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LIST: Top 10 Overrated Films

The first of a series of movie-related Top-10 lists that are in no way meant to be anything close to comprehensive, but are based solely on the movies I have reviewed here, and will be updated with each new movie reviewed by me that cracks the top 10. 881 more words

Nine years ago on Texas Scribbler

Texas as desert

May 27, 2007

Mouth of the Brazos makes a good point in reviewing the famous John Wayne movie “The Searchers.” Good as the story is, … 58 more words


The Rapture Crown

1 Corinthians 9:24 – “In a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the crown.”

There are five crowns mentioned in scripture: 656 more words


John Wayne with friends

I always loved the bit player in the movies.  The second banana or the little part which sticks in your memory.

John Wayne had a few players that if you look closely you will see in many of his films. 510 more words

The Searchers

I like discussing influences which may also be a way of simply saying I am not ashamed to admit where it all comes from….anyway, took a shot of a “back yard” on de l’Eglise about 6 weeks ago and it has been simmering in my “recent” pile ever since. 205 more words


Celebrating the 60th of The Searchers with John Ford, John Wayne, and Glenn Frankel

Would we miss a thrill-packed screening of an American film treasure accompanied by the expertise of a Pulitzer-Prize wining journalist?  As the Duke would say, “That’ll be the day.” 707 more words

Civic Engagement

The Searchers

El clásico de clásicos dentro del amplio trabajo del director John Ford, y un filme que no solo es considerado como uno de los mejores westerns, pero una de las mejores películas del cine norteamericano y el mundo. 843 more words