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The Old Wizard

The Old Wizard
by Hugh A Tague

Born by the sea
the blood within my veins
flow with the tides.
Waves crash inside me
as fate plays out upon… 136 more words


Signs of Spring

Today is Imbolc day, and so we left the house with a mission: to find signs of Spring.

Sure enough we found some, but also made me realize if we do decide to stay in Portugal or somewhere else, this might just be the last time we experience Spring this way! 182 more words


Snowless Guadarrama

Contrasts can sometimes be brutal. The images of the Eastern US covered in up to almost a meter of snow compound the bleak sensations offered by the Sierra de Guadarrama this end of January. 245 more words


My cups overflow with meaning

Overflowing rivers

Flooded out main streets

High tide and a full moon

What is it all about?

Low visibility

Bracing against the wind

Tomorrow starts today… 67 more words


If There Weren’t You

What would I do

if there weren’t you?

What would I do

if most days the sun refused to shine?

the stars didn’t

come out at night… 200 more words


The Wind

This is a poem I started over 7 months ago, in restructuring my site, it called me to complete it.

The Wind is without form. 193 more words


Flying our kite!

So what’s my six-year-old son doing..standing in the middle of this high open meadow known as Collado de los Amigos or Raso Hornilla? ..on a sunny windy Winter’s day in the shadow of Siete Picos (known in the past as Sierra del Dragón), in the Sierra del Guadarrama? 189 more words