Fuck, I am really starting to like this guy. and he want to sleep with me, I am frustrating him so much. he will never say it because he is a gentleman, but I just know it. 167 more words


Caught up

I am getting Caught up in this. We are going on to the third date and I can’t stop smiling. that is scary as hell. but I am not going to run away from this. 45 more words


Bandcamp Weekly interview with Tamar

Just before the release of ‘The Search’ Tamar talked to Bandcamp Weekly about the band, the new album & its artwork, and the life of a freelance musician…listen back here: 14 more words


409 The Search [04 May 2001]

I stand under a dark blue-gray sky,
the clouds hiding the moon
the air cool, but warm
with it is a feeling of right
that I am where I should be… 126 more words


"I have been looking for you for a very long time." Part Three

“Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

We need to talk about something. If you’re looking for the absolute truth about what happened, you might as well stop here. 265 more words

I Have Been Looking For You

Surfergirls BE AWARE! – Babos im Line up

Dass wir Mädels im Surfen immer noch eine Minderheit darstellen wissen wir alle. Ich persönlich finde das weder schlimm, noch heiße ich es für gut. Eigentlich habe ich darüber keine Meinung, denn es ist mir prinzipiell völlig egal, ob Surfergirls die Crowd ausmachen oder mehr Dudes im Line up sitzen – Hauptsache es hat Wellen! 30 more words