshan- Operations and Talent Maven on Honing your Elevator Pitch, the Hunt for Employment, and Becoming a LinkedIn Master

Asha is currently Sloan Fellow at MIT. Among many previous experiences, she was the Operations Director for Global Talent at Ashoka, a Business Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Chief of Staff to the CTO of the District of Columbia. 259 more words

The Search

Fake It Till You Make It...­ Especially If You’re a Woman

Do you remember a few years ago there was that Yahoo executive who was fired for lying for pretty much his entire career about having a Computer Science degree? 613 more words

The Search

All you need is love

We all blame the culture. It’s Disney fault , and hollywood, and the patriarchal world. that is why a girl feels empty without a man. It is just so wrong to be alone those days. 205 more words


2. The Search Begins

After dropping Jamie off at school on Monday, MK met up with Jack Frost at Sandy’s. Jack shot her his signature grin when she approached him, but she could tell that there was fear, nervousness, and a hint of hope in his eyes. 1,287 more words

The Search

1. Jamie's Request

Jamie’s head came around the corner, “Hey Mom, got a sec?” MK glanced up from her suitcase, she had been unpacking her clothes in her new room. 1,389 more words