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The Star Image of John Wayne in the Western

In my analysis of stars and genre I shall examine the star image of John Wayne and how it contributed to the Western genre, with reference to two films, … 2,637 more words

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Rock Ballad of The Week: The Searchers "When You Walk In The Room"

I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
I can hear the guitars playing lovely tunes… 355 more words

Reviewing the Classics: THE SEARCHERS

Originally posted on Reel World Theology.

I love a good western. It is the quintessential American genre. A portrait of ourselves at both our most noble and most despicable. 2,231 more words


IN THEATERS (SF) - "Les Cowboys"

Les Cowboys (2016; Dir.: Thomas Bidegain)


By Daniel Barnes

*Opens Friday at the Clay Theatre in San Francisco.

Long-time Jacques Audiard collaborator Thomas Bidegain makes his directorial debut with this steely-eyed odd duck, and it’s exactly the kind of terse tangle of cultural collisions and overwrought genre tropes that you would expect from the man who co-wrote… 197 more words

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Fearflix 21

Los Sin Nombres (The Nameless)


It is odd that The Searchers, the Western by John Ford, has inspired so many films in other genres, odd because the film is flawed and the plot weak. 1,591 more words


the symbolic womb in The Searchers

You think it’s about Ethan and Marty. Two men – one young, one old – in a search for a girl abducted by Indians. Or that for Marty it’s the metaphorical hero’s journey towards self-realisation through answering the call to action and, thus, attaining manhood; while for Ethan, it’s about being a guide and advisor to Marty then, realising his time as top-dog is up, passing the reins to the younger man. 112 more words

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Top 10: Most Overrated Films

The first of a series of movie-related Top-10 lists that are in no way meant to be anything close to comprehensive, but are based solely on the movies I have reviewed here, and will be updated with each new movie reviewed by me that cracks the top 10. 1,000 more words