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Do Not Present a Gruesome Spectacle: Filming Bison for Hollywood at Elk Island in 1955

Sometimes you just stumble across surprising documents. I was cleaning out a series of boxes of older documents stored in the Astotin Theatre at Elk Island National Park. 468 more words

The Iron Horse (1924)

“Accurate and faithful in every particular of fact and atmosphere is this pictorial history of the building of the first American transcontinental railroad.”

‘The Iron Horse’, directed by John Ford in 1924, is a silent American western movie. 289 more words


The Searchers (1956)

“”So we’ll find ’em in the end, I promise you. We’ll find ’em. Just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.”

I’ve always wanted to watch more Westerns, but something pulls me away. 674 more words


Men on the Edge: A Look Back at The Searchers and Bridge on the River Kwai

It has been sixty years since David Lean’s Bridge on the River Kwai was released.  It came out just a year after John Ford released his masterpiece, … 2,091 more words


American Cinema: Journeys into the Underworld

demonstrates how the influence of Greek mythological conventions on American filmmakers appears strongest during times of heightened political stress. – Paul Salmond, The Conversation. More:


Best Westerns

The trailer for the second season of HBO’s Westworld has dropped and it made us think about Westerns. As a genre, the Western is timeless, even if its popularity has decreased since the 1950’s and 60’s. 3,001 more words

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John Ford's 'The Searchers' - A Brief Study on the Western

‘The westerner is self-contained, knows his worth, and needs only to be able to live by his code. In this respect he represents a type of hero, of individualism, not realisable in twentieth-century society’ (Cook and Bernink, 1999: 149) 585 more words