19. It's Happening

Immediately after breakfast, the group went to Overland’s Antiques and Oddities to check on Rapunzel and Jack. They were chatting away gaily of times past, Rapunzel now having remembered some of what happened to them in her fairy tale. 1,591 more words

The Search

18. A Surprise

“Pitch Black, at the Cedar Grove line? How did he find us?” exclaimed Hiccup.

“More importantly, why didn’t he come in?” asked MK.

“Oh that’s easy, someone from Cedar Grove would have to be the one to allow him in. 1,208 more words

The Search

17. Finding a Solution

Though they got back to Merida’s and Hiccup’s a little after eight, the trio didn’t get to bed until well after eleven, having to explain everything to Hiccup and Merida. 1,651 more words

The Search

16. An Odd Homecoming

JJ eventually told Jamie and Jack what happened the night he disappeared from the fire. And Jack finally told JJ about Rapunzel’s situation, after several attempts and deep breaths. 2,082 more words

The Search

14. Part Two

“MK! Wait!” JJ grabbed MK’s arm, but she shook him off.

“Ten years, Andy, ten years I’ve been looking for you! Ten years that I knew you were alive, ten years I had to listen to everyone telling me that you were dead and that I had to move on! 1,521 more words

The Search

13. In Sleepy Hollow

MK insisted, and she got her wish, the group stopped in Allentown on their way to Sleepy Hollow for a good night’s rest, she was going to need Jack’s help in keeping an eye out for JJ in Sleepy Hollow. 1,775 more words

The Search

12. Searching Wide

A couple of days later, the trio found themselves pulling into Burgess, Pennsylvania, a quaint little town a few miles east of the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. 1,012 more words

The Search