That Oceanic Feeling...

I feel like I’m forever chasing that oceanic feeling…that transcendental harmony with the universe…with another person…within myself…within scientific discovery…

“In Snow’s novel [The Search… 363 more words

The Search

Will You Fall For Me?

With thousands of dreams in his eyes, millions of memories, he cried for the first time, Not because she dumped him, but because he was lost somewhere in his  97 more words

The Search by Blair Gaulton

The Search
Do not worry about open or closed doors;
pick yourself up from the floor;
as you search some more.
You’ll find your way; 9 more words


The Search ~ Howard Linskey

The Search is the third in Howard Linskey’s police procedural series featuring Detective Ian Bradshaw and investigative journalists, Tom Carney and Helen Norton.  Set in the North East in mid 1990s they also frequently involve crimes that have been committed at some earlier date, partly because Tom and Helen have built up a reputation for finding missing people.   800 more words

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(Video) @EtherEpic - The Search (Intro)

Ether Epic from the Fatally Cool crew has been working constantly to give the people real genuine music. He’s been working on a upcoming EP and is back to releasing music videos. 61 more words

The Music Plug Hype

The Final Shot

Thanks to Matthew Wilder for alerting me to W.S. “One-Take Woody” Van Dyke’s final film. I’m a fan of the THIN MAN films and have delved lightly into his other ’30s work, particularly the first two TARZANs and SAN FRANCISCO, but I haven’t been systematic and I didn’t even know JOURNEY FOR MARGARET (1942). 673 more words


The west of New Zealand is known for it’s expansive and often unruly coastline, with long stretches of sandy beach spilling into rolling hills. Living in Wellington, I’m super fortunate that the west coast of North Island starts only a short while a way. 258 more words