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Unnatural obsessions

I am not unwont, every now and then, to do a little selfie..i wouldn’t exactly say i get very obsessive with it – tho i can repeat and delete up to twenty times and later spend maybe half an hour (or more) editing the acceptable shots on the big screen. 90 more words

The Seasons

Summer Sounds

Cicadas, and the birds that hunt them.

A neighbor’s lawnmower.

The whisper of the maple leaves in a cool morning breeze.

A dog, barking for show somewhere over there. 135 more words


Winter 3 : end

As we pass Winter’s third half moon,
we continue to rise and go forth
in our annual season’s setting,
even as the next season’s is unveiled… 27 more words


Beginnings Ending

Gnarled- -frail
midsummer clings
to blue vestiges,
bronzed crisp, dry seed pods
in silent passing
the spread of unhindered wings
next spring’s journey back… 65 more words


The Sickle and the Shining Spear

The beginning of August has many names within pagan and polytheist traditions; Lammas, Lughnasadh, Gwyl Awst. All share a common theme of harvest.  Now is the time to gather in the grain harvest, the first of the lands harvests, and begin reaping the rewards of the union of land and sky. 769 more words

The Seasons

The Seasons // Summer // Jasper Johns // 1987 // etching and aquatint

The newest acquisition to The Courtauld Gallery — The Seasons by Jasper Johns. 49 more words


Summer Grillin’

Last fall, for hubby’s birthday, I bought him a grill. We moved into our house last August, so this is the first time we’ve been able to have a grill. 214 more words

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