Singapore did not have any waves to offer, however the food was worth the trip. This video shows our journey to the hawkers centres in downtown Singapore using public transport. Enjoy!

// Axel & Julia

Finding Koji in Australia

I’m not quite sure how this happened. I read one fermenting cookbook that mentioned nukkado, then another, then I found an article that mentioned using Koji to inoculate meat and give it a funky unami taste. 218 more words

Experimental Cookery

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3: "The Search" Parts I + II

I’ve completed my re-watch of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Now it’s time to start Deep Space Nine! I am much less familiar with this show, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen about 80-90% of the episodes.  1,266 more words

Eclectic Theist

Chapter 1

It is dark. It is cold. Not a shadow to be seen or a sound to be heard. I know my eyes are open but I can barely see anything around me, nothing but darkness. 675 more words

The Search


I had a pearl of great worth.

I put it in a box– hid it away.

Too dangerous to let anyone know about it.

It was worth too much. 270 more words


On charity beginning at 'home'

If you’ve been around long enough you know how the Sticky Notes Series works and today, the world gets 10 and I nil for having a sense of humor. 450 more words



As a child I thought life was magical. I lived in a small, agricultural town where no one thought twice about letting their kids out of the house for the entire day to race around the streets on our bikes, play in the woods that were part of our lawn, or wander down to the one of the only stores in town to buy a piece of candy or gum. 950 more words

My Crazy Brain