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at night, as the beach-rats light their fires

and the fishing boats head home, nets

drying on wet decks, as the night shift passes

the day shift, trailing with them the sharp… 105 more words


The Story of Brave Bear Woman

His scalp torn off, skin broken by the bear’s

yellow teeth—under the harvest moon he lies,

unmoving, and the woman beside him holds

his dark blood in the cup of her palms; 179 more words


Spring: The Liver

As most of us living in a cold climate area we are all happy that spring is here .As with all the seasons, each season is related to an internal .Spring is related to the liver organ. 514 more words


The super bloom and my alarm clock 

I’m a spring baby. One would think that I would be ok with flowers, grass and trees overall. Howecer, I tend to get horrific spring and fall allergies. 436 more words


Fun times to be had ahead

Summer is about to hit soooner than we realize it. Lamentably, spring always goes by so quickly. And for those of us that are older and need a summer reprieve, that season flashes quickly by. 179 more words


The Race

The Race

The clocks have been changed
The days stay longer
In their place
I am losing pace

The year begins
To tighten screws… 173 more words