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Things I Love About Bright Winter

As part of my ongoing series to explore every one of the twelve seasons, here are all the things I love about Bright Winter!

February – Bright Winter… 300 more words

Photo Inspiration

Don't hit send: Even in the midst of a fiery sunrise 

I have always been attracted to fire.  Mesmerized. Intoxicated by it. It’s beautiful and dances alluringly so. Sadly, I have also seen firsthand the detriments of fire having had my home many, mnay years ago burned down. 520 more words


Time Slides

Time slides as the seasons slide,
One into the other.
As the sun slides and the moon slides.
Time slides as the days slide,
Toppling over and over, 77 more words

Winter's Numb

Oh! Summer’s suckled brow –

How long and far are you now?

Pillows of a many painted smile,

Light and bright all the while.

So, dark descends to mine, 39 more words


Bucket list: I should have stopped for the free tree

I have a ton of allergies. I’m severely allergic to shellfish and cat dander. Just sitting next to someone who has cats sends me into a sneezing frenzy. 469 more words


A Poem for a Winter’s Day from Shakespeare

January 30, 2017

While you are sipping your coffee this morning and looking out the window at the howling winter wind, consider for a moment this poem for a cold winter’s day. 114 more words

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