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Summer Frocks

Summer frocks
Gosamer thin
Caress skin.
The season unlocks
But not for him.


A Perpetual Journal: April 14

Here’s a neat idea I’ve just read about:  the “perpetual nature journal.”  Several bloggers credit Lara Gastiger with the idea.  You start with a blank journal, and give a date to each double-page spread. 280 more words

The Seasons

Robins, Daffodils, and ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Isn’t spring the very essence of simplicity? The daffodils speak of simple happiness, and the breeze carries the merry tunes of birds. We’re called outdoors once more. 651 more words

Denise D. Young

March - Bright Spring


Looking at the Bright Spring palette, the first thing that comes to mind is always a tropical vacation. If there’s a season that embodies hanging out next to a dazzling turquoise ocean with a pina colada, it’s got to be BSp. 840 more words

Photo Inspiration

Spring Into Puns #38 - WIF Wit and Humor

Spring Into Puns #38

John plans to retire in the spring and, like the trees around us, will be leafing.

Teaching your slinky new tricks is like spring training. 102 more words

Graphic Art

Windy washing days

I may have said before, but we live right on the pinnacle of a hill.

Hence the wonderful views down the valley, the tornado that ripped through our garden, and the exceptionally high winds we have at times. 1,021 more words

The Continuing Adventure