New Still of Caitriona Balfe and Duncan Lacroix in Outlander Episode 1x14 'The Search'

Here’s a new still of Claire Fraser and Murtagh in the next episode ‘The Search’



Charm City's Inner City Charm

I guess I’m going to give away half of my anonymity with this one.

I live in Baltimore. But not the Baltimore you see in the news right now. 403 more words

The Search

Richmond: Nostalgia fever floods fast-changing city

I’ve never seen so many people so warmly nostalgic about the place in which they grew up as the residents of Richmond, B.C.

Memories of the Richmond that used to be are constantly being brought to the fore by thousands of people sharing how they experienced being raised in the city, where 62 per cent of the population is now born outside the country. 472 more words

The Search

Supposed Adulthood - the Foray

I’ve done this before — this blog thing. Twice, actually.

The first one was highly entertaining and wildly inappropriate. My classmates intervened, convinced it would restrict job opportunities. 415 more words

The Search

Lessons from Argentina - on popes, bookstores and the 'disappeared'

I’ve been in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a week, learning about the city that shaped Pope Francis, the world’s second largest bookstore, Eva Peron and the Dirty War in which 5,000 ‘disappeared.’ 582 more words


Luke's Gospel Has Arrived

This weekend we kick off our new series in Luke’s Gospel.

If you’d like to know what sections of Luke appear each week, here’s the outline for the weeks ahead as we focus on Luke 15-19… 148 more words

Preaching Series

The search.

Time rushes onward, as do I;

trying to think, imbibe the world,

happiness eludes, as tragedies pile up.

Charles Elffers