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If you’ve been around long enough you know how the Sticky Notes Series works and today, the world gets 10 and I nil for having a sense of humor. 450 more words



As a child I thought life was magical. I lived in a small, agricultural town where no one thought twice about letting their kids out of the house for the entire day to race around the streets on our bikes, play in the woods that were part of our lawn, or wander down to the one of the only stores in town to buy a piece of candy or gum. 950 more words

My Crazy Brain

The 12-year search; and despair.

Right after I graduated from college in America, I moved back to England to work as a lowly typist in a publishing company based in Oxford.   803 more words

The Search

Dog Friendly (Books for Lovers of Dogs)

Atlanta Burns (by Chuck Wendig) Young Adult

Armed with a single-barrelled shotgun and a can of bear mace Atlanta Burns fights bullies, white supremacists, corrupt police and the local criminal underworld. 341 more words

Marriage & Relationship;

What is marriage all about? Please read this ebook and Share your thoughts;



Do you know who you really are? How do you discover your true potential? 8 more words

Inspirational Poetry

Albums of the Month- Les Disques du Mois

Day Wave has long been on the radar and quite possibly one of the favourites on rotation at the moment. Most of the songs on ‘Days We Had’ are quite pop-centered in their structure, but there is that indie guitar sound that you might get with The Strokes or Phoenix.sound is very pop at its core, so I think it could appeal to a lot of people, Phillips says. 483 more words


Film #625: The Search (1948)

As I reach the final stretch of the Best Director stretch of the blog, I’m beginning to encounter several directors who’ve work I’ve covered extensively but who had one film that didn’t receive a Best Picture nomination. 978 more words

Best Director