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Before It's Over

Before it’s over I wanted to stick up for this month in which we still find ourselves. It was way back at November’s start that I made a last-minute dash to the supermarket and passed a house entirely decorated for the glow-fest known as The Holidays. 422 more words

The Seasons

This season's “seasoning" : Full moon, Spr3.

Third full moon of spring.

Last season is disappearing with hardly a trail, absorbed into another dimension.

Having established its definitive (includes last, this and next season’s setting for annual circuit) cornering last moon, this season has “seasoned” into a vertical float below its mind’s bloat, where there’s a draw into a centering, still seemingly gentle but incessant, like the swirl of an abalone shell. 47 more words


Lludd's Daughter

This is the agreement that was made: the maiden was to be left in her father’s house, untouched by either party, and there was to be battle between Gwyn and Gwythyr every May Day forever from that day forth until Judgement Day, and the one that triumphed on Judgement Day would take the maiden. 285 more words

Gwyn Ap Nudd

A Collection of Prose

Lost in thought and daydreaming, he carelessly looked around, moving his eyes from the grass, to the birds, to the clouds; from the porch, to the house, to the pavement. 619 more words

Prose Poetry


It’s time to relax a bit in my grandiose, spacious study and kick back with William Bradford and his book about the Pilgrims. I tried to get a selfie with my study in the background. 377 more words